dangers of curiosity

chapter 1 - the date


I had always been a keen observer of the gainer community ever since I was young. I would look up pictures and videos of men who had deliberately fattened themselves and marvel at the transformations they went through. When I was younger I thought I wanted to gain, but I found my metabolism was much too fast, so I gave up and started trying to build muscle instead. I managed to maintain a toned and muscular body all throughout high school and college from constant visits to the gym and being on the swim team which kept me lean. All of my family said that I would finally gain weight when I started my office job, but I managed to keep a regular gym schedule despite the inconvenient hours.

I just started talking to John a week prior when I got back into my old habits of frequenting gainer sites. He seemed very kind and compassionate, which is what led to our date tonight. We both confessed that we were not very interested in gaining ourselves and he claimed that he was more of a stuffer, but that didn't seem to get in the way of how we felt for one another, or at least, I thought. He gave me very specific instructions, telling me not to eat all day before our dinner and to wear a fitted button down shirt, khakis, and a belt.

I got dressed as he instructed, choosing a blue checked shirt that showed off my physique nicely, but not to obviously. I took a second to admire myself in the mirror. I gazed at my dark hair and perfectly tanned skin which complimented my brown eyes. I had high cheekbones with a strong jawline to match. My strong chest and shoulders contrasted my small waist and thin hips nicely. I turned to the side and admired my round but pert rear which was highlighted by my slim fit khakis. I used to be self conscious of it's size but quickly found that it was a large asset with finding guys.

Once I finally get to the restaurant, I spot John sitting alone at a table with a bottle of wine and a menu in his hands. He looks even more gorgeous in person than in the pictures he sent me. He has brown hair, a little lighter than mine, blue green eyes, and a kind yet mischievous smile. His muscled and toned body is shown off by his slightly fitted pink button down shirt and slim khaki pants similar to mine. I start to get nervous but convince myself to walk over to introduce myself.

"Hello, you must be John." He looks up at me and smiles,

"Yes, it's so nice to finally meet you in person Thomas". He stretches his arm out and I take his hand to shake it. The grip of his large hand is strong, yet still gentle.

"You too," I say as I sit down, "Would you like to order some food?" My stomach punctuates the question with a growl as a have not eaten all day per John's request.

"Absolutely," he responds with an almost devilish smile.

I ordered a large bowl of creamy pasta with grilled chicken while got a piece of salmon. I had not been on many dates so I wasn't entirely sure how small talk worked, but John was surprisingly good at it. I learned that he is 29, seven years older than me, and comes from a fairly wealthy family which he works for the company of. I was slightly embarrassed to tell him about my family, which is extremely middle class, but I felt no judgement from him when I did.

"So what do you do for a living?" he asked

"I just finished college and started working for an insurance company. The hours are fairly inconsistent but not that bad," I responded

"You obviously can still find time for the gym" he teased. I felt flattered by his comment, but before I could respond, our food arrived.

I dug in almost immediately when the waiter put my plate on the table. The scent of the pasta was irresistible and my empty stomach couldn't wait any longer. I noticed that John was taking his meal at an unnaturally slow pace and seemed to keep looking at me but I disregarded it due to my hunger. For some reason I seemed to completely forget how we met.
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BulkBrit 2 years
I think it’s well written and I am eager to see how this story pans out.

Please keep going
Neverfound 2 years
Please give me feedback/suggestions, this is my first story and I do have a plan for it but I would love to hear what you would like to see.