date with a naga

chapter 1

He jolted awake in a cold sweat, from an unsettling dream where he was slowly descending down a dark tunnel which got narrower as he went; narrow enough that he thought it had been squeezing him. It left him feeling disoriented; he realized that what had caused it was the blankets had wrapped around his legs somehow. That was funny, he wasn't normally one to toss and turn in his sleep. Trying to ground himself, he recalled the last few hours of the previous evening- he had found a fascinating woman on a dating app, and after over a month of talking they had finally met up in person. They'd hit it off fairly well. They had come to feel so comfortable about talking with each other beforehand, that even talking about sex hadn't seemed intrusive or awkward. They had hopped from a cafe to two different bars in town, and she had invited herself back to his place. One of the traits he really liked about her was that she was surprisingly blunt about what she wanted; and she'd made it clear that she wanted him very early on. And he wanted her, too, so they had started an older movie together in his room and then had lost track of time after that, in each other's warm embrace. It had all gone as well as he could have hoped for when he'd left work that day.
He looked to his side for his date, but everything was too dark. He reached a hand over but he only felt a pillow. Was she in the bathroom? He focused on his legs and the thought struck him: No wait, those aren't blankets. He tried moving his legs- they were legitimately stuck. But they were bent upward, many inches above the bed, almost at a right angle from his hips. The blankets weren't remotely thick enough to pile up like that. They didn't feel like blankets, either, they felt . . . oddly firm. He took the hand that had felt for her and reached down, and pulled it back almost as quickly. The thing around both his legs was huge, bulky, and fairly smooth to the touch. He tried kicking again and reached down to where his legs were tucked in, asking himself: what the hell in this apartment could this possibly be? As smooth as it was, there was a slight, consistent bumpiness to its texture. He jumped a little when he heard her voice in the pitch black: "Oh, you're up earlier than I would have thought." He furrowed his brow and asked into the darkness:
"Where are you?!"
"I'm right here," she said mischievously. It sounded like she was right at the foot of the bed.
"I'm . . . ugh . . . I'm stuck inside something," he said, trying and failing to kick.
"I know," she answered.
"What?!" he asked, "Can you help me out here?"
"What for?" she asked back with a giggle. He relaxed a little, starting to sort out in his mind what she was up to, although he still wasn't exactly happy about it.
"Wait. You did this?" he asked, and her response was only more giggling. He sighed in frustration and let his head lie back on the pillow. "What is this thing?"
"It's a . . . it's part of who I am," she told him. He scoffed.
"Gee, thank you for that cryptic answer."
"I know, I'm sorry, I didn't want to wake you up . . . I didn't even necessarily plan on doing this tonight, but . . . I just felt so comfortable and easy around you so quickly. I felt like, the things I'd normally wait to tell someone about if I'm going to get together with them, didn't need putting off with someone like you. There's something really special about you." He could tell she was being sincere and blushed a little.
"So what, is this some sort of kink thing? A restraint?"
"Kind of," she said, "is that okay?"
"It's fine, but don't be initiating shit when I'm still sleeping. What is it? And when am I gonna get out of it?" She didn't immediately answer, and he started struggling to free himself again, though not very hard. "How did you even get . . . whatever this thing is in here without my noticing? It feels huge."
"Hah, you'd be surprised how easy it is to, uh, store."
I need some damn coffee before I'm ready for these weird riddles, he told himself as he relaxed again and tried to think. "Wait, is it like a tube? Is it some sort of inflatable toy or something?" he asked. Again came that giggle of hers, which was so infectious that it made it hard to stay angry at her.
"Not exactly," she hinted. That theory didn't even add up in his mind anyways; it felt way too solid to be filled with air. But for god's sake, it had to be 3:00 in the morning, and here he was trying to think straight.
"So what are you planning on doing with it in the middle of the night like this?" he asked. "I don't know if I have the energy for-"
"Don't worry about having energy for anything," she insisted. Now she was crawling over his legs and whatever it was that bound them, and then her hands were planted on either side of his shoulders and he could feel her breath above his face as she loomed. "On the contrary, all I want you to do is relax."
The way she talked was entirely soothing and calm, and yet something didn't add up in his brain. What's wrong about this? he asked himself. He stared into the darkness where her face was, and she then bent to kiss his ear- a long, impassioned kiss, one that seemed to take up a lot of the side of his head. It covered more of his skin than what should have been possible, and he asked himself, does she just have a huge mouth? The thing encircling the lower part of his body gave him a squeeze somehow, and it made him uncomfortable briefly. It was starting to move in a circle across his skin, and he didn't know how she could be doing that if she was still supported by her hands above him, even as she backed off away from his face, caressing his chest with a hand. It registered to him more quickly that the hand touching him also felt big-- bigger than his. He was wondering if he was altered somehow and didn't know it, if she had put something in his drink earlier, because this was getting stranger. The thing that she had his legs by continued spinning slowly around him, and she just told him, "take nice, deep breaths," and suddenly an equally-large tongue was giving his cock a warm massage as she added, "I'm going to eat you."
Suddenly letting her get away with whatever fetish she had didn't seem objectionable to him; he lied back and breathed deeply, as instructed, and really started to smile. In a flash his attitude went from "this chick is fucking weird" to "this is the best night I've had all year." It was easier and easier to ignore that anytime he felt any part of her mouth or head, it felt too big, and the hands that fondled his upper body were also outsized. None of it mattered as those happy sensations washed over him in waves over and over, building on each other gradually. And even when he could have detected the tongue that was lapping him feeling like it was swelling, he ignored it because it was feeling better and better. It was so long that it wrapped a few times around his member in a spiral, covering it, wet and strong in her large mouth. But it stopped as she said, "you taste so good." Her big toy (or whatever it was) was still wrapping around him, and in a second was now clenching around either side of his cock, which was starting to beg for release.
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GrowingLoveH... 2 years
You mix horror and erotica so well. I love your writing.