control freak

chapter 1

All through my life, Jenna has surprised me many times. I was already in senior class in high school when I first met her during our high school's theater program. She was the stage manager—essentially, our boss, and of equal influence to the director. High strung and armed with an acerbic tongue that made more than a few of the underclassmen cry, there were few who dared cross her part.

Jenna also happened to be close friends with, Emily my girlfriend at-the-time. While she was working others to the bone during rehearsal season, I was often allowed to goof off in the tech booth with herself and the sound crew. In a cathartic way, she must have felt she could confide in me. Frequently, she would bark out orders over the intercom, then sit back and watch as her subordinates scurried about. I imagine she must have loved that view of her workers, being the certifiable control-freak that she was. She kept her thumb on the pulse of every single one of us, both inside and outside of the theater. She knew everyone's business and would often relay it to me while the others worked.

Over the course of the year, I began to spend more time with her as a friend which mostly entailed me listening to her bitter complaints about the incompetence of the crew, and—once I was feeling more bold—my own witty remarks. After a few months of this, Emily began to take umbrage with me spending so much time with another girl. I didn't think her disapproval was justified at the time, but I was a teenager, so understanding such things was beyond me. Eventually, in the booth, I mentioned Emily's discomfort with us spending so much time together. This seemed to spurn something unexpected in Jenna.

She became excessively possessive of me, always calling upon me to be her personal companion on personal tasks for the plays and giving me a much more obvious degree of special treatment. I also noticed that she began to treat Emily less like a close friend and more like the rest of the crew members. Jenna made my girlfriend carry loads that were well beyond her means, make runs to McDonald's or the vending machines and try her best to make it through, impossibly long daily to-do lists.

Jenna loves displaying her dominance and throwing her weight around, and if she could take something from someone else, she'd do so in a heartbeat. Taking her friends' boyfriends, turning friends against each other, coercing others into doing her work for her; it never stopped with Jenna, and as time went on, it only became more prevalent.

She loves to humiliate as well. Whenever I got involved with another girl, Jenna was immediately in my ear, pointing out their flaws, physical and otherwise. Even to the girls' faces, she pulled no punches; she was mean as hell. One girl in particular—Patti—she obsessed over.

I had known Patti for years before meeting Jenna, and she was always just a friend. However, after high school and my short lived relationship with Emily were over, Patti and I had a fling that turned into a thing. She was a larger girl with a genuine hourglass shape; large, pert breasts with a canyon of cleavage all resting atop the most shapely smooth legs I'd ever seen. She was classically gorgeous in a 50s pinup way, which frustrated Jenna to no end.

Over the years, it eventually became clear to me that Jenna took the most interest in my life whenever I was in a steady relationship. If I was single and generally uninvolved with someone else, it could be weeks or months before I would hear back from her; No texts, calls, or Facebook replies unless she saw or heard some other girl was there first. As I said before, this was all a power game to her, and trying to tempt me away from other girls seemed to inflate her ego.

At this time, I digressed back to Patti. We had all moved on with our various lives, some of us going straight into work, some out of high school, and others going far away from school. I stayed nearby to go to the local state school and Jenna went far upstate to a prestigious theatre program to follow her dreams while Patti and I had a fun tryst away from prying eyes. After a few short months when the excitement of being freshman wore off I again heard from Jenna. She was in town visiting family for the holidays and wanted to catch up. I agreed and we went out for some food.

I haven't really described Jenna's appearance up to this point, and that's mostly because I found it somewhat unremarkable. She was short and trim with fair skin and dark brunette hair. My affinity for more curvaceous women had always prevented Jenna from standing out in my mind. We met at a local restaurant and began to catch up. It was at this time I noticed that Jenna had gained the customary freshman 15, rounding out her hips and thighs while the rest was largely neglected. She looked good, but still far too small to really catch my eye. She immediately cut to her intended topic of interrogation: Patti. 'So I see you're dating that whale...' She began, as she munched on a plate of loaded gravy fries. Jenna always ate like a woman thrice her size and took especial glee in being able to maintain her figure with no intervention on her part. I confirmed that I was dating Patti, and was quite enjoying it, thank-you-very-much. Jenna was irked by my newfound spine, but was undeterred. She attacked again, 'Alright, sure. She's got a nice face, but with tits that big I bet they sag as soon as she takes off her bra. I bet that big ass has dimples all the way down to boot.' I deflected and attempted to steer the conversation elsewhere. 'How's your own dating life going? Meet any cute theatre geeks?' I asked. 'Psh. Them? If they're not gay, they're too obsessed with their own faces to bother with a real woman. Besides, I don't have time for that. I'm working on 3 plays right now and boys are the last thing on my mind.' Hm. If boys are the last thing on her mind, why'd she have to take such a special interest in waylaying my own relationships? I was more mature having gotten out of our small town, and began to see a trend in her actions.

We ended the night amicably and went back to our lives, she with her 300 mile trip back to school and me with the walk to my dorm.
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BlissfullyAware 1 year
What a tease to have this updated and not added to! Legitimately one of my favorite stories on here. Hope to see more from you in any direction!
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So sorry to disappoint, if not as sorry to tease. I had an issue that the story kept falling off being "published" and I just re-added it.

Thanks for reading! I'll add some short stories up soon.
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I like the direction this is going! I hope you continue!
Denbu 3 years
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Damn good writing!
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