dan’s beauty serum 6: queen bee


chapter 1 - infiltration

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In the dead of night and under the cover of darkness, Michelle scaled the 10-foot security wall with relative ease, landing comfortable on her feet without making a sound. Trained as a secret agent with a specialization in high-security facility infiltration, the 5’2, 125-pound Korean-American girl wore all black from head to toe, including a protective mask designed to filter out any potential contaminants. As she deftly maneuvered through the landscaping of this massive and lavish estate, Michelle had to be careful not to be spotted by any cameras or security personnel during this critical mission in which the fate of the world rested on her shoulders.

It had been nearly a year since the outbreak turned the world upside down in only a matter of days. Women all over the globe began to change seemingly out of nowhere and before anyone could figure out how to stem the tide, the virus had already spread to every continent. The government tried to use quarantine procedures to slow the spread while they worked on a cure, but those that had become infected were lost to reason. No matter the woman’s race, weight, or height, the virus infected every woman it encountered. And while some transformations were more common than others, the result was always the same. Within weeks, half the female population had been transformed into morbidly obese, sex-obsessed brown women that were hell-bent on procreating. The infected had no interest staying inside and self-isolating, instead they actively worked to contaminate as many others as possible. Michelle had been fortunate enough to be in the government’s secret arctic facility when everything went down. Along with her other colleagues, they watched from afar as the world seemed to crumble around them.

Nothing like the virus had ever been seen in nature before, so leading scientists believed it had to have been man-made. For months, the world’s remaining uninfected had worked together to figure out who was behind the outbreak. The man the American government eventually identified as suspect number one was a young billionaire that had recently invented a formula which physically changed the outer appearance of whoever consumed more than a few ounces of his serum. The first three male agents the government had sent to gather evidence went radio silent shortly after entering the mansion. While one might assume that they had been physically captured and reprimanded, the agents had actually explained to high command that they would no longer comply with their directive and would give themselves up willingly. The government concluded that any carriers of the virus, male of female, would be unable to complete the mission for reasons they did not yet understand. Knowing that any exposure would end her life as she knew it, Michelle bravely volunteered as she was only one of a few with the skill set to pull off the mission.

Back on the ground, Michelle identified her entry point and made her way towards the edge of the mansion. Directly above her, positioned on the second story, was the window for one of the mansion’s many guest bedrooms. Using suction devices on her hands and feet, the physically fit Asian made her way to the window where she easily unlocked the lever and made her way inside. [Well that was odd. I know this is only someone’s residence but that felt far too easy.] Using the mapping technology on her smart device, Michelle slowly made her way to the first floor without encountering a single person. [Where is his security? It seems like everyone is asleep. No matter… I need to find the entrance to his lab.] Quick on her toes, Michelle nimbly made her way towards a bookcase with an unusual heat signature emanating from behind. Feeling her way through the shelving, she found a hidden pressure point which triggered the door’s latching mechanism. Slowly, the bookcase inched to the right, revealing the lab entrance to the young agent.

When she reached the bottom, the motion sensor lights flicked on, revealing a spacious room that appeared to serve as the main lobby. Eyeing the name plates above the doors, Michelle found a room titled “Dan’s Office.” [Well that’s easy enough]. As she opened the office, she found herself in a simple room consisting of a single workstation, a bookcase, and a wall covered in notes and photos. [Even easier.] Turning on her recording device, Michelle approached the wall and saw in graphic detail just how guilty the man was. Across the wall were pictures of women in various stages of transformation. Like a “before and after” weight loss story on Instagram, these photos detailed the physical transformations of dozens of women, only they were gaining weight instead of losing it. One by one, each girl would start out as perfectly thin and healthy, only to be coated by new layers of fat in the following frames, gradually changing them into symbols of gluttony. [These poor women. He needs to be brought to justice.] Moving away from the pictures and towards the computer, Michelle took a seat at the desk and began running through the drawers. When she opened the top drawer, she found a large tablet and pulled it out, only to discover it did not use a passcode. [More evidence that this man is not a “genius.”] As the tablet unlocked, a video message immediately began to play, narrated by a voice she recognized from an interview she had studied during her mission prep.

“If you’re hearing this, then congratulations. You have found the person responsible for the outbreak that has made the world a much happier place.”

Michelle was unnerved.

“Though you are certainly not the first person they have sent to my estate, you are the first female, which means you have not yet been infected. Please know that you are perfectly safe and incredibly valuable to me, so just sit tight, we have much work to do.”

The screen went to black.

Before Michelle could react and escape, the office door slammed shut and a steel cage dropped from the ceiling, trapping the poor girl within its confines. Michelle tried using the cutting tools that came with her operations kit, but just as the blade hit the metal, an electric shock rendered her kit useless, leaving her temporarily stunned. The young Asian girl fell to the floor, hitting her head on the metal cage in the process. Dazed and paralyzed, she could only watch as a second cage made entirely of glass came hovering down, creating an air-tight container around the steel bars. Just as the container locked into place, the ground trembled as the floor began moving down. Michelle watched from the ground as the office walls moved further away from her as the cage sank into the earth. Traveling further down in a tunnel of darkness, the young special operations agent feared for what awaited below.
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Karenjenk 3 years
My favorite line:
"Michelle looked on in horror as she saw the monstrosity she had become."

I absolutely love this.
I wish the pace were slower but i realize its a fantasy work.

Love it!
Chrysophase2003 3 years
I do hope her mention of being too fat to walk is foreshadowing rather than hyperbole. Too big to move around in bed would be nice; as queen, she must not be outshined. smiley
SLDB 3 years
Thank you to everyone who provided constructive feedback on the previous stories. I think this entry will make a lot of you guys happy!