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chapter 1

So! You just found yourself a wonderful ball of flab, whether they have no belly (yet), a small set of love handles, or a pillowy soft tummy these are some lovely ideas for dates with your new chubby hubby!

Every fatty loves the buffet so how are you gonna deny them such a wonderful experience! Make sure they stuff their mouths and bellies full with greasy foods and sugary sodas. Remember to always bring them in sweatpants, or anything that has room to grow. Jeans and tight pants will restrict room to grow! So loosen up and let out your belly. Be sure to bring all of the plates to them, and when you do that you can make sure the food they are getting is high in fat, sugar, carbs or all three. Bringing a plate to them also will save them on all the walking so be prepared to get up for three, four, and maybe even five or six plates! Getting the relationship started with a date like this gets the tone across of how big they might become.

After a few dates, the one you’re gushing over may have gotten a few sizes, and if your lucky you’ve seen them bust through a few shirts and maybe felt a pant button come your way. So maybe it’s time for you to take them to do some shopping! Head to the mall and take them to all the regular store and head straight for the 2-3x section if they even have that. Make sure your big bellied love knows how fat they’re getting. And eventually leave that store because you both know there won’t be a thing that gets past those thick thighs and head towards the food court for a high calorie snack. Once you’ve fed your date more than they can handle, head towards the plus size store, whether it’s a big and tall store or something like a torrid, you know you’re gonna need to head towards the bigger sized of even that store. My last tip for this date here is be sure to only get a few outfits and you don’t need to spend too much, hopefully it’s only a short while until they need a new set.

Bed bound
Now you’ve been with your special boo for a while now and are looking to get more intimate, they’re increasing bulk is getting more difficult to lug around and they just aren’t as mobile as they used to. Maybe it’s time for this date idea! To set this up with your partners consent, keep them very comfortable in your room and stockpile snacks, soda, and heavier foods always in reach, at least for you. Make sure your soon to be immobile fatty has the tv with games, Netflix and other tv and movies so they can mindlessly fatten up more as they please. Sitting down your partner and having them never get back up is a very big step for a feeder & feedees relationship so maybe this may be the time! Always keep your feedee very well fed and very pampered. Your newly immobile partner is going to love this!

Now your fastly gaining fatty is finally immobile! Now the issue (or it may not be an issue) of clothing. Your morbidly obese partner has now nearly certainly outgrown all normal stores and even growing past all plus sized stores. Your fatty has been very busy gorging themselves so this is no surprise for you so maybe your next date night learn to sew! Sewing your fattys clothes really helps you get an understanding of just how big they are and how much bigger you want them to get. Even for pro sewers I’m sure you’ll have trouble creating something for a person so massive, so get going! (Or maybe just buy a king sized sheet to cover them)

So here we are now, my last date night idea for you and your blubbery lover, and this is even something a regular sized couple can do as well! A normal couple can get into a normal sized shower and turn up the shower and have the hot water on them as they romanticize each other in the moment, now for us people with larger partners this may be an issue. If you’ve gotten this far, your partner is most likely and immobile blob with no hopes to stand up even if they wanted to. But they still need to shower, so for the same romantic atmosphere, turn down the lights low, play some soft playful music and grab a bucket and a washcloth. Your fatty sitting there should be enjoying their favorite sweet snack as you go in between each roll, the overwhelming mass of them will just be too much to keep your hand to strictly washing. Just know that at this size they depend on you for things like this, and so why not turn it into a sensual activity for the both of you!

I hope this list is just perfect for you and your blooming feedee, so I wish you happiness and growth!

Thank you for reading! Please comment and like! And please leave and suggestions for what I could’ve done better lol
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