cheeseburgers and stethoscopes

Chapter 1

It was a cold day in October when I was on the way to see a doctor. I had injured my shoulder working out in the gym, and it hadn't gotten better, so I thought it'd be best to get it checked out. Looking outside the bus window, leaves were flying by and the sky had turned gray with not a cloud in sight. Pretty reflective of my overall mood that day. I was not a fan of the cold season, and even less of being single in that time. 

I left the bus and walked down the street where my new doctor was located. I went inside, somewhat grumpily greeted the receptionist, and sat down in the waiting area. „Mark Allen?“ I heard my name being called. „You may enter the office now“. I sighed and got up. Man, I really just wanted to go home and get this over with. The doctor wasn't there yet, so I took a seat and looked around a little. 

There was a picture of a couple on their wedding day, the Doctor and his wife I assumed. He was a healthy looking young man, dark black hair and a cute, somewhat shy smile. He was slim but strong looking, like he worked out or went for a jog once a week. Another picture seemed to display the two on their honeymoon, since there was a beach behind them. He had some nicely defined arms, with a bit of hair on them. Pretty cute, but not exactly my type. I mean, he was taken anyway. I wondered how old the pictures were. 

„Mr Allen!“, a loud voice came rumbling from the door. I looked up. Before me standing was a man, maybe around 5'6 tall. He had dark hair, that was a bit gray at the temples, a handsome face and a friendly smile. This had to be the father of the guy on the picture, I thought. There was definitely a resemblance in the facial features. But what really caught my eye, was the enormous, beach-ball shaped belly he was carrying in front of him. Damn, what a man, I thought. I was taken a bit aback, but I tried to play it cool. 

„Mark is fine“, I said and reached out my hand. He returned the handshake, and his hand felt warm and strong. 

„Omar then. So what are we here for today?“

As I described my problems to him, I couldn't stop staring at his gut. Sitting down, Omar resembled a Buddha statue. Are Doctors allowed to be this fat? The white doctors uniform and tight white shirt he was wearing left nothing to the imagination. Atop his globular belly were two decently sized man tits. Maybe those were pecs once, a long, long time ago. Some thick black chest hair was sprouting out of the tight collar of his shirt. Such a masculine guy, I thought.

He had a slight double chin, to me the ultimate symbol of a lazy, middle-aged fat guy. Crazy that he didn't pass it on to his son on the picture. Obesity is genetic after all.

I wondered if his staff were too scared to tell him his shirt was getting too small. He didn't seem like the intimidating type though, something about his presence was very warm and open. Some guys gain weight so fast that they can't keep up with buying larger clothes all the time. But Omar seemed so comfortable with his large stature that this couldn't be a recent weight gain. This man had clearly been fat guy for a very long time. So why the tight shirt? Did he want to show off?

„Well, it seems you have torn a muscle...“, Omar said. 

„Aww, that's a bummer... It won't keep me from working out though, will it?“

He smiled. „As long as you leave out your shoulder for a few weeks when training, you're good to go“. 

He paused for a second and added: 

„You're a big gym-goer I suppose? Just going by the size of those arms?“

He sounded a bit nervous, but at the same time almost intrigued. Was this gorgeous man really flirting with me?

I smiled at the compliment, „I do what I can I suppose.... What about yourself? You're looking you're making some good progress, especially in the middle there“. I motioned towards his pot belly.

He gave out a big hearty laugh. „Mock me all you want, I'm fine enjoying cheeseburgers and a good beer at the end of my work day. No, my athletic days are long behind me. You see that picture behind you?“

It was starting to dawn on me, but I decided to play dumb. „That's... your son I'm guessing?“

He burst out into laughter, this time even louder which made all the fat on his belly and chest shake. 

„That, my friend, is me, minus 22 years of marriage and a whole bunch of fast food. Back then I could pack away the biggest meals like it was nothing...“ 

He looked somewhat longingly at his younger self. „But we all get old sometime I suppose“. He gave his belly a big slap. 

Fuck, I got hard instantly. I couldn't believe this was happening. I laughed at him. 

„Looks comfortable though. Like it'd make a good pillow“.

And with that I leaned in to give his beer gut a big hearty slap myself. As I got closer to him, I could smell his aftershave. It smelled expensive. He was clearly a guy that took good care of himself. I couldn't believe my luck, meeting my dream guy like this. 

Instead of slapping it, I grabbed some of his fat and jiggled it around a bit. I was pretending to be joking, but this felt more intimate somehow. His fat was so soft. And warm. I almost wanted to do it again right away. 

„Hehe, well“, he said. I noticed his face turning red. Did I embarrass him? Or...was he blushing? I wasn't sure, it was all too overwhelming. 

„So... anyway if you're still feeling sore in a few months, you should come back. Otherwise, do everything I told you before, and your shoulder should be fine“.

„Right“, I said. That was a bit abrupt. Was I exaggerating the flirty vibe we had in my head? I looked at him, and noticed the ring on one of his chubby fingers. Of course, he was married, I remembered. So, no luck here I guess. Such a shame. Omar, what a guy...

„Actually, Mark...“,he said as I was heading to the doorway. 

„I'd like to give you another check up in 4 weeks. It's just um... a feeling I have. Let my receptionist give you an appointment for then“. 

I smiled. „Right“. 

A feeling, huh. 

I was already out the door when I turned back around one more time. With the groan of a man who hadn't set foot in a gym in 2 decades, Omar got up off his chair. I saw him adjust his pants the way a lot of fat guys have to do when standing up. Then he turned sideways.

I couldn't believe my eyes. He had a raging hard on. Of course I wasn't too sure, there was a big pot belly slightly obstructing my view... But one thing was for sure, I left the doctor's office feeling much better that day than when I entered. 
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Kyeskrid1992 10 months
So hot
Bighello123 11 months
Would love to know if their relationship grows! You’re an incredible writer love the flow to this story! Hope there’s future installments!
BigGutPig2 11 months
oh damn please tell me there is gunna be more!
Bigboyproject 11 months
ikr.. LOL. I'm enjoying it..