dark revelations

Chapter 1 - introductions

Don sat at the end of a bar sipping on a rum and coke on a typical Tuesday night waiting for something interesting to happen. The bartender was friendly enough company and the other regulars were some of his favorites to people watch, but as he was chatting with the bartender, Don noticed a woman walking up to the opposite end of the bar. He didn't recognize her, and he knew this was a woman whose looks he couldn't forget.
Her large thighs were tight against the denim of her jeans and her hips and bubble butt were hugged snugly by the straining waistband of her pants. Resting atop her shapely bottom was a mini muffin top with doughy enough love handles to squeeze. Her belly pushed slightly against her button up shirt which seemed to be just one size too small, and struggled to contain her large breasts that seemed to be begging to bust a button off for a breather. Her roundish face had soft features and chubby cheeks that were framed by her long, dark, curly hair. She ordered a long island ice tea and began sipping it as she took a look around her at the bar.
A basket of nachos slid into her view, brought over to her by the bartender.
"From the gentleman at the end of the bar. Enjoy"
She looked over at Don and took a bite from a deliciously cheesy tortilla chip, winking as it crunched between her teeth. Don smiled back at her, satisfied that he made the right call with his gift. She motioned that he take the seat next to her, and he happily obliged.
"Thank you for getting me a little something to munch on as we drink the night away. Always makes it more relaxing. Mr..."
"I'm Don. I'm glad you appreciate it missus..."
"Angela. The pleasure is all mine"
Don spent a good few minutes admiring Angela's generous curves as she munched on her nachos. He thought that she could be worth investing a little time and money into, maybe even put a few extra pounds on her. Or even more than that. Angela was just happy that her physique continued to pay off for her as she enjoyed the attention and the free snacks and drinks Don so willingly provided. After a little more than an hour of chatting and light snacking, Don suggested they go to a late night diner for some coffee and anything else they might want. Not wanting to refuse the continuing offer of free stuff, Angela happily joined him.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
Ch. 1 is a good start. I want to know more about the characters’ backgrounds.