coming out two

chapter 1

Denise and Jen were sitting on Jen’s bed in their dorm room at State. Jen’s Mom and Dad had just hugged the girls’ goodbye and left. They started talking about how to decorate their room and where to put things. They also were noticing how heavy each of them is. They had noticed that both of them were overweight and chubby, but hadn’t really looked each other over.

Jen stood up, and unsnapped her tight jeans, letting her plump belly bulge out. Her t-shirt lifted up showing off some of the over thirty pounds she had gained working at the Burger Barn. Jen asked, “Where should we hang up this poster?” Denise giggled staring at Jen’s tummy bulge, “How about over the desk.” Jen smiled, “That’s perfect.” Denise got up, undid her pants and unzipped them letting her belly bulge out, “Oh that feels better.” Jen giggled, “I know. I hate having my jeans cutting into my tummy.” “Me too!” giggled Denise.

The two got their room in order, taking off jeans and pants ending up just wearing panties and t-shirts. They sat down in their respective desk chairs looking at each other’s bellies. Jen broke the silence, “Denise, have you, you know always been, uh, you know…” Denise spoke up, “You mean fat.” Jen blushed, “Ya, sorry, I didn’t want to imply that you are fat or overweight, I mean look how fat I am.” Denise replied, “Oh don’t apologize, I’m like my figure and I love to eat too. Jen, my mom’s just as fat as your mom is.” “Really, that’s great! Do you envy her weight, too?” Denise giggled patting her belly, “Yep I do!”

“When did you become overweight?” asked Jen. Denise giggled, patting her belly again. “I started getting heavier than the other girls in middle school. I really started to eat more and more at meals and snacking too. My mom has been obese forever and she didn’t feel it was fair to admonish me to diet and control my appetite when she was so overweight herself, how about you?” Jen giggled patted her tummy bulge, “Denise I was skinny up until my high school graduation. I was fascinated by weight since helping my sister, who was pregnant and seventy pounds overweight get dressed when she stayed with us while her husband was deployed with the Navy. I got a job this summer working at a fast food burger joint called Dad’s Burger Barn. I deliberately took the evening/night shift so I could eat as much leftover food as I could hold. I gained over thirty pounds this summer.” Denise gasped, “Oh my God, Jen, that’s amazing, didn’t your mom try to get you to stop gaining?” Jen laughed, “No, she said it’s your body. She didn’t really encourage me to get fat, but I think she was really pleased that I envied her figure and body.”

They sat looking at each other for a few seconds. Jen asked, “Denise, do you want to gain more weight?” Denise giggled, “Yes I do! How about you, Jen are going to put on more weight?” Jen giggled patting her belly, “No, Denise, I going to get FAT!” They both started laughing. Denise asked, “Jen, are you hungry?” Jen giggled, “Denise I’m always hungry!” Denise smiled looking at Jen’s belly in her tight panties, “How about a little eating contest. Whoever eats the most and can still get up from the table, gets to pick which desk.” Jen shrieked, “You’re on!” They both headed for the door, when Denise said, “Jen, we can’t go to the cafeteria in our panties!” They giggled and both got sweat pants on and went down to the cafeteria.

They started through the line picking out only the most fattening and richest choices and sides. They both got big glasses of sweet tea and sat down. The fun began as Denise and Jen shoveled food into their mouths, taking swigs of sweet tea and bite after bite of rich food. They went back through the line and got refills of everything and started in again. They both were eating as fast as they could, so as not to feel full too early. After another refill, Denise was slowing down. She glanced at Jen, and giggled, “Urp, excuse me, how can you eat so much? You’ve only gained weight this summer. I have been chubby for my whole life!” Jen giggled patted her bulging belly and stifled a burp, “Denise, I gained all this weight by gorging on burgers, fries, and onion rings and milk shakes after my shift at Burger Barn. I’m used to eating huge piles of food in one sitting!” Denise giggled, “Well that explains how you gained over thirty pounds in just ten weeks!” Jen replied, “I know, my mom was surprised by how fast I got fat! Dessert?” Denise groaned to herself, “Wow, she can really eat.” Then replied, “You bet, chocolate sundaes?” Jen just giggled again, “Awesome!”

They staggered over to the soft serve machine and fixed huge sundaes with all the toppings they could put on them and sat down and started eating. It took another half hour for the girls to finish their rich treats. Jen and Denise were both slouched back in their chairs, rubbing their bulging and nearly distended abdomens. Denise looked at Jen, “Can you get up?” Jen groaned, “I don’t know, I’ll try.” She leaned forward but her engorged stomach was so taught she couldn’t. She sat back against the back of the chair. “You try now Denise.” Denise pushed her chair back from the table, grunted and stood up. She looked at Jen still sitting cradling her engorged belly. “I win, I could stand up. See it pays to be fat most of your life.” Jen laughed, “You’re right, please help me up.” Denise took Jen’s hands and leaned back and hoisted her engorged roommate to her feet. “Thanks, Denise, I so stuffed right now.” “So am I”, replied Denise.

They got back up to their room. “Denise, which desk do you want?” asked Jen sitting on her bed rubbing her belly.” Jen, I like this one.” “Sounds good to me,” replied Jen. They went through their class schedules, giggling when they realized they had three classes together. After an hour or so, Jen asked, “Denise, you were here earlier today than I was, did you find out what the dress code is for going to the bathrooms is?” Denise, replied, “Jen, since this floor is all girls, you can just wear panties and a t-shirt or robe, but you can’t just wear just a bra.” “Good!” replied Jen, as she got up, “I need to use the bathroom and get ready for bed.” She went down to the bathroom, which was only a couple of doors away. She did see a couple of other girls and they all spoke to her and she to them saying hi and asking where they were from. Some girls did stare at Jen’s bulging belly, but they didn’t make any comments. Denise came into the bathroom a couple of minutes later. “Jen, did you meet the girls next door?” “Yes I did, they seem really nice, and both of them are in state too.” They both got ready for bed and went back to the room.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
I really love college weight gain stories. Nice job, Ned.