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Chapter 1 - a new night city

The mayor was dead and Night City was left without a leader. Sure, the city council could step up to the plate and lead, but would they? No. They had their own motives, deals going on under the table, talks behind closed doors. Every person on the council was there to take advantage of the position, to push the prerogative of whatever cooperation they were being manipulated by. The mayoral position had to be filled by someone without ties to the big companies, someone unaffiliated lest the delicate balance of power be upset.

This is when Mia Gold stepped up. She had the entire district of Westbrook under her thumb, the Tyger Claws had given her the power she so craved, and began expanding the gang’s influence to other parts of the city. Between the sheer numbers of the Tygers and the portion of the city the gang could bully into swaying the vote, Mia was elected into the Mayoral position in a landslide victory. Since her experience with Viper, Mia began to have a new vision for the city. A new way to stimulate the economy, a new way to control crime, a new way to for the citizens of Night City to find fulfillment.

Mia, or rather, Mayor Gold, set ground breaking legislation supported by the corporate influencers on the city council. Increase the production and advertisement of food. Increase the price of larger sizes of clothing. Increase access to public transportation and charge double. Offer bundles and deals to trick the populous into consuming more. Cut corners on food production, more additives fewer ingredients. Hire more workers as production increases. Get celebrity spokespersons to push new diet trends. Make fat the new fad. Expand profit with expanding waistlines.

This all took time of course. The cooperations began implementing her plan without hesitation. The media took some extra convincing but soon enough ads for delectable new food products lined the streets. Being thin was equated to being poor and unfashionable. Celebrities began to be paid by the pound for appearing on tv, pushing binge diets, documenting their weight gain on social media, echoing the new Night City slogan, bigger is better.

People were mostly confused at first. For the past few centuries, thinness was attractive. Ripperdocs specialized in weight reduction and regulation. But now Mayor Gold was turning that all on its head. A month into the “bigger is better campaign” little progress could be seen. The celebrities they payed off to publicly stuff themselves were now reaching gains of 30 some pounds. Rather than looking fat, they looked closer to average, considering ow thin many of them were to begin with.

Mia decided to move to stage 2 to get things moving. New legislation was passed banning weight reduction cosmetic procedures. In its place, a new software designed to reprogram cerebral implants to increase weight gain was put on the market. This was a software of Mia’s own invention, a more streamlined form of the malware she once gave to Viper. It insured that whomever downloaded the software into their system would be obsessed with eating. With the new high calorie hyper addictive food on the market, the citizens of Night City were sure to begin to balloon. Mia knew that anyone with a feeding kink, no matter how repressed, would become hypersexual once downloading the software, just has Viper had. Mia decided to keep the sexual side effect a secret from her cooperate sponsors, incase they chose to have it patched out. This endeavor was about more than just money and power to Mia.

Another month came and went, and looking around the board room, Mia was pleased with the current results. As expected, the upper middle class of Night City was the first to fall prey to Mia’s scheme. Social climbers were particularly easy to influence, as they jumped at the chance to follow new fads and actually had the funds to throw themselves into the “bigger is better” lifestyle. Next came the corpos. Sensing a change in what was to be considered cutting edge in the world of Night City fads and fashion, the upper class began to fall prey to the campaign’s relentless advertising. In fact, some of the first individuals to download the gaining software were members of the city council, falling to social pressure they themselves cultivated.

The average weight in Night City had increased nearly 10lbs in a month, however, it quickly became apparent that Mia’s own council and staff represented the upper percentile. Mia’s secretary, a young brunette woman who went by the name of Jinx had gained nearly 25lbs. She ate constantly through out the day, stuffing herself shamelessly during her lunch break, only to continue to guzzle colas and munch on snack cakes throughout the day. She had been written up twice for indecent work attire as she began to outgrow her clothes. On one occasion, she had eaten herself out of her blouse, buttons popping off through out the day as her belly grew until it could no longer fasten shut.

The rest of the office was putting on weight as well. The cooperate representatives showed up for meetings stuffed into too small suits, bringing whole meals with them to snack on. Productivity was becoming an issue as even lower level staff members began to fixate on gorging themselves at all times. Many businesses, not just Mia’s office, had to bring on new staff to pick up the slack, but it wasn’t long before they too began to gain.

It took another four months for the campaign to saturate the entire city. Slowly but surely, citizens from Pacifica to Watson were falling victim to the onslaught of cooperate and social pressure to eat. By then the average weight of Night City’s citizens increased by 70lbs since the start of the campaign. Jinx had doubled her weight in that same timeframe, stating that she wanted to look just like the hottest celebrities. The newest trend amongst the elite was to try and reach 300lbs before the start of summer, for that “big beach bod”

Mia was hesitant to join in on the new culture she had created. At first. Stuffing herself brought up old emotions, the feelings of weakness and infatuation that she had experienced when she herself had been nearly 500lbs. But she reminded herself that it had been quite awhile since her kinky relationship with V, and that there was no reason for her to deny herself the pleasure she had abstained from for so long.

Mia downloaded the software on to her own cybernetics, replicating the damage that was done to them during the Arasaka incident. When she sat down for dinner that night, she experienced a stuffing session not unlike her out of control binges from when she first started to gain. Just as before, she ate until she was bloated, her pants unable to button around her swollen belly. She would hiccup from eating so quickly, covering herself in crumbs and frosting as she indulged. She woke up the next morning, already with new weight on her body, a small soft belly beginning to form.

The following month led to an exponential increase in weight. The average gain since the start of the program rose to over 130lbs Over 70% of Night city residents had downloaded the software, which explained the jump. As people ate more and more and grew bigger and bigger, sales for food, clothing and transportation skyrocketed. Increased income lead to companies having the resources to take on more workers, and decreased productivity from constant consumption gave them reason to do so. It seemed that the citizens of Night City were not only growing in size, but also wealth.

Jinx was now over 400lbs, an utterly massive gain considering Mia’s campaign had only begun 8 months prior. The fattened secretary was nearly as heavy Mia had been at her biggest and she was still eating. Mia’s council meetings now included a buffet, as it became difficult to do business without food, considering everyone, Mia now included had the urge to constantly eat. Mia had to replace the council room chairs after the Biotech representative found themselves stuck. After an ordeal of pushing and struggling, the chair broke under the weight of its occupant.

Similar incidents were occurring all over the city. Individuals who were already overweight to begin with were beginning to struggle under their own mass, broken furniture, tight door ways and ripped clothes were becoming common problems. They soon became so common that rather than getting embarrassed, they celebrated. Gluttony was becoming a virtue. When someone stuffed themselves to the point of bursting out of their pants, they were praised and rewarded with more to eat. Those thinner than them would admire and envy their chubby jiggling physiques. Celebrities were now cresting over 300lbs in total weight gain, and bragged about their size and ability to consume.

In a single month Mia had put on over 100 lbs, and she was gaining faster by the day. The softness over her body, her loss of control when eating, it was incredibly erotic. Despite her better judgment she began having Jinx feed her during down time at the office. The two ballooning women women stuff themselves, popping seams along the way. Things began to escalate as Mia’s libido was reawakened and she began to crave stimulation as she ate.
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This series is awesome. You're doing great.