chapter 1

Ring ring! Chloe, a fit person with not an ounce of fat on her, woke up and went to school as normal. She was in 10th grade. After school, a man named Dave, who was in her school, and highly popular, offered to bring Chloe home, since she was carrying a lot of books home for studying. Chloe was flustered that such a popular boy would take notice of her and gladly accepted the offer. Dave smiled. Everything was going according to the plan.
When Chloe got in the car, Dave offered her a box of cookies. She politely declined, and explained that she was in a diet to maintain her physique. Dave insisted nicely again, but Chloe was persistent. Dave tone changed, and he became fierce. "eat the cookies!" he said. Chloe, terrified, meekly agreed and picked up a cookie. She bit into the heart of the cookie and Rich flavor exploded on her tongue. She had never eaten anything that delicious and she craved for more. Just one more, she thought, it wouldn't hurt. Just like that, she demolished the entire box of cookies, the cookies containing highly Fattening butter and weight gain powder and sleeping drug pills. Chloe had made a mess of herself, crumbs all over her body
She was normally very clean, and she didn't know what came over her. After 5 minutes, she felt dizzy and woozy. She tried to move her arm, but she had no energy left. She was drugged. Then, she passed out.
Chloe slowly woke, and she opened her eyes. She couldn't see. She panicked, wide awake now and tried to raise her arm to rub her eyes, but found out that her arm was tied down. She tried to move other parts of her body, but found that they were also tied in chains. She was blindfolded and dangled in the air. She panicked and started to cry. She then heard a person enter the room. A finger was gently placed on her belly and slowly traced her entire body. Chloe felt so impossibly good and closed her eyes. The finger slowly arrived to her vagina. That shook Chloe out of her daze. She found that she was wet. She yelled and shook her body, and her captor raised his hand to take off her blindfold.
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Jessie 4 years
Sorry guys I may not post for a while cos I'm too busy studying for my courses.
Hellofang2000 4 years
Curious to see where this goes
Jessie 4 years
Yes! Thank you for your encouragement!
DylanMoore 4 years
Great start. To you intend on continuing the story ?