caught in the act

Chapter 1 - unexpected intrusion

'I've got to stop doing this', she thought as she idly fingered her navel, which seemed to be strangely deeper than she remembered.
Ana was well aware she looked like a hot mess (maybe hot isn't quite the right word considering the disheveled and outright sloppy state she was in). She was laying on her back on the bed surrounded by take out bags and wrappers, empty bags of chips, a carton of ice cream containing nothing but a spoon that had been licked perfectly clean, and a smattering of crumbs covering the entire bed and most of her clothes, revealing the truly unreserved nature of the feast: the remains of a binge that was admittedly over the top, but what was not admitted was how not so uncommon this kind of thing had become. The most astounding feature in this whole seen was the mound protruding from her torso. One could tell by looking at it that the mound started out as a soft, jiggly but still modest gut this morning, but had by this time become, due to all that had been incessantly packed into it over the course of the day, was now more of a distended beach ball topped by a dimple, who’s depth she was currently exploring.
Just as the food coma was about to over take her she heard the front door unlock. Groggy from excess, it took her a couple moments for it to register, but when it did click it hit her with a wallop of sudden horror ‘holy shit James is home!’ She immediately attempted to sit up but the overstuffed mass that had become her abdomen would not allow and she flopped back down on her back already pretty winded by the failed effort. She rallied and was able to boost herself up onto her elbows, not a full sitting position was it was the best she was gonna do considering the circumstances. She could hear steps coming down the hall. Frantically she attempted to brush the crumbs off her chest and the lap she couldn’t really even see right now. The doorknob began to turn. With the remainder of her energy she tried to pull down the once baggy tank top that barely covered her pre-binge ponch over the overstuffed primary source of her current shame. With all her might she could get it to meet her belly button, but once she let go it immediately rolled back up to display the engorged result of a day of unfettered gluttony. In a final attempt at decency she tried to pull up the waistband on her pants, which could have until fairly recently been classified as sweatpants but now assumed more of a leggings look due to the continued expansion of their increasingly soft contents. But predictably this final act was also a failure due to her current half-way-up-right position causing her glorious gut to pin the waistband under its once soft, but under current circumstances rather solid mass.
“Ana, are you in…”
“Oh hi honey! You’re off work early,” Ana muttered and let out a nervous giggle.
“What happened in he-,” James let out slowly and disbelievingly.
“Oh yeah, hehe,” Ana quickly interrupted. “Sorry about the mess. I wasn’t expecting you home so soon. I’ll get it cleaned up right away!”
“Di- Did you eat all tha-”
“Uh haha yeah but it’s not so bad as it seems! I can explain! You see, I skipped breakfast, well didn’t exactly skip breakfast. I had a very light one,” Ana began spurting out faster than she could consciously control the words being used. “I only had like two of those egg and cheese burritos from Del Taco, you know those really tiny ones, plus some fries, small of course. And obviously I stopped by Dunkin to get an iced coffee, and like maybe I didn’t, ya know, need to get those donut holes- well, maybe I didn’t even need to mention the donut holes just now. But anyway it doesn’t really seem like it in hindsight, but I felt like I had a pretty light breakfast by the time I got done at the grocery store. Like I parked pretty far back in the parking lot and I walked around for a while because there was so much stuff I needed to pick up because we never have enough food in the house these days. Have you noticed that? Well anyway there was a lot of walking involved in my morning, not made any easier by these dumb frickin’ pants that shrunk in the dryer last week, I think. Have you noticed any of your clothes shrinking? Something’s up with that dryer. Well like I was saying, these shrunk pants which used to be so comfy, which is why I wear them so much, kept bunching up in my ass and just digging into my sides and, uh, stomach kinda too.” Ana began to blush, but at this point the tide could not be stopped. She was talking too fast for someone with so much mass packed in their gut, so was not just talking a in very in a very winded manner, but was also beginning to work up a sweat, which only accentuated the fat slob demeanor she was projecting to poor James.
“And so like I had worked up a pretty good appetite and I felt at the time that I had probably worked off breakfast, which at the time I remember as being, ya know, like pretty light. But either way I was like super hungry, which I mean I have the right to be every once in a while, even if I can maybe over do it on occasion, ya know, sue me! But so like I went to In’N’Out and got my new favorite meal: a 4x4 with a side of animal fries. And I know that sounds pretty intense, but like In’N’Out has like not the biggest burgers in the world so even if it’s the biggest thing on the menu it’s like not even as big as like two Big Macs, ya know, which was my first thought of what to do for lunch, but my tummy was really in the mood for animal fires and a shake. Granted, maybe listening to my tummy has maybe gotten me in a bit of a mess this time around, but I mean like I said I was super hungry. So then I came back here and woofed it down real quick. Maybe too quick cuz then I felt like I could use just a bit more so I grabbed that bag of BBQ Lays and snacked on those, and like you’re gonna get mad at this last part, but I needed something sweet to top it off so I grabbed the chocolate brownie Ben & Jerry’s. I got a bunch at the store today, so if you want one feel free; they were on sale. And like I was gonna just have a few bites, but you know how I am with B&J’s, hehe, so I just kinda finished it off without even realizing what was going on. And like at that point, I’m not afraid to admit, I was well aware I had far surpassed my limit. But so I was about to take a quick digestion nap to let all this settle, then I was gonna make lasagna for dinner! Does that sound good? I also got some super buttery, dank looking garlic bread that I was gonna he-”
“What the fuck are you talking about Ana?!”
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Karenjenk 3 years
YAY! i get to make the first comment.
I love how he is repulsed and then takes charge and is forceful. LOVE IT!
I hope you continue