deal with the devil

chapter 1 - the bargain

The devil wasn't at all what Blake expected. For one it was a woman, or at least in the form of a woman. Secondly, he would have never expected to find the devil sitting on what could only described as a throne, in the back of a seedy night club, in Kansas City of all places.

He also expected the devil to take the form of someone with a perfect body, to be incredibly handsome or stunningly beautiful. While the devil's olive skin was flawless, with a beautiful face and piercing eyes, she was also fat. He estimated her to be close to 300 pounds. She sat in her thrown wearing a black corset with huge breasts spilling out of the top. She had a round fat belly that bulged out the bottom of it. She looked to be wearing a thong, black thigh-highs and heels. She looked tall, about 6 feet. Her nails were bright red and pointy, almost like claws. Her lips were full and red. Her eyes as blue as the sea. Her hair was long, dark and flowing.

There was a young, plump woman dressed in nothing but a thong with black pasties on her breasts that was serving her confections from a silver tray. The devil took a large chocolate off the tray, plopped it into her mouth, and then dismissed the girl.

The Devil, "You have found me. When men go to all the trouble of finding me they obviously want something from me. What do you want?"

Her voice intimidated Blake. In fact, there was something about it, something about how it pierced right through him that scared him.

Blake, "My wife, well now my ex-wife left me for another man. I want her punished."

The Devil, "Oh yes I know her, Maddy. She is stunningly beautiful. A body that most women can on dream of having. Like a model. I can see why you are so angry and bitter to have lost her. You hate her now. You want her to pay for hurting you, don't you?"

Blake, "Yes."

The Devil, "How do wish her to be punished?"

Blake, "I want her to be fat. I want her perfect body buried under a layer of soft fat and I don't want her to be able to do anything about it."

The Devil, "Do you want her to be as fat as me?"

The Devil snapped her fingers and all of sudden she was naked, her belly spilled out between her big legs, her fat breasts resting atop it.

This shocked Blake, but he regained his composure and responded, "Yes, as fat as you. I want her to wake up in the morning as fat as you."

The Devil smiled fiendishly, "I can't do that. If she wakes up tomorrow morning as fat as I am, it would make the news. People would call it some sort of a miracle. I don't do visible miracles. I like to work in the shadows."

Blake, "What can you do then?"

The Devil, "I can make her a glutton. I can make her engorge herself every day. I can make her get fatter and fatter as time goes on. I can make her obsessed with eating. After all, gluttony is one of my favorite sins."

The Devil then grabbed her belly, lifted it and dropped it with a smack against her throne.

Blake, "Yes, I would like you do that."

The Devil, "You know what that means for you don't you?"

Blake, "Yes."

The Devil, "You enter into this agreement willingly and of your own free will?"

Blake, "Yes."

The Devil stood, took Blake by the hand and guided him to a book of names on a table. She handed him a pen and said, "All you have to do is sign your name."

As the Devil leaned over him, her breasts literally resting on his shoulders, Blake took the pen and wrote his name in the book.

At that exact moment, literally the second Blake touched the pen to the book, Maddy woke and sat up in bed. She crawled out of bed so as not to wake her boyfriend Aaron up. There was a hunger inside of her stronger than she had ever known as she walked outside to her car. She didn't even bother with shoes, all she had on was a long t-shirt in the chilly night air. She got in her car and drove to Taco Bell, the closest all-night drive through.

Thirty minutes later she had eaten a Nacho Bell Grande, 2 burritos, and 3 tacos. She was so full that she could not even move as she lay on the couch already thinking about what she would eat next.
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Krollmeister 4 years
"killed by what he lusted for" like that little twist ending you had there
Silverapathy 4 years
Please continue this!!, so good. I love that shes addicted. Maybe he can make her shakes or offer to make her lunch/dinner so he can stay longer? Or if he doubles how much he brings he can stay more
Growingsofter 4 years
Aquarius64 4 years
Chapter 4 is repeated twice on the same page.
Aquarius64 4 years
What’s a pasty? Where I come from it’s a type of savoury pie, for example, a cheese and potato filling wrapped up in puff pastry. When it’s cooked it does not need to be put in a tin. A Cornish pasty traditionally would be a meat and vegetable mix at one
Theswordsman 4 years
I love the irony of the situation