chunky girlfriend

Chapter 1 - the beginning of tubby

She had been quite slim at first, but the years since high school had added maybe 20 pounds of fat to her once perfect body.. she was still thin by most anyone's opinion. And her boyfriend Jay secretly liked her a little more this way. She was fleshier, curvier...

But 6 months into living together, she had crammed another 20 or even 30 pounds on to that 5'4 frame. Jay sat at his computer and watched her making dinner. Her ass was big and heavy now, like the rest of her, it jiggles with even the slightest movement. Her thighs were thick, chunky, meaty. The expanse of her rear section stretched her yoga pants so thin that you could see right through them. The tight pants also gave him a clear view of her chubby little muffin top- a roll of fat that jutted out of nearly anything she wore these days. Her bust was looking pretty good too, he noticed, but her bra was clearly way too small. The band was pushing her upper belly into an extra fatty fold, and her heavy cleavage spilled out of the cups. He could see it even through her tank top, an XS white wife beater that now clung to her chub like a second skin.

When did she get so FAT? Jay paused for a moment, subsiding his erection, pondering when the love of his life had inflated into this pudgy girl he saw today. He didn't want to admit that it turned him on, that was just too weird, but something about those chunky thighs rubbing together and that big fat ass bouncing... even her tubby little beer belly, spilling a little over the edges of her pants, wobbling around as she moved.. something about her chunky figure turned him on. And luckily, she didn't seem to notice how heavy she had gotten. She continued to wear the same tiny clothes, walk with the same confidence. You would think she would have felt her jeans digging into her gut, or noticing how most of her leggings had torn. But she didn't, and continued to cook and eat with abandon, so Jay was able to lay back and enjoy the show.

It was almost always a show now.. there were hardly any clothes that didn't hug the fatty rolls of her new, hefty, tummy. Her butt was getting so big, still bubbly in shape, but so, so, much heavier. There were jiggly deposits of fat on her thighs, her arms, even a little on her face. Anytime she moved, jiggle, sway, and bounce. He couldn't get enough of it. She looked so delicious and plump now.

How did she not notice how overweight she had gotten? He was no expert, but he estimated she had to be close to 160 or even 170.. his mom had always been fat, and he thought that his formerly tiny girlfriend sort of looked like his mom when she was that weight. So, he estimated, she had ate in about 50-60 pounds this year. And every one of them was on display most of the time.

And then he had an idea. It wasn't cool, or nice, but it was what he wanted...
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