chase bank card points and pounds

Chapter 1 - credit card points and pounds

Have you seen the Chase add for the awards credit card with the two young women at a restaurant ? The first asks her friend how the new boyfriend is working out, the other answers that all they do is go out to dinner, but he always pays. The first responds, he is using you to earn extra points on his awards card.

Well here is another take on that advertisement;
Carol; "So how is your new boyfriend working out?"
Anne; "Okay, but all we seem to do is go out to eat all the time."
Carol; "Anne are you gaining weight?"
Anne: "Well uh, may be just a little. Why?" Anne reaches under the table and un-snaps her too tight jeans.
Carol; "Anne, I think he may be using you. Does he always pay?"
Anne: "Yes he does."
Carol: "Does he order for you? "
Anne: "Yes he does."
Carol; "Are the portions a lot more than you normally would eat?" Anne thinks to herself, "Well the portions used to be more than I would order, but now, no."
Anne: "Well they used to be more than what I would order."
Carol: "Oh my God, Anne, you are dating an FA, a fat admirer. He is using you, fattening you up! You need to break up with him right away or he'll make you fat!"
Anne: "Carol, I know. I knew he was an FA after our first date. I got so stuffed I had to unbutton my jeans. My belly was bulging over the waist band of my panties and lifting up my t-shirt. I was so bloated he had to help me up."
Carol; "Then what happened?"
Anne: "I let him fondle my belly for a while. We made out in his car too. Then he asked me if I was hungry. I said yes and we went to Dairy Queen and he bought me a parfait and I got stuffed again."
Carol; "Did you do it?" Carol was thinking, "I knew she gained weight. She was bursting out of her jeans before we even sat down. She ate an appetizer, plus a huge entre and two beers!"
Anne: "Yes Carol we did it! It was the best I ever had too. He fondled my bloated belly and played with my booty. The next morning we went to breakfast and I got stuffed again. We went to my apartment and made love. We hung out at my place all day in just our underwear. We ordered pizzas and I ate too much again. We took showers and then went out to eat again! It was the best weekend of my life!"
Carol: "Anne you're gaining weight! You've got to get control of yourself or you'll become obese!"
Weight-person: "Would you ladies like some desert?"
Carol: "Oh, no thanks."
Anne; Oh yes, I would two slices of cheese cake, please."
Weight-person; "Madame would you like any sauce with that? We have caramel, chocolate, strawberry and raspberry."
Anne: giggling, "Oh I will have both caramel and chocolate with some extra on the side too, please."
Carol; "Anne you are going to get so fat eating all that desert, that cheese cake must have thousands of calories!"
Anne: "Carol, I know. I'm deliberately gaining weight. In fact, I'm getting fat! My boyfriend, Ned, wants me to get a nice pot belly and a big round fat bottom. He even wants me to still wear a bikini when I get fat! Isn't that great! I love him so much!"
Anne's cheese cake and sauces arrived. She pounded them down loving every rich, delish bite as Carol could only stare and Anne stuffing herself.
Anne: "Burp, urp, hic, Oh, that was fantastic! If it wasn't getting so late, I'd have a couple more slices! Carol you should try it, let yourself go for a change."
Carol: "No Anne I'm fine! Here let me get the check."
Carol pulls out her Chase rewards card and gives it to the weight-person. He returns and she signs.
Anne staggers to her feet. Her jeans are un-zipped and her belly is bulging out, showing her panties. Her shirt is riding up on her belly. She giggles, "Carol, urp, excuse me, sorry, I ate too much, Thank you so much, lunch was great."
Carol; Putting away her card and starring at Anne's belly, "Yes we definitely must to this again!" Thinking, "She'll be huge next time!"
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