charity's fall

Chapter 1 - charity's fall

Charity leaned back and sighed. She had been so hungry lately and nothing seemed to satisfy her like it used too. She glanced down at the wrapper filled table and sighed. She couldn’t keep eating like this. There was no telling how much damage a binge like this could do. Her eyes fell to her sizable midsection, hands ran down her sizable curves. What had once been toned and flat was now rounded from the huge meal. The guilt washed over her, but with it came a supreme sense of satisfaction. She was mighty full and loved it.
However, there was little to be done about the matter, away from her parents for the first time and with no overbearing eyes looking over her shoulder, Charity was free to do as she pleased. God, how she loved to just graze and feed. A temptation whittling away her willpower with each passing day.
“Well, look at you! Someone’s been hungry.” Shelly gave Charity’s belly a slight pat and smiled. I knew you wouldn’t be able to hold out. I decided to stop by and bring you some dinner.”
Charity’s eyes lit up as her loaded belly grumbled. “Yea, yea, I know. This was my freebie night. Gimme a break, but I’m on a diet, no more for me. I’ve had my fun.
Shelly giggled. “Can’t blame you. I live for those free days. Well, I have to run to class, so I’ll leave this here and come pick it up when I get back.”
Charity shrugged. “Sure.”

Two hours later, Charity was starved. She had made a promise to herself to hold out. Mind over tummy. However, lying on the bed, she found herself staring at the inviting bags and her diet drifted from her mind. Her belly gave a low grumble and in response she stroked it.
“I know, I know.” She was finding it harder to tell it no. It was like a deep fog settled and she became singular minded.
Everywhere she looked the food had been so good. Cafeteria, restaurants, take-out, and so much went to waste. It couldn’t hurt to check. I’ll just see what Shelly got. That’s all.
The bags were filled to the brim. Cookies, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, it was all there. Shelly knew what she liked. She began to lick her lips in anticipation.
“No. No. I can’t do this. I mean look at me!” She glanced down at her bulging pot and rubbed it. “I mean you’ve just gotten so much bigger, and it's not just you, my poor boobs are getting so big.” She stared down at her packed blouse, took a deep breath, and watched as gaps formed between the buttons. “I eat much more and I’ll need a new wardrobe.” She giggled despite herself and her belly answered with a deep rumble. “Well, one won’t hurt, will it? I mean, I can always diet tomorrow, can’t I? Mom never let me have any goodies, and now that I’m here. Well, you just don’t know what to do, do you?” She smiled and brushed her autumn hair to one side. “Always hungry, it seems, and can’t say I don’t blame you.” Charity’s mouth watered and her tongue traced her ruby lips.
The first cupcake was delicious. Pure chocolate indulgence. The next two were even better. Charity sat on the side of her bed and finished them off in two bites each. She closed her eyes and leaned back on her arms. The taste of chocolate lingered in her mouth. Sweet, but not overly cloying. Perfection. She eyed the bags again. “Well, I guess my diet is gone huh?”
The second apple pie was where things became difficult. It melted down the back of her throat, still warm and gooey, but after two dozen powdered dough nuts and two cases of Little Debbie cakes, Charity was beginning to feel quite packed. Her belly had only grown as she had eaten, not quickly, but at a slow measured pace. A steady expansion as it filled, each sweet piling on the next. It had begun to ooze over the top of her tight shorts. A dam threatening to burst from the rising tide of flesh. The button strained and each movement began to cause Charity discomfort.
She made herself more comfortable by crawling to the head of the bed. Her back now pressed against the backboard, trail of empty wrappers left in her wake. Charity groaned and ran a finger around the inside of her waistband. “UUUUhhh....what am I doing....” She glared down at her belly, now considerably larger than it had been. It extended outward beyond her large tits. Proud and gorged full. Her pants were stretched to the max. Seams strained beyond capacity.
“No, you're not going to do this to me. I’m not buying anymore pants for you. It’s getting ridiculous.” A tiny burp escaped her lips. “These pants are staying buttoned.” Charity groaned as she reached over and picked up her psychology book. She felt her panties begin to wedge up her fattened ass
Her hand found it’s way to the box of éclairs less than a ten pages into her reading assignment. It was a completely unconscious action. Her mind occupied, Charity began to nibble. Slow at first, but little bites grew only larger. This might have gone on for awhile had not, after one particularly large bite, some thick sugary cream dribbled into her ample cleavage startling her back to reality.
Charity’s eyes grew wide as she looked to find three very large éclairs had seemingly snuck their way into gut. Her belly rumbled loudly. “God..I just can’t stop.” She adjusted herself on the bed and grunted with mock annoyance. “’m done. That’s it.” She reached into her cleavage scooping the dollop with two fingers from the curve of her right breast and sighed as she slurped it into her waiting mouth.
However, the pie sat unfinished and Charity hated to let anything go to waste. “I’ll just finish the apple pie and pay Shelly back.” She reached and came up short. the pie had fallen just beyond her grasp, left on the opposite end of the bed as it was,
She raised forward on her hands and knees and crawled across the bed. The lower stance difficult in her fattened state and she winced as she felt her stuffed, chocolate and cream-filled belly, push harder against the waistband of her pants. “ full...” Her breaths were labored, but came quicker as she moved. Plodding, one hand in front of the other she made it and looked down at the waiting pie. She began to hiccup, each guttural jolt jiggling her heavy, fat melons and threatening to burst her tight blouse. Her belly hung low, bloated, but the pants held, though it was clear that gravity wasn’t making it any easier for them. “Uhhhh.(hic) long size 14’s” Charity looked like a over-fed cat, balanced upon her hands and knees as she bent down and began to finish off the apple pie. It was large, moist, and good.
She was over halfway through when her pant’s button finally surrendered with an audible pop. Her pants shuddered for the briefest of seconds as the dam finally broke and her belly burst forth quivering and drooping lower still. Stuff and round, it hung low as it pushed her now loose pants down and her blouse up. She could feel the peak of her belly barely graze the top of the bed. The softness of her sheets brush against her belly button. Yet, her gorging never ceased. Not until the last of the pie was gone and all that remained were crumbs.
Charity ambled her way back and sat upright against the backboard. She moaned and opened her eyes as if truly seeing herself for the first time. Her hands seemed to have a mind of their own. She finished off a few more Twinkies. Topping each one with chocolate syrup before eating them whole. She whimpered as she watched her stuffed hog gut grow.
“MMMmmmmm..(hic)..(hic) That’s gotta be all of it.” Charity smiled as she ran a finger around the outer curve of her round, full belly. “Happy now?” She burped as she poked her greedy tummy and felt little to no give. “Already hard at work on me, aren’t you? You just won’t be quiet until I stuff you full of goodies and then what do you do? Make me big... like you are.” Her belly grumbled in response as her hands began to caress it, exploring each curve. When she came to her belly button, she found it noticeably shallower. God, she was so overfed. “What am I (HIC) gonna do with just keep growing and getting bigger.”
“Fuck…(hic)” Each hiccup caused Charity’s breasts and belly to quake. Her belly bouncing up and coming back down to land heavily on her thighs. Most were followed by a slight burp. She had finished it all. The area around her bed was filled with empty packages and she felt a small sense of pride, which was soon followed by a sudden overwhelming fear. This was the largest binge she had ever been on. Charity was already packing on the pounds. “What have I done....” She burped again as she looked down at her swelling hooters. Easily a DD now, they stretched her blouse to the breaking point. Tit flesh bulged from the top and bottom of her old bra. Charity could only lay her head back and groan. She fell asleep, hands off to her sides, her over-loaded gut gurgling happily.

Shelly arrived unable to believe the sight in front of her. Her best friend, sound asleep, in her bed surrounded by a sea of rubbish. Her pregnant looking belly bloated with enough food to feed four people. A chocolate ring surrounded her mouth. Cookies and crumbs trapped in the deep cleft of her cleavage.
“Charity, Charity” Shelly gently rubbed her shoulder.
“Uhhh......” Charity opened her eyes as she smacked her mouth. Her tongue darting out to taste some of the leftover chocolate.
“Oh my God, How much did you eat?”
Her belly groaned. Charity let out another long burp. “All of it...So full.....I feel like a great big sow.”
Shelly poked her friend’s belly. ‘Oh you poor thing. Well, let’s get you laying down at least.”
“Not moving...too full…”
“How could you eat all this? Do you know how much you're going to pack on, Charity?” Shelly was speaking to deaf ears and knew it. She had to play the part. “I’ve gotta get back to class. I’ll check on you later tonight.”
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Beeboz 2 years
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Fatchance 2 years
Oh my!! Isn't she just perfect! Shelly enables and Charity stuffs ... only a short step from enabling to feeding!
Big Daddy 3 years
This was just amazing... Hopefully it Will continue one Day ❤️
Beeboz 3 years
Thank you! I'm glad people enjoyed it. I did write a sequel. I'll have to find it and clean it up.
Karenjenk 3 years
I think it could stand alone like it is
I think you could go a lot further.
I liked it
2steppinfa 3 years
This is amazing! I know you said it was a one shot, but I’d love it if you continued it. There is no way Shelly isn’t aware of what she is doing. One does not casually leave enough deserts for four people on whim.
Theswordsman 3 years
Good story but i hope you continue it