chapter 1

His vitals flashed.

Reigen awoke in a sweat, laying on the hard floor. What had occurred, just now? He winced, stiff and due to the heaviness of the gear on him. On his visor were a number of charts, that he was able to simply swipe through just by clicking his tongue. His heartbeat. High.
No bloodloss, and his helmet was secured. Along with his oxygen tanks, which were full.
He stood up straight, then moved his gloved hand to the side of his head, flicking on the light. He was alone.

Where was everyone? Or was he alone, to begin with? He stayed in idle, turning around, scanning his surroundings. The ship creaked, and a notification appeared on his visor.
He took one last view of what was behind him. Wires sparking, falling from the ceiling. It wasn't a large ship. He turned back around and began moving as fast as possible, but in terms of movement, he was limited to a slow speed.

It started to get brighter, and brighter. He switched off his light, and nearly stumbled over when he entered into the clearing, catching himself on the remains of the ship.
Surrounding him was a forest of some sorts. Tall, massive trees. Behind him; were splintered and charred trees, the ground cut into by the crash. He caught his breath, and stared into the sky. It was day.
'Where am I?' He thought to himself. He jumped down, taking a moment to take out his stungun, just in case. He swept the charts on his visor, stopping at one titled 'Comms.'
That wasn't good. He was hoping to contact HQ, to-
MOVEMENT DETECTED - the message filled his screen, almost having him flinch away. But he turned, and saw it: a four legged tall creature, observing him from the tree line. He gripped his stungun. The creature had multiple eyes, and not just on its head, but also on its neck. Once it seemed to notice it had been spotted, like a deer, the creature fled into the woods.
He wasn't alone.
Looking back at the ship, he came to conclusion that it would be downed on the ground. Once he decided that, he held his stungun upwards as he moved into the woods. He figured that, perhaps, there would be some mechanics on this planet to fix his ship and allow him home.
And from above, they watched the armoured creature head into their trap, some in curiosity, and others, just not caring, whatsoever.
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