Chapter 1 - part 1

Another day back at the coffee shop. Same old same old. I walked in to the smell of roasted coffee.I don’t get coffee much but I do like the smell. I enjoy piping hot coco. For the winter cold. The town of baskentown was cold at this time. The air seemed to nip at you.
I walked in and noticed the buzz of people. I saw two larger slobs at a booth chatting on about their day. A couple I presume. There were three people working today. Jess a chubby redhead girl, phin the strong handsome fellow and Brinda a skinny pale emo girl.
I notice 5 people gathering around someone.
“Cocoa, Free Cocoa.” I joined the crowd and found the man to be strange. He was wearing egg white pants,a green and red checkered shirt and one of those hats barber shop quartets would were in the 20’s.
In front of him he had an army of foam cups, each with a brown liquid that look like hot coco. Vaper gently swirled atop of them. They were still warm.
“Free coco!” he said. His voice was enthusiastic. He had a skinny chin less face and seemed to be eager to sell his free beverage.
“Are you aloud to sell this here?” a woman in her 30’s asked.
He pointed at her.
“Indeed I do miss. Isn’t that right Jess?” he said and pointed at jess who was rolling her eyes at the strange man from the counter.
“Yes, he asked to do this in advance,” she said.
Two people grabbed a cup and walked to a chair. The man’s eyes seemed to gleam with joy.
“Come on now, everyone try just a little bit. I assure you. You will like the taste”
The last three standing by him took a cup and drank it. I watched the look on there faces, their eyes light up with enjoyment.
I grabbed a cup and took a whiff of the smell.
I was surprised at how great it smelled. I swigged the whole thing down. After doing so I couldn't believe i had such a strange out of control moment. The smell was of candied bacon. The smell triggerd something in me and I couldn’t help but drink it. The taste was different. It tastes like the best hot cocoa I ever had. I thought it strange but moved on. I went to the line and ordered another hot coco.
The strange man handed all the coffeeshops workers a cup of the tasty concoction.
“Thanks, but I think i’m good” jess commented.
“No, just take a sip. I know you’ll like it” he told her.
“Ya jess, he’s got a point. That's a mean hot coco”
She rolled her eyes again.
“Your going to take us out of business if it's that good.”
“Oo don’t worry about it, I'm simply trying the recipe out”
“Ya this is good, tastes like a fresh blueberry muffin” she commented.
“That's odd mine tasted like normal hot coco”
The man looked nervous.then he spoke.
“Oo there was two batches.” he commented.
He handed the other two drinks and they finished the drink.
Sitting at a booth by myself I felt a little fuzzy. I finished my drink and felt odd. My stomach Grumbled and quaked. I ran from the seat I was at, and into the women's bathroom. I heaved over as my stomach acked, but suddenly it stopped.well that was odd?
I looked into the long mirror in the bathroom. My face looked pudgy in the mirror.My figure has always been lean and skinny. My blonde hair was a mess and I was wearing blue sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. The mirror must have been distorted as it made me look kinda fat. I felt my face and threw my hand down in shock. My face was truly larger. I bring my hand back to my face and fell how pudgy it was getting. My cheeks were filled up and my dimples were much deeper. I noticed that my chest was slowly expanding. The once baggy shirt was getting into conflict with my chest. And that wasn’t the only thing that was having a conflict. My breast were in agonizing pain as they fought against my growing breasts. I looked around and know one was in the restroom. I pulled off my shirt and unlatched my bra. I yipped in shock as I noticed the fat building on my bellie. My breast stopped there growth. the small tennis size breast I had before were now the size of small melons. I held them both. Feeling the new weight they had as I held them. My nippled were now more sensitive and gave me a shock of pleasure.
But my shock went back to my belly that was bubbling up with fat. Second by second another layer was forming. My back felt numb, I turned over and glanced into the mirror and saw as clumps of fat formed on my back.I watched in silence as I fattened up like a pig.
My legs wobbled a little bit as they got used to the new weight forming on my body. Now in seconds they fattened up and my thighs rubbed together like to warm pancakes. My belly toppled over my sweatpants.My legs now filled my sweatpants to their limit. Once my body stopped changing I stumbled out of the bathroom
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