chapter 1

Day 1:
It happened in the night, all over the country, all over the world. Where once there was nothing, now there was Delectable. Nobody knew where it came from, and nobody knew what it was going to do, at least, not until it was too late.

When Allie woke up on that first day, the news about Delectable was already starting to break. All over twitter, women were raving about this new delicious product they'd found, and men were complaining that it didn't live up to the hype.
"That's strange," Allie thought, as she scrolled through her phone, still under the covers, but she didn't think much about it. Probably just some internet fad that would pass before the day was out.
She stretched mightily and swung out of bed. Allie had a pretty good figure. She always ate well and went to the gym regularly. She would hardly call herself a health nut, but she did what she could to keep in shape. She didn't have abs by any means, and in fact, if she didn't suck in, sometimes belly would poke over the waist of her tightest yoga pants, but it was her weighty boobs and round ass that most people focused on as she walked down the street anyway, so she didn't care.
She got dressed, combed her chocolate hair, and set out on a fresh new day. Little did she know, that this day was the day that would start a new chapter of her life, and of most lives.

Day 7:
By the seventh day, it was apparent that Delectable was more than a passing fad. More and more people were raving about it online, and convincing their friends to try it. Even some celebrities began endorsing it. Still, most men found it mediocre at best, and disgusting at worst, and women under eighteen shrugged it off as 'only okay'. No one could figure out how to get in touch with the manufacturers to ask them if this was intentional, so people just assumed it was. Feminist leaders claimed the product as a 'drink for women' and urged people to try it.
But still, on that seventh day, despite all the hubbub, Allie still hadn't purchased a bottle. It wasn't that she wasn't curious, in fact, she was meaning to try it, but she was lazy by nature, and she hadn't made it out to the store. And so, when she was offered some, she was more than willing to take a sip.
She was at a party when it happened. Allie hadn't been able to afford to go to college, but most of her friends were Juniors at Harnesstown University, so Allie spent a lot of her time at parties on campus. On day seven, the party was in the dorm of a guy named Josh, who was a friend of a friend.
"You hear about this delectable thing?" Josh asked, sipping a warm beer.
"How could I miss it? It's all over the internet." Allie replied.
"It's not all it's cracked up to be."
"Well they say it only tastes good to us ladies."
"Yeah, how do you think they do that?"
Allie shrugged, "You're asking the wrong person. Ask Rachel, she's majoring in like, brain chemistry, right?"
As if on cue, Allie's friend Rachel appeared over Josh's shoulder. "You rang?" she asked, in her burbling voice. Rachel was a pale girl with a round face. Rounder than usual, Allie thought, but who was to say? She was nicely filling out a floral patterned dress, and holding a red cup full of punch.
"Yeah," Allie said, "You know Delectable?"
Rachel's eyes grew wide, "I love the stuff! Have you had it, Allie?"
"I haven't."
"You should try some! It's the drink for women, you know."
"Yeah, I've been meaning to."
"Hey, Rachel," Josh interrupted, "We were wondering why it only tastes good to ladies."
Rachel shrugged, "Hell if I know. Come on Allie, I've got some in the car," she dragged her friend toward the door, "You can come too, Josh, if you want."
"Nah, I'll stay here."

Allie shivered in the parking lot as Rachel fiddled with her keys.
"No that's not it," the pale girl muttered as she sorted through the key ring.
"Hey, Rach, Why do you have a bottle of it in your car?" Allie asked, rubbing her arms.
"I stopped by the grocery store on the way here. I finished off my supply in class today."
"Really? You drank a whole liter of the stuff in just a week?"
Rachel laughed, "Allie, I think you're underestimating how good this stuff tastes."
"What are you saying?"
"I'm saying I drink a bottle a day!"
Suddenly, her friend's rounder face made sense, and Allie noticed that the floral dress was being filled out even better than when she'd last seen Rachel wear it. Her curves seemed to have been amplified just the tiniest bit. "Are you sure that that's healthy?"
Rachel shrugged, "Who cares? We all die some day."
Allie's retort was cut off by a triumphant cry from her friend, and the car door swinging open. Rachel drew out a liter bottle of what seemed to be lavender-colored milk. "Here it is, baby," Rachel whispered, unscrewing the cap, and pouring some of the bottle's contents into a plastic cup. "Here, try it."
Allie took the cup warily and put it to her lips. At first, she thought it tasted good, but nothing to write home about, and then in settled on her tongue. Her pupils dilated. She didn't care what was happening to Rachel's body. She didn't care why it tasted so good. She just knew it did. And she knew she wanted more.
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