dan’s beauty serum 3: sisterly love


Chapter 1 - family complications

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Dan and Darrshini’s time away had been incredible for the young couple. Days of nothing but sex and relaxation were exactly what they needed after an exhausting couple of years and Darrshini’s recent morning sickness was a sign that she was once again pregnant with more of Dan’s babies. As Darrshini started walking back from the bathroom in their high rise condo, Dan emerged from his slumber to comfort his fertile wife.

“I know it’s a normal part of human pregnancy, but I hate that you’re forced to throw up in the morning. We need to keep those precious pounds on this sexy body of yours” Dan said as he wrapped his arms around his wife’s sizeable midsection.

“Oh not to worry hun, I plan on spending most of this pregnancy on my fat ass, devouring everything in sight! I just wish we didn’t have to mess with all this media attention over the serum.”

After releasing his serum to the world, Dan and Darrshini had become incredibly rich and yet they remained very private. That was until recently when speculation about the origin of the serum reached a fever pitch and Dan realized he needed to come out and address public concerns regarding his product. Dan had done some initial interviews with his wife and while the world seemed content with his background story for the serum, the social chatter surrounding Darrshini was less than stellar. The world was shocked to find out that the creator of the serum had made his beautiful wife into what they saw as an obese pig, and the young couple was even more upset at the amount of racism and fat-shaming that was coming their way.

As if the negative press wasn’t distressing enough, Darrshini was grappling with an entirely different problem. When she had married Dan, she cut off communication with her family. Her new, Indian identity could no longer relate to her white family and she could never bring herself to tell them what had become of her. But with the recent interviews, her family discovered what had happened and was livid, especially her sister Sarah who insisted on meeting with them in person while they were visiting the city.

“So how are you feeling about your sister coming to visit? I know you don’t feel the same way about your family since the transformation, but she’s still your sister” Dan asked his wife as he started to get dressed.

“It needed to happen eventually. I at least owe them an explanation, even if I feel so detached these days. I wish I had a family that I felt a close bond with, but the new me struggles to grapple with the fact that I used to be a white girl.”

Darrshini had felt very conflicted when she agreed to meet with her sister, but ultimately it was guilt and not her sisterly love that compelled her to accept her sister’s offer to visit. In addition to feeling generally guilty about abandoning her sister, Darrshini also felt bad for accumulating so much wealth and not sharing it with her family. Her hope was that Sarah could see Darrshini’s perfect life and accept who she had become. At the end of the day a part of Darrshini wanted her sister to feel the same happiness as she did. As Darrshini finished touching up her saree in the mirror, the doorbell rang throughout the condo, indicating the arrival of her dear little sister.
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KaosZX 3 years
This is a really hot and funny story.
I would like to see a more love lesbian relationship between sarah and her sister.
Keep going bro...this is awesome