delicously dispicable

  By Njn

chapter 1: introduction

She was the one for the task,
Yes, she was.

Beautiful supple peach skin, long flowing ginger hair, and eyes like shinning blue sapphires. The young beauties name was Ashley, she was 21 years old and worked as a veterinary assistant in the crowded city of Mae.

“What time is it?” Ashley questioned as she awoke from her slumber, tugging her Pajama pants up.
Dayle yawned and replied “It’s almost 8, you have work soon. Go get dressed and I’ll make you some eggs and bacon.”

Ashley was a petite girl, standing at 5’ 2” and weighing 115 pounds, and described to be very conscious about her appearance. Her boyfriend Dayle could recall many hours he begrudgingly stood outside the bathroom, tapping his toe and checking the time while Ashley would be staring into the mirror and checking that everything was perfect.
“A few more minutes babe.” She would often remark, never being the case.

“These eggs are delicious, what’s in them? Mmm, they just melt in your mouth.” She shoved in some bacon hurrying to get it down before she leaves.
“And this bacon, honey you are such a good cook. You always make busy work mornings so much easier.”

Dayle had been with Ashley for the last 2 months, they had met through mutual friends at a party. Dayle was tall, strong and best described as the athletic type. Long brown hair and dark tanned skin he spent his days working as a Gym attendant during the night. Friends and family would describe them as the perfect couple, although they had only been together for a few months, they were inseparable.

Dayle smiled while Ashley slipped on her shoes at the door “Here, I’ve made your iced coffee and lunch, it is just in your bag.” He kissed her forehead and passed her the cup.
“You better be off okay, I'll see you when you get home.”
“Okay, bye see you at 6:30”

Dayle walks back into the kitchen and smirks, cleaning his mess from breakfast. Empty containers littering the kitchen alongside various dirty utensils, tubs and of butter, bottles of oil, jugs of heavy cream, various powders and of course, big greasy pots and pans from the stove.

He peeked at his phone, opening up the last tab and smirking.

‘Weight gain peanut iced coffee. How to create the most tantalisingly coffee that helps you put on the pounds.
3 heaping scoops of weight gain powder
700 ml heavy cream
3 scoops of full-fat fudge ice cream
2 shots espresso
3 tablespoons of sugar
300 ml half and half
2 TBS of peanut butter

Blend and serve, 1000 calories guaranteed.’

He scrubbed the pot, chuckling “I hope you enjoyed your little coffee Ash, lunch will be even more delicious.”

You see, Dayle wasn’t an ordinary man, he was a werewolf, preying on young and vulnerable women to make as large as possible to fulfil his insatiable appetite. Ashley wasn’t his first victim and nor will she be the last.

Dayle had high hopes for Ashley, her blood smelt sweet and she had great growth potential. He planned to make her 350lb in the next 6 months. It wouldn’t be an easy task however, he had to hide his tracks.
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