date night

chapter 1

The perfect Miss Punzel sauntered playfully up behind Mr. Fuzzy while he was attending the simmering sauce. He lifted the lid of the crockpot, releasing a fragrant plume of steam and filling the kitchen with the aroma of tomato, spice, and wine. Her purple dress fluttered as she wiggled her hips, mischievously preparing to pounce. She batted his curly, gray-brown ponytail in her finest impression of a kitten. He chuckled quietly and called her a cutie.

He brought a big, wooden spoonful of the sauce up, blowing gently to cool it. After a small sip, he held the spoon out for her to sample. The two blew on the steaming marinara, looking flirtatiously into each other's eyes. He brought a taste to her lips, an adorable sight, and listened with satisfaction to her heartfelt: "Mmmm." He asked if she was hungry, or if she wanted to watch another episode before he put on the noodles. He held up a piece of bowtie pasta to his collar, declaring: "Bowties are cool."

She asked him to start on the main course, taking the spoon from him so as to take over the savory sauce. He gave her an affectionate squeeze and set to work. While he cooked she entertained him with poses, sometimes flirty and sometimes silly, such as when she pretended the spoon was a microphone. He called her 'princess,' 'diva,' and 'baby girl.' Her blushing was a sight to behold.

When the meal was ready he seated her at the dining table like a gentleman. He served her a portion just to her liking; the 'baby-bear' just right amount. Bowtie pasta with rich homemade marinara and Italian sausage was topped with parmesan. He tucked a napkin into her shirt, and poured a glass of wine for her. They enjoyed the dinner part of their dinner-date, everything had come out perfectly. When she was finished, she rested her hands on her tummy and sighed contentedly in a way he found irresistibly charming.

She led him by the hand back into the living-room. They held each other for a moment before he asked if he was taking good-enough care of her. She said that he was positively pampering her, just the way she liked. She squeezed him tight as he held her tenderly around the shoulders. He felt the tension in her shoulders and upper back, so he set about working the aches out of her with strong but gentle hands. He massaged her shoulders; kneaded with his fingers down, an inch at a time, to her lower back while she cooed and sighed. She thanked him and he asked what more he could do to make her happy.

She stood on her tip-toes for a moment, moving her sweet, pretty face a few inches closer to his; though he still towered over her. She whispered for him to curl up with her, she needed cuddling. He happily obeyed. He led her to the couch and settled in, lengthwise with his back towards the wall. She snuggled in with him, her face resting on his neck and chest. They didn't say anything for a bit, instead they savored the feel of one another. He wasn't entirely muscle, with some chub around his middle. He had fine strong legs, broad shoulders, and comfortingly strong arms. Her legs were similarly strong, if feminine and plush. She was a sumptuous form of soft all over, as luxurious to cuddle as she was lovely to look upon.

He looked at her and thought that her precious cheeks may as well have "kiss me" written on them. He asked permission, shyly, and she presented her cheek for his lips. He requested to touch her nose with his, a gesture that she thought was adorable; they scrunched up their noses and had a silly little "nose kiss." She ran her fingers over his beard, then tugged at it gently. He teased her forehead and cheek with it, sending her into a giggling fit. She buried her head in his chest and asked him to caress her. His hands traced slow, gentle arcs over her back, shoulders, arms and sides. She slid her hand up to his ponytail and, with his permission, undid the band that kept his hair up. His hair was long enough to flow down to his shoulders and she played with it, running her fingers through his locks while he held, squeezed, and massaged her.

They remained curled up for a long while before she rolled over and they turned Netflix back on. As they watched a blue-haired little Scandinavian girl have magical adventures, Punz felt like she was having a magical little adventure of her own.
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