chapter 1

We usually look for already plump or fat ones, generally average to taller height. You can pack more weight on the taller ones. The shorter ones don’t normally last as long.

Then we forcibly fatten them. You can’t be gentle here. A breeding cow that can’t move far is a breeding cow that will take every seed pumped into it.

We REALLY fatten them. They can be milked once their breasts get large enough. The serum we mix into their feed will give them enormous udders, no matter if they have the genes for it or not. The best cows have bellies that prop them up, enormous rears with wide cheeks begging to be pulled apart. They need the fat for their own protection. The bulls are strong, muscled and violent. The extra fat will protect these cows for a time.

Keeping a good stock of cows can be tricky, as any weight below 600 can’t be used. As well, health rapidly declines, and it isn’t uncommon for prominent farms to lose several cows to heart attacks every few months. No matter how many pills and machines we use, the average life span of a good cow is just 3 years, from first use to last. Despite ranging from 18-24 years of age, these cows bodies just can’t keep up with the wear and tear. Constantly being milked, not allowed to walk, always full, it takes a toll. We’ve even lost some to rather extreme sessions with the bulls, as they get so turned on they don’t know when to stop. Before you know it, a promising 800 pound cow has been f*cked to death, her heart unable to keep up.

Our cows, while possibly coming from educated backgrounds, all eventually become dumber than a rock. They aren’t allowed to talk, and not long after coming here have all their teeth removed (it prevents cavities), hair shaved and lazed off (it gets in the way), and no mental stimulation of any kind. Constant mental conditioning is done by associating food with sexual pleasure, and swallowing our feed is rewarded. Yes, some of these cows might come here well educated, pioneering women, but they will all end up the same: half a ton of rolling flesh, having milk pumped out of them and cow feed pumped in to them 24/7, while being dumber than a potato.


What do y’all think of this? Could possibly expand this into something bigger, just wanted to write
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Chrysophase2003 11 months
Good potential for acquisition and indoor milking facilities. Experimental medical intervention to see about the cost/benefit analysis of keeping their cows growing would be a fun secret.
Fatboy Blob 1 year
Make more of this please
Piggy3636 1 year
Kept it going
6fawMzL4ZVEw9c 1 year
I like the premise, please keep going!