chapter 1

The tightness of her bra didn't bother her so much. She had always had very large breasts for her small stature, typically a 32DD on her 5'4, 115 pound frame. People always gossiped that they weren't real, but they were. The fact that they seemed a little harder to contain- straining against the cups of her bra and starting to spill over the band- didn't seem so bad. Who didn't want bigger boobs?

The problem was that Rhynn's body seemed to be spilling out of all of her clothing, not just her brassiere. Beneath the bra, new little rolls of pudge had formed in response to the right elastic band. Her formerly concave stomach had began to round outward now, leaving a visible outline in her tight tank tops. Her jeans strained to button across newly fleshy hips, forming little lovehandles of pudge that eclipsed the top of her pants. And her thighs.. those were a real problem. Unable to cram them into many of her favorite pants, she had resigned to wearing a lot of skirts and yoga pants. Through these it was easy to see her chunky legs fighting for space beneath the stretched fabric.

She had all of the signs of being fat. Or at least, downright chubby. But for Ryhnn, this could not compute. She had been tiny all her life, bordering on anorexic at times. She used to have her size 00 suits taken in by a tailor. The fact that her size 4 jeans couldn't get past her chunky, cellulite ridden thighs spun her into a state of denial. She continued to act and dress like the beautiful, thin girl she used to be.

Most people felt a little uncomfortable seeing her walking around with a thick roll of starter belly bouncing free beneath her shirt. Most people diverted their stare she would cram her newly fattened legs into a skirt so tight she had to wobble to move. People felt sorry for her, or just grossed out, when she would reach for something above her head and her fat belly bounced out of her top, love handles breaking free of their denim prison, and her chub was on display for all to see. Most people didn't even notice her, she was just another chunky 30 year old woman.

..that is, expect for Chris. Ryhnn's upstairs neighbor, a lonely man nearly twice her age, Chris was able to see clearly into Rhynns apartment and marvel at her body anytime he desired. And lately, as she started packing on some extra weight, he desired to watch her more than ever.
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