control lost

Chapter 1 - Nicole

Nicole is about to go into her Sophomore year as one of the most popular, attractive and lusted after girls on campus. As a cheerleader during her Freshman year, it wasn't hard for her to use her position to climb to the top of social circles. Her looks alone allowed her to sleep with many of the most attractive boys at her college, in just her first year.

For her entire life, Nicole has taken pride in her body and loved nothing more than flaunting it to get all the attention she knew she naturally deserved. Being around other cheerleaders that take immense pride in their bodies has made it incredibly easy for Nicole to stay in shape and athletic form. With three more years of college to go, the sky is the limit for what the girl can accomplish.

Putting Nicole's looks aside.. She's not the brightest bulb. Throughout high school and her Freshman year of college, she leaned on her appearance to get ahead, and it mostly paid off. Some would consider her a bit on the ditzy side, but Nicole has found that leaning into that aspect of herself doesn't hurt her chances with the boys. None of this behavior has been aided by Nicole's upbringing. Spoiled, stuck up, and rich. She got everything she wanted and then some. The only thing her health nuts parents hadn't ever let her have was sweets.

As much as she tried her freshman year, Nicole flunked two of her classes that had condescending female professors. Given that recent failure, her college has put her on athletic probation. Because of this, she'll miss her cheer squad's fall season. This news was initially devastating to the girl that got everything she wanted, but she's since accepted her fate. This is only a minor setback for Nicole, who knows her year will still be filled with parties, boys, and good times.

Over the summer, one of Nicole's college cheer friends helped her get a part-time modeling job for Forever21. It had always been Nicole's dream to be a professional model. Her Instagram account alone had 100,000 followers and counting, so getting a chance to get professional shots done was thrilling. Even though Nicole was going to college for journalism, she cared more about finding a job that exposed her hot body to as many people as possible. A large part of Nicole craved the pure validation and admiration from thousands of people looking at her and adoring her. It would be a lie to say that being a hot tease to so many didn't get her off. Getting attention and lots of it is a central cornerstone in Nicole's persona.

By far, Nicole's best friend at college was a girl on her cheer squad named Jess. Their Freshman year, both girls had been attached at the hip, nearly inseparable. While Nicole was the classic blonde ditz with a nice ass, Jess was the mean Queen B with a huge rack. Both of their looks complimented the others. Like Nicole, Jess grew up a spoiled rich bitch. However, she had grown up in a posh London Family. Unlike Nicole, Jess was sharper, finding academics so easy it was near dull. She had come to the states to have the quintessential American college experience, and no one was going to get in the way of that.

It had been so lovely of Jess to use her connections to get herself and Nicole the Forever21 modeling gig. It made the few days of shooting much more fun to have her best friend there modeling with her.

In the back of both girl's minds, they hoped that their friendship would carry on into their Sophomore year and beyond. Nicole was optimistic that she'd still see Jess all the time despite not being on the cheer squad. Even though they weren't in the same major, there was still time after classes and cheer practice for trips to the mall and parties. Jess was much less optimistic. Jess loved being Nicole's friend but was worried about what would happen now that Nicole wasn't a cheerleader. Jess remembered how closely nit the cheer team was thought her entire Freshman year. She knew Nicole and her would be spending much less time together and wondered if their friendship could remain as strong.
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Booty450 1 month
Is this still going
ConJohn 1 month
Taking a break from writing to recharge, then will be back with more of this.
Tttfeeder 10 months
Awesome job my favourite story in a long time! Is the story finished here?
ConJohn 9 months
Nope! Far from finished. Gonna wrap up Haley's gain and then get back to this.
Mikeboi1994 10 months
Honestly blown away with this story! I tried making a story of my own but I don't think I have it in me. I love the progression and multiple perspectives. They make the experience more immersive. 😊
ConJohn 9 months
Multiple perspectives are hard to do, so I don't blame you. Checked out your latest story and it's pretty interesting.
Scootergirl 10 months
How much do we reckon she weighs at this point?
ConJohn 10 months
Though Nicole avoiding stepping on a scale (for now).. if she did, she'd be somewhere between 155-160 pounds at this point in the story.
Clock 11 months
two chapters on the same night? nice.
ConJohn 11 months
Totally! I think from this point, If I have a multi-pov point of the story, I may end up posting all those POVs at the same time.
Ao01 11 months
really good story. But is Nicole still not aware of her weight gain? If so, that doesn't make much sense. Also, more descriptions of the changes in Nicole's body would make the story better.
ConJohn 11 months
Yeah, I'm leaning pretty hard on Nicole's lack of awareness/inelegance/introspection with this story. Agreed, but since a lot of the story is told from the POV of someone in denial, it's a choice.
Montana 1 year
I love this story, the pace, where it appears to be heading. Great work!
ConJohn 12 months
Thank you! Slow and steady
Makeme300 1 year
Can’t wait to hear about how the costume fits. Love this story
ConJohn 1 year
Those chapters are up smiley
Fatowl 1 year
It would be fun drama to see Nicole sleeping with all of her admirers and reveling in their attention. Then see the consequences of these dalliances as Carl and the others fight over her!
ConJohn 1 year
Right now, I'm sure she could pull that off.
Makeme300 1 year
Great story. It helped me to climax so thanks. Needed that
ConJohn 1 year
Happy to hear
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