college weight gain

chapter 1

Chloe, Natalie, and Julia were three sisters who joined the fat life. Chloe was an 18 year old who gained a few pounds after the first quater. She was excited and embraced the gain. Chloe started college in August and found it very stressful and a lot of work. This led to her staying in, eating and watching TV. After a month, she noticed that all her clothes were getting tight on her even her underwear. She weighed herself and found that she had put on the freshman 15 and weighed 165 pounds. She once was a soccer star but now found it hard to keep up with the girls on the team. A big part of this was because her boobs had grown and started to bounce. This was the first time she ever had to wear a sports bra. Chloe returned home that in November. The first thing her sister Natalie said to her is wow you put on a lot of weight! Natalie was only 17 and only 135 pounds. Chloe talked to Natalie about how she wanted to get really fat and Natalie agreed that she would join the gaining too. Julia however thought that Chloe's new fat was ugly and would never gain in her life. Before Chloe went back to college, she started a competition with Natalie to see who could gain the most weight by the end of the semester. Chloe went back to college and started eating and eating all the junkfood she could find. Natalie did the same and that night alone she ate 5 chocolate bars and a tub of Ice cream. Every night, Chloe would strip naked and check to her weight to see what the damage was. Chloe now weighed 180 pounds and the weight was starting to show. Natalie woke up one morning and decided to weight herself. She was shocked to see she now weighed 160 pounds. Everything had grown to new sizes. Her boobs had grown from a 32B to a 34C. They were super squishy and showed signs of sagging. Her belly hung over her school skirt and her pants were super hard to button. Her butt had grown too and her panties were super tight and looked like a thong. She could only imagine what Chloe was looking like. A few weeks later Chloe retuned home. Natalie was shocked at how big and sexy her sister looked. Chloe now weighed 190 pounds
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