daddy's girl

chapter 1 - depression

When I was 14 (now 18) I was an unpopular skinny girl at 120lbs. I had no friends, and my mum absolutely hated me. People were horrible to me.... I was bullied and picked on every single day. Sometimes they were even violent towards me.

This caused my depression. I absolutely hated life and I just wanted to die. I cut myself just to feel better. But when my blades were taken away, I turned to food. Comfort food. Fattening food. I ate every night. I would stuff myself until I felt sick just to feel better. I put on a lot of weight... I was then 180lbs.

One night, my dad came in my room suddenly and caught me finishing off the last slice of a box of pizza. I thought he would be angry. But instead he asked me what the flavour was. I said "bbq meatlovers". Then he left my room.

Half an hour later, he returned with 5 large boxes of bbq meatlovers and 3 litres of coke. He told me to sit down on my bed. And I did. He sat next to me. He picked up a slice of pizza and pushed it into my mouth. I was incredibly full, but I bit into it anyway.

I then felt his hand at my clit. I whimpered, and he said "shhhhhhh it will make you feel better." I began to cry as he started rubbing me. Every time I ate another slice he would call me a good girl and rub me harder. I cried a lot. He told me to take off my pants. I recoiled but he forced them down. He slid his fingers in me. I passed out.

This happened day after day. Month after month. He would come into my room and feed me. He would touch me. Three months had passed... And when he came into my room at night I begged him. I begged him to feed me. To touch me. I was worthless. A whore. A fat, useless pig. I couldn't help myself. I would cum into his hands.

One night he came into my room said that he had a special treat for me. He gave me a litre of heavy cream to drink. And then he fucked me. Hard. I whimpered and screamed and cried. He shoved more for into my mouth. I was his slut. His whore. His pig. And I hated myself for it.
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