crimes of passion

chapter 1

‘Grab that for me?’ She pointed toward the bowl on the cupboard top.

‘Sure,' he said, as he reached up and stretched.

‘What’s this?’ She giggled playfully, patting his soft underbelly as it became exposed.

His cheeks flushed a little as he sat back down on his heels and handed her the bowl.

‘Guess I’ve put on a few this month,’ he said, scratching awkwardly at the back of his head and pulling down at his shirt.

‘I’ll say.’ She patted his belly and grinned. She then leant back against the counter top and added, ‘So you gonna give a girl a show?’ She twirled her index finger expectantly in the air.

He rolled his eyes at her. But obliged nonetheless. And so holding out his arms, he waddled around on the spot, his belly shaking a little with every step.

‘My-my,’ she teased, as he spun. ‘That’s a whole lotta meat on your ass these days.’

‘Not to mention your moobs,' she almost sucked at her lips.

‘Now just what have I been feeding you?’ She asked, innocently, tapping her chin as he completed his spin.

‘Everything.’ He said, with a wry smile upon his lips. ‘Pretty much.'

He then tried to pull down again at his shirt, but it was no use.

‘Those your 6XLs?’ She asked greedily, referring to his sweats.

‘The 7s,’ he replied. ‘You know that.’

Now it was her turn to blush.

‘My-my!’ She giggled. ‘You really are getting big.’

‘You gonna take that top off for me too?’ She crossed her arms and leant back. ‘Give your girl a real show?’

He didn’t comply this time; feeling it was his turn to tease.

‘You know,’ he said, scratching at his stuffed gut, like there could possibly be any room in there for more. ‘I’d say it’s been at least forty pounds since this shirt last fit.’

Her cheeks began to redden more quickly.

‘Now how did I gain all that?’ He asked rhetorically, as her cheeks really began to blush. 'I just can’t stop eating,’ he continued, peeling up his shirt and glancing at her coyly. ‘Don't you think it's starting to show?’

‘Tease.’ She blurted, impatiently. ‘Don’t I get to see all that new chub?’ She eyed him up from head to toe like a juicy steak.

‘It depends.’ He grinned wickedly at her. ‘Whatcha cooking up in that bowl?’

They both looked across to it on the counter top.

‘Oh.’ She bit on her bottom lip and grinned. ‘I think it’s best you didn’t know.’

‘Secret eh?’ He tried to pry.

‘Let’s just say,’ she continued, winking at him. ‘I know a few good reasons how you got so big.’

‘Naughty girl,' he replied, as he took a few steps towards her, enough for his big belly to graze a little at her chest. ‘You know non-consensual fattening's a crime, right?’ He asked, as his chubby hands landed on her waist and his lips locked on to her neck.

‘Forgive me Officer.’ She held her arms clean above her head. ‘For I think I have sinned.’

‘You think?’ He patted his belly knowingly, and took another step towards her and popped her up onto the counter top.

‘I think you’ve been sinning.’ He began to kiss all along her collarbones now. ‘Morning,…’ he continued, then paused, as he exhaled his belly heavily onto her lap. ‘Noon. And night.’

‘I’ve been such a naughty girl Officer,’ she said, teasing him. ‘You really oughta know.’ Her cheeks began to flush again. She then grabbed the cooking chocolate from her side and broke off a piece to bring up to his lips.

‘The truth will all out Miss, don't you worry,’ he said, massaging her thighs, as he took the chocolate in his mouth.

‘This your first offence?’ He asked, as he chewed.

‘I’m a repeat offender Officer.’ She winked at him, and popped another piece of chocolate in his mouth before he had a chance to say no.

‘Looks like l'm dealing with a career criminal it seems.’ He raised his eyebrows playfully at her and licked his lips, then took down a third bite of chocolate from her hand.

‘It’s easy when I have a partner in crime Officer.’ She winked at him again, as she popped another piece of chocolate in his mouth, then placed her hands on his belly.

‘Oh?’ His eyebrows raised, as he peeled up his shirt. ‘You think this was an inside job?’

She brought another piece of chocolate up to his lips. ‘We know it is,’ she said, with a sly grin.

‘I’m afraid I'll still have to take you down the Station Ma'am.’ He picked her up and carried her towards the kitchen table. ‘For a more thorough investigation on your file.’ He laid her down gently and began to unbutton her jeans.

‘Anything you’d like to confess Miss?’ He ran his chubby hands up the insides of her thighs.

‘Am I under oath Officer?’ She asked, smiling up at him, as he freed her legs from her jeans.

‘Rest assured,' he replied, as he began to kiss at her midriff. ‘That anything you do say, will be held as evidence against you.’ He glanced up and grinned wickedly.

‘Nothing worse than a corrupt cop.’ She observed as he kissed hungrily at her body, like only a fat man could.

‘Except perhaps a skinny one.’ He tried to joke, glancing up as he kissed.

‘Oh.’ She raised her head from the table, and grabbed his belly in her hands. ‘I think we put him away a long time ago Officer, don’t you think?’ Her lips broke into a satisfied grin.

‘Lucky guy,’ he replied, smiling back at her. ‘Is he serving a long stretch?’

He began to take off his shirt, and let his belly hang loose above her, except it was defying gravity the way he had stuffed himself that night.

‘I’d say he’s got another hundred pounds left to go Officer.' She licked at her lips.

‘Damn,’ he patted his belly. ‘Now that’s a stretch I’d sure like to serve.’

He then began to kiss at her midriff again, and slowly worked his way up towards her chest.

‘Is his partner up to the task?’ He asked, glancing up momentarily at her, before reaching up to pin her hands above her head.

‘No need to worry about her Officer.’ She wriggled her hands free and pushed his head back down to between her legs. ‘She’s already on file saying that she’ll feed him till he pops.’

‘Till he pops?’ He raised his head again. ‘Now that's a scene l'd like to see.’

‘Oh, she’s been stuffing him every night Officer.’ Her confessions began to flow. ‘She can’t help it,' she continued, as her hips began to squirm. 'And she’s always so greedy for more. Like he is too.’

‘I can tell.’ He said, grabbing hungrily at her chest. ‘I’m afraid I still can’t let you go tonight Miss,’ he continued, pulling her top clean over her head. ‘At least not until all our investigations are done.’

‘Would a pan of brownies help post my bail?’ She teased him, as her face reappeared into view, her hair tousled around her face.

‘You can buy me off with some donuts later,' he quipped, with a wink. ‘Because I've noticed you seem to like buying those of late.’

'And you barely eat a single one.' His fingers walked their way down to between her legs.

‘Now let's take a look at your file.’ He added, as his chubby hands began to part at her thighs.

‘l'm surprised you still can.’ She grinned, devilishly.

‘Our Department has its methods Ma’am,’ he observed aloud, as he gently rolled her over onto her front and drew her hips up back into his. She propped herself up on her forearms for support.

‘I promise this won’t hurt a bit,’ he said, as he began to tease her between her legs with his chubby hands.

‘My-my Officer.’ She giggled, as she felt some of his weight encroach onto her back. ‘You must have been eating a lot of donuts on your shifts.’ She looked back and gave him a wink.

He laughed, breaking character momentarily. ‘Knew there was a reason I married you,' he whispered in her ear, as he leant forward to kiss at her neck.

‘You better use your phone call for Dunkins Miss,’ he added, pulling back a little at her hair. ‘Especially if you want to be let go tonight.’

‘You can’t pin this one on me Officer,’ she protested, doing her best to reach around to grab at his gut.

‘I think that’s exactly what I'll do,’ he replied, smacking playfully at her pert behind, as he dropped his gut heavily onto her back.

‘We good for Dunkins later?’ He asked greedily again.

‘Crime has consequences Officer.’ She cast her eye over her shoulder and blew him a kiss, before finally squeezing his belly with her hand.

‘But it certainly pays,’ he replied, dropping his gut heavily onto her back again, as she could feel him harden beneath.

‘Time to collect your reward Miss,' he grunted, in her ear, as he peeled her panties down, and the movement of her hips began to invite him to play.

‘You cops.’ She moaned, as his hips finally sank into hers, and she reached for the edges of the table for support. ‘You're always so greedy for more.’
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
Damn! You always write such wonderful tales! You leave me panting for more.
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