dan’s beauty serum 4: the grand plan


Chapter 1 - home sweet home

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When Dan originally developed his beauty serum, his only true intention was to create the perfect wife so they could live happily together. Well Dan got just what he wanted when he mixed the serum into his fiancés drink, transforming the skinny blonde girl into a morbidly obese Indian woman. While the physical transformation was exactly what he wanted, Dawn’s mental transformation into Darrshini was completely unexpected. Soon after the transformation, her mind began to change in order to accept her new body and over time, her desires slowly began to align with Dan’s. Dawn loved to work out and had never wanted to have kids, but Darrshini loved being a fat pig and giving Dan as many children as possible. At the time, Dan hadn’t thought much of it when Dawn wanted to change her name or when she accepted her status as a fat Indian woman, but at some point she began to crave things Dan didn’t even realize he had wanted until it was right in front of him.

Darrshini had wanted to turn the resort manager into the thing she hated most and relished the idea that she was going to be a stereotypical Hispanic woman for the rest of her life. Dan had compartmentalized that incident as a one-time thing, perhaps even a fit of rage in the face of that girls racist beliefs, but when Dawn had tricked her own sister into becoming a fat Indian woman and encouraged Dan put his children into her, Dan came to the realization that he had an ability to influence the women he transformed. At first Dan was conflicted at the idea of forcing women he didn’t know into becoming his lovers, but he soon came to love every part of it. He loved the idea of “corrupting” these conventionally attractive women, transforming them into his vision of beauty. He loved the power it gave him. Dawn, Lilly, Sarah. All of them became subservient after their transformations, doing whatever Dan wanted them to, and all of them loved the experience.

And still the world Dan lived in did not agree with his vision of beauty. He watched as thousands of women he found attractive used his product to become skinny and white. Meanwhile these same women attacked his family online and in the press. Fat shamers called his wife disgusting. Racists called his family abhorrent. Dan had seen enough. After claiming Darrshini’s sister as his own, the group flew a private jet back to his mansion where they’ve stayed for nearly a year as Dan worked tirelessly on a new invention, one that would make the whole world see things from his perspective.

Over this time Darrshini and Sajni each gave birth to 3 beautiful biracial children and both managed to get pregnant again very shortly after. The sisters absolutely loved fucking each other or getting fucked by Dan, always horny and willing to provide Dan with even more children. Dan had told the two that his invention would change the world forever, but mostly the two just wanted to get fucked all day.

As Dan walked into the master bedroom, he found Darrshini and Sajni laying on the bed, getting pleasured by two of their servants. The two servants were a pair of twins that had grown up in a nearby town. When Erin and Julie had turned 18 and refused to go to college or get a real job, their parents kicked them out of them family farm. Dan came across the pair of conventionally beautiful women one day in town and asked if they would be interested in serving his family at his estate. While the girls were hesitant at first, Dan's generous salary was too much to turn down. The two 5’2 and 120-pound blonde girls didn’t seem to be particularly great at cooking or cleaning and were afraid they would be fired as soon as the family realized they were near useless when it came to household chores. Desperate to keep their jobs, Darrshini suggested they could provide some “additional” services. While the girls weren’t thrilled to be the sexual servants to Dan’s obese lovers, they decided it was better than waiting tables. After all, the money was tough to beat.

Dan wasn’t normally one to interject, but on this day he had something exciting to share.

“Ladies! Sorry to interrupt but I have wonderful news! My new invention is complete, and the world will never be the same!”

The four girls all stopped and looked towards Dan, annoyed but also curious as to what he was talking about. Darrshini was especially frustrated. “You never even told us what the invention is. Are you going to at least give a demonstration?”

Dan gave his wife a smirk and pulled out what looked to be a fancy water gun. “Why sure my lovely wife. Erin, Julie, why don’t you come over to me?”

The twins exchanged a nervous look before crawling off the bed and walking over to Dan. The girls had always found Dan’s marriage arrangement to be... unusual to say the least, but they never asked questions for fear that they could lose their generous cash flow. As the twins stepped up to Dan, he gave them a reassuring smile. “Now as you know, my beauty serum completely changes the physical form of those who ingest a small dose. With my invention, I have created a formula that spreads via the air like a virus. No longer does an individual need to ingest a vial of my serum, they need only breathe in the organisms within this gas.”

The facial expressions on Erin and Julie immediately flipped from nervous to vividly excited at the prospect of getting the serum for free. While they were already conventionally beautiful, they were envious of the millionaires on social media flaunting their chemically enhanced bodies. Meanwhile over on the bed, Darrshini seemed perplexed.

“But Dan, this serum has made us wildly wealthy. Why would we need it to behave like a virus? Wouldn’t we be giving away our product for free?”

Dan gave his wife an even bigger smile as he laid out his plans. “Because babe, we have more than enough money to last us a lifetime, and-“

Before he could finish, Dan was cut off by one of the slim blondes in front of him “Oh my god Dan that is so kind of you! You are always so generous in so many ways! Can you please show us how it works! I would love to test it out!”

Dan could hardly help himself. “Well of course! Please step right up and accept my gift.” And with that, Dan pressed a button on the device, which proceeded to spray out a plume of light brown gas that enveloped the girls before dissipating. The girls closed their eyes and anxiously stood waiting in anticipation, before nervously cracking their eyes back open after a few uneventful moments passed by.

“What? Did you think it would be instantaneous? Like I said, it behaves like a virus. The organisms will “infect” your cells and you will begin to see changes over time. Once you are fully fleshed out, you will be contagious for the rest of your lives. Other women you encounter will become infected as well and the cycle will perpetuate until all the women in the entire world are forever changed! Now ladies, my only ask is that you stay with us for a few days while we monitor your progress. I’ll give you each a room in different wings of the mansion but otherwise you will live with us like family.”

The girls jumped with joy, hugged Dan, and thanked him for the gift before the help escorted them to their rooms. Dan closed the door behind them and immediately began taking off his clothes. Dan walked towards his two Indian beauties who were waiting anxiously on the bed.

“Well my lovelies, this world will never be the same again.” Dan said as he began to move his fingers in and out of his 350-pound pregnant wife, who replied with a simple moan of ecstasy.

Sajni moved over and began to fondle Darrshini’s breasts, slowly teasing milk out of her long and dark nipples. “So is this it? The plan you’ve been hinting at?”

Dan smiled as he pulled his fingers out of his wife before replacing them with his large cock, Darrshini’s moaning becoming twice as loud. “The virus will indeed work as I said. Over the next 48 hours the virus will infect them and begin rewriting their DNA. However, they will likely find their new bodies, and even their lives, to be much different from what they expect.”
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