demons and pigs: makayla

  By Wk23

Chapter 1 - 1.1: game on (kai's perspective)

We watch from the darkness of the woods as the two teenagers make their way through the complicated maze of trees, evidently lost. Humans rarely come this close to my domain without me, personally, luring them in. These poor kids must have been travelling close to one of the entrances and accidentally walked through. Although I don't know how "accidentally" you can stroll past a gleaming black portal. I wonder how long it will take for them to give up the pointless search for the end of the forest. It's a lot easier to get in than to get out. I smile to myself.
The boy is quite pretty, for a human: tall and muscular, with shinny blond hair and an angular face. Lightly tanned skin contrasting nicely with his simple black shirt and dark blue jeans. But he is not what caught my attention. The girl next to him is rather short, and looks even shorter next to the boy. Her long, golden hair is exactly the same tone as his - siblings, I suppose? -, but somehow seems more vivid as it dances in the breeze. Her eyes are nicely shaped and of a bright green colour, the kind of eyes display resolve proudly like a medallion, the kind that would be piercing if their owner had enough intelligence; this girl doesn't, I can feel in her mind. They - her eyes, that is - seem more foolishly self-righteous and spoiled than anything else, especially with that annoyed look that they have at the moment, although still stunning. The rest of her facial features can only be described as angelically symmetrical and overall angelic: cute nose, puffy lips, but, again, it is not the overall natural prettiness of her face that makes me stare, it is her body. She is wearing light brown, expensive looking trousers, across which the chubbiness of her thighs is evident; each one of them easily as thick as a big piece of ham. Her ass looks like it is right about to burst right through the garment, which is probably not a small size, I get the feeling. Her white, sleeveless blouse looks just as fancy and just as tight, hugging her ample love handles and leaving the fair skin of her wide, chubby arms exposed. Her belly is big and round, making her look as though she had swallowed a ball bigger than a basketball but smaller than a beach ball, with her belly bottom slightly visible through the shirt, although likely only because of my better-than-human sight. Her boobs are by far the most breathtaking part, though; they each look a bit smaller than the size of a cantaloupe and of a similar shape, so taut and big and round, a gold necklace hanging on top of them. She is very plump, not quite fat, but she looks like she has potential. I lick my lips; she's perfect.

"Fucking dammit!" she cries, that look of indignant annoyance bringing a terrible smile to my lips. I hadn't noticed that before, but her face, too, is very round, with chubby cheeks and a noticeable double chin. Adorably fat. "We have been walking for hours, and still this fucking jungle don't seem to get any smaller in any direction. We are super lost, Daniel. I'm fucking tired and hungry and cold. We should just find a spot to make a fire or something and just rest. We can continue this fucking journey in the morning."

Yep, spoiled, little rich girl. Her accent seems American, Southern. She also seems to really like the word "fucking." Heh.
The boy, Daniel, steps towards the piggish girl, looking as frustrated with her as with the situation. "First of all, this is a forest, not a jungle, Makayla," he says. She rolls her eyes; I snicker. "Second of all," he continues, "we cannot simply stop here. We have to find a tree low enough for us to climb so we can take refuge from the wolves and whatever else lives here, so stop being obnoxious and help me look, will you?"
"I am so not climbing a fucking tree," she protests.
"I know you aren't the most athletic person ever, but unless you want to become the main course for some animal out there, please just listen to me, for once in your life."
Oh, how right he was, except, of course, that a tree wouldn't save them. From the shadows of the trees, I watch their little exchange, an excited smile playing around my expression. Pyrette stands behind me, her wand in hand already, I notice a bit surprised. So efficient, my Pyrette, I don't even have to ask for her to do what I need her to. I smile warmly at her.

"You want her, don't you?" Pyrette asks with a malicious half smile of her own.

"Am I that obvious, Pyr?" I ask with a laugh.

"Yeah, pretty much." She pauses for a second, then continues playfully, "A girl-pig, eh? How long has it been since we had a decent meal? Like three whole weeks?" I laugh again.
"What do you want me to do with the boy, though?"

"You can keep him. Would it not make you happy to get rid of some of your chores?" I ask her in a joking tone.

She laughs, her eyes blazing orange. "Yes. Yes it would," she says, excited. "Now, let me make myself useful. I'll be right back, Kai." And, she is gone.
Two gasps of surprise and a noise like a bullet cutting through the air fill the night. A second later, there are two frozen humans inside a mine cart that had not been there before.
"That must be a record time," I tell Pyr as I walk forward.
"What can I say? I learned from the best," she replies while she studies her nails with an amused expression.
"Why a mine cart, though?" I laugh.
"I dunno," she shrugs.
I laugh again.
Pyrette always says that the house looks more like a mediaeval castle than a cottage in the woods, and I cannot quite disagree. The building is certainly imposing, with walls of black stone, large steel doors, and yes, even towers, the kind that one could imagine Rapunzel sticking her head out of. We are only missing a dragon. Still, it is not a castle. Well, I didn't intend to make it one, at least... I decide to place our guests up the west tower. The room is decently big and cozy looking. There is a large, royal looking, beige bed on one side and a comically gigantic wardrobe on the other. The floor and walls are adorned with ancient tapestries decorated with black runes similar to the ones marking my skin. There's a few other pieces of furniture here and there, a side table, a relatively modern desk with a chair to go with it, a body-length mirror outlined in gold, and a dark green sofa in the middle of the room. Pyrette gently places the two teenagers on the sofa before undoing the petrification spell.

"Who the fuck are you?" the plump girl screams the second she can move again, "I don't know what games you are playing, but you are going to let us go right, fucking now!"

I roll my eyes and snap my fingers. She immediately falls silent. "This will all go so much more smoothly if you just keep quiet for now. Let's begin with introductions, shall we? I am Kai Leng, your owner as of this day onwards. Me and my darling Pyrette" I say gesturing towards Pyr, who does a little theatrical bow, "are what you may call demons. We feed on human feelings and flesh. The reason you were brought here is because you" I point to the chubby girl, "seem exceptionally succulent. I will personally be feeding you until you have fattened enough for us to have proper meal from your meat." I turn my eyes towards the boy, "As for you, I am giving you as a present to Pyr. We couldn't just get your sister and leave you there, see?" I stop for a second, "She is your sister, right? Because this will be quite awkward otherwise... Well, I'm deviating from the point. As I was saying, Pyrette will be in charge of you, but how about you start by cooking something for your sister?" I turn towards Pyrette. "Pyr, can you show this charming, young man to the kitchen?" Pyr just shoots me an amused glance, raising her eyebrows. "Ah, wait. I do have to unfreeze them, don't I?" I snap my fingers again.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" the girl resumes her yelling. "The witch from Hansel and Gretel? You, two, have, like, serious mental issues. Besides, my dad is searching for me, and when he gets here, he's going to make you regret your fucking lives!"
"Makayla..." interjects the boy in a warning tone, blue eyes looking at me warily. Evidently he was sharper than her. You'd think that after being magically petrified and silenced she'd realise how dangerous her captors were, but I suppose that the fact evaded her mind. I smile.
"Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Daniel," she hisses at her brother, not taking her glance away from me.

I smile wider. She's feisty, just how I like them, much more fun to subjugate their wills. Is there anything that could make this pig more tempting?

"When my Dad gets here -" she resumes, scorching fury in her green eyes.

"He never will, darling. This place is enchanted, keeps undesired company away. Plus it's not like mere mortals would be any match for me should they happen across my door," I laugh and summon an orb of eerie green fire on my hand - almost the colour of her eyes, actually. Hm, interesting -, and fling out the window towards one of the very tall trees surrounding the castle (ok, ok, maybe it is a castle); it explodes into silvery powder. I hear Pyrette laugh amusedly. My two guests stare at me in astonishment, eyes wide and mouths hanging open. The girl had clearly not expected that. Youngsters these days don't believe in anything. In her stunned expression, her pink lips look plump and soft, like the rest of her, I notice. Looks like she can be more tempting. I continue with a smile, looking at the spot where the tree had been standing a few seconds ago, "As I was saying, mortals are no match for me."


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