chase bank card points and pounds the sequel

Chapter 1

Chase Rewards Points and Pounds, the sequel

It has been three months since Carol and Anne had the lunch that Anne told Carol that she was gaining weight of her new boyfriend, Ned. Carol has initiated a lunch together. She wants to reveal to Anne, that she has had an epiphany regarding her own weight.

Carol arrived a little early, since it was her reservation. A plump waitress seats her and got her an amber lager. A few minutes later Anne arrived. Just as Carol expected Anne had gained some serious weight. She was wearing tight stretch pants, black of course, a very tight t-shirt barely covering her bulging belly and showing the roll of fat being created by her bra digging into her.

The waitress led her to Carol's table, she did a double take; "Oh my God, Carol is that really you?"
Carol; “Yes, Anne, it’s all me.” She replied giggling patting her own bulging belly.
Anne; “What, why, what happened to you, how much weight have you gained, are you happy?”
Carol; “Anne, I’ve put on forty pounds since our lunch, what, three months ago. Yes, I’m very happy. You look great, the pounds really suit you.”
The waitress came up, “Miss would you like something to drink?”
Anne; “Oh, I’ll have what she’s having.” The waitress left to get Anne’s beer.
Anne: “Carol, what happened to make you decide to gain weight?”
Carol; “Anne the night after our lunch, I was telling my boyfriend, Dave about how much weight you gained and that you were gaining weight for your boyfriend. I looked over at Dave, he was wearing his cute little nylon briefs, and he had an erection! I asked, Dave are you getting turned on by my description of my friend Anne putting on weight and wanting to get fat for her boyfriend? He blushed bright red, “Well, uh, yeah, kind of.” So I confronted him, “Dave, do you want me to gain weight?” He blushed again, he looked even more aroused, “Carol, no I don’t want to just “gain weight”, I want you to get fat!”
The waitress reappeared with Anne’s beer. “Would you ladies wish to order now, or would you like more time?”
Carol; “We’ll each have the triple meat barbeque platter with extra sauces and napkins please.”
The waitress gave an involuntary giggle, “I’ll put that order in right away. May I get you another beer, miss?”
Carol; “Oh yes please.”
Anne; “So Carol, you decided to get fat?”
Carol; “I thought about it for a few minutes, while Dave squeezed my booty cheeks. I said, I have been working out to stay in shape for you. He replied, “Hey, you worked out, I never asked you to workout, that was you, not me.” I thought about that comment, he was right. I always assumed, since I was slim and in shape when we started dating, that he wanted me to stay slim, but he never mentioned my workouts and he never joined me either.”
Anne; “So then what happened?”
Carol; “ I thought it over, I had been heavy in high school, but my roommate, Janie, she was such a workout freak that she got me working out and I lost a ton of weight. It wasn’t long after college, that I met you. So you never saw me when I was heavy. I got up, changed into my smallest bikini panty and t-shirt. I went downstairs to our frig and got out one of Dave’s Hagan-Das pints and a big spoon and brought it to the bed. I gave it to him, saying feed me! We made the best love that night in a long time.”
Anne; “So from that day on, you’ve been over-eating?”
Carol; “Yes, the next morning, I was sticking out my little tummy as far as I could then, I asked Dave, “If I agree to gain weight maybe even get fat, will you pay for the extra groceries, eating out, new clothes, lingerie and even feed me?” He kissed me hard on the lips, fondled my booty," Yes, Carol you eat as much as you want, I’ll take care of the rest".

The waitress arrived with the two massive platters of barbeque, both Carol and Anne giggled anticipating how fun it’s going to be to eat all of this fat and calories. They gorged for a half hour, coming up for air, with both platters now cleaned off. The waitress came up, “I didn’t think you could finish these. The triple meat barbeque is the largest entre’ we serve. The manager said if you both finished, dessert is on the house!”

Anne and Carol; “We’ll have three slices of cheese cake with caramel and chocolate sauces each please.”

A half hour later, Carol paid with her Chase Rewards card. Their waitress got a couple of the bus boys to help that engorged women to their feet.
Anne; “Carol, let’s go to the rest room, I want to see your huge belly and booty”
Carol; Giggling, “you show me yours first.”
Anne; “With pleasure.”
After a belly and booty bumping session in the ladies room, the girls did a final belly bump.
Anne; “My turn, next month to pay for lunch, so we can see how fat we’re both getting.”
Carol; “Deal.”
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