college 150

Chapter 1 - aug 5 2018 (part 1/5)

Walking through the college cafeteria I saw her there sitting at the window. She was wearing a tank top. Slim fitting with black and white polka dots. Her belly was flat and her short shorts covered her mass-less, ass.
I walked up to her.
“Is the seat taken?” I asked
She smiled her blond hair gleamed in the sunlight. Her eyes were blue as can be. She didn’t have a pound on her.
“Go ahead” she said. Surprised by my boldness.
We spoke for a few hours. Enjoying each others company. She knew my secret as I knew hers. As I had walked past her. I saw an article I only dreamed to see on a womens phone How to be a feedy.
It wasn’t long before she realized I knew. She become more flirty, she was in a different form all together.
“Say Howl, how about we go to your place, have any fattening snacks?” she said flirting .
“oo Don’t have too much, but I might manage for you” I said.
We packed our things and we headed to my dorm room. We went into my single dorm and I had her sit in my comfortable big red couch.
“Do you like chocolate?” I asked
“Fuck ya, who dosent” she answerd
I opened my fridge and there was a fat woman's candy shop;musketeers, hersheys, kit cats, and nutella.
Her smile grew. She found her feeder, and I found my feedee. Finely at last. I unwrapped a few musketeers bars and slowly shoved them into her mouth. She chopped and gulped and swallowed them bar by bar. She let out a loud heavy breath with each wave of chocolate. It wasn’t long before I switched to another chocolate bar for her to stuff into her face.
Her body resisted.
“I can’t have any more,” she said. Her stomach groaned. Her face covered in chocolate.
“You can do just a little bit more, I think you can” I unwrapped a kit cat and slowly stuffed it into her mouth. Once she swallowed the last bit. She sank in her chair.
“I’m so full”
“Don’t you like that”
She rubbed her bloated belly. Grabbed her thin thigh.
“Yes, let's do that again”
I came closer, looked down at her. The chocolate was thick around her lips. She smiled at me. Telling me to kiss her. I came in. we kissed like pigs, I licked her lips stealing the chocolate from her face. She fought back and fought hard for the creamy chocolate.
“More” she moaned
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
This is a mesmerizing tale. There are some errors, but overall a strong story. I love your refreshingly creative word choices.