decisions and consequences

Chapter 1 - the decision

Decisions and Consequences

Carl is 45 years old and he has been living with me for 4 years. In that time, he has completely come under my spell. He loves the care I provide, and he doesn’t have to lift a finger, All he has to do is eat. He is my latest feedee.

Carl has been a good feedee. 4 years ago when he moved in, he was an athletic 175 pounds. Today he is taking his after lunch nap. I fed him into another food coma. Oops!!
He is laying in bed, peacefully sleeping wearing only a diaper. The scale on the bed silently reads 751.6 pounds. Carl can’t see the scale and I hide his weight from him intentionally.

Carl has a triple chin that completely covers his neck. His breasts would barely fit in the largest bra i can find online if i felt he neeed to be dressed. His belly has two sections and they have angry stretch marks that shows how gluttonous he has been. His belly almost covers his knees.

While he is sleeping, i start cooking his dinner. It will be a massive meal that will help him get a good nights rest. For dinner i am cooking him 5 steaks, 12 baked potatoes with bacon and cheese, a pan of baked beans, a pan of collards, a dozen rolls, a chocolate cake and a cheesecake. All washed down by a case of his favorite beer.

I see that Carl is starting to wake up, a little earlier then I wanted.

“Good afternoon baby! Did you sleep well?” I say seductively as i rub his belly.
He grunts as he is waking up, and says “I need to talk to you honey.”
“About what?” I ask, genuinely surprised.
“I think I am done gaining. I know what our deal was when I moved in, and I have loved every second, but I am done.” Carl said, breathless from talking so much.

I am very angry and I am silent for a while, thinking.

Finally, I say “You remember our deal. If you want to quit gaining weight you can, but you can’t stay here with me. You will have to leave. I will make you a deal. If you agree to leave now, I will give you your walker, $1000 dollars cash and a cab ride to wherever you decide to go. I refuse to help you lose an ounce! Now if you change your mind, dinner is ready and I am ready to feed it to you.”

Carl starts to cry. I hear his tummy rumble.
“So what will it be skinny? Are you getting out of bed or am I feeding you the dinner I prepared for you?
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BeSoft 2 years
He was stupid! This is definitely the best way to live. Being fattened by a FFA's hands doing nothing but laying on a bed whole day and eating constantly.
BootyProotie 2 years
Best story I've read in a while already.
Anditsallabo... 2 years
If Carl IS still mobile enough to waddle away with the aid of his walker and if he really IS intent on losing weight the obvious solution is to forcibly restrain and detain him until that is no longer an option for him, making sure he has no technological
Southernman421 2 years
Wish I was Carl. I'd be ready for that dinner.
Tigerlily33 2 years
Let me know what you think and how should I treat Carl from here forward?