dentist office

Chapter 1

You hated going to the dentist. I was always something you’ve hated since you were a child. They were always some old man who was too rough with the tools and then told you to go brush your teeth. Having just moved in to a new town you were expecting the same. It has been close to two years since you’d been. You reluctantly made an appointment to go after work. You walked in with the same expectation that you always have. Though when we looked around it seemed deserted. No one at the reception desk or in the waiting room.
“Hello?” You asked. You heard someone coming towards the lobby.
“Sorry about that. I was just having a snack and completely lost track of time.”
The woman in front of you was a short brunette in her mid 20’s. She was quite chubby thought not quite fat. She kept having to pull down her shirt as it was riding up on her belly. The pants seeming to stretch at the size of her ass.
“H- Hey I’m her for my appointment” you stuttered. In disbelief of the woman in front of you.
“Alright. You’re my last one for the day. Let’s head on back” she said. “My names Alice. I know you’re a new patient here. How long has it been since you’ve been to the dentist?” She said with a perky attitude.
“We’ll it’s been a couple years. I’m new in town and thought I should come in a do a check up. Are you normally this empty in here?” You relied.
“In the afternoons yes.” Alice replied, “in the mornings and lunch time we’re busier. Though I’m not usually here for lunch time. My coworkers handle it during that time.”
“Where are your coworkers at now?”
You asked.
“They’ve all gone home. I wanted to be the one to greet you since it’s your first appointment with us. Being the dentist and all means I need to set a good impression on first time patients. The hygienists normally take care of people for the first little bit, but I always make sure to check in with everyone.” Alice said.

You sat down in the chair and Alice began leaning it back.
“So what do you do for work?” Alice asked.
“I’m just an accountant. I look and a screen and crunch numbers all day. Nothing too exciting.” You replied.
Alice walked over to the count to grab a couple tools. She dropped the small mirror on the ground.
“Damn it.” She exclaimed as she bent over to pick it up. You could’ve help but stare. Her pants seemed to strain as her behind stretched them out. You knew it wasn’t right to stare but it was too perfect.
“You like what you see or something?” Alice asked. You broke your gaze and noticed that she was staring right back at you.
“Oh- I’m- look I didn-“ you tried to explain before she interrupted.
“Hey. I don’t mind,” Alice said as she stood up and turned around. “At least let me get my work done before you try to hit on me alright?”
“I- Ok.” You said.
She walked over and began working. She asked you about your job and where your from. You talked to her the best you could through the tools being worked around in your mouth.
“Ok let me grab one more thing and we should be done.” Alice said.
As she walked out of the room you were debating with yourself on asking her out. She was just your type of girl.

As she walked back in the room you noticed her belly showing underneath her shirt. It seemed to be a couple sizes too small for her. She must have noticed how much you were staring.
“Oh so you like bellies too?” Alice asked. “Well I guess that’s good for me.” She gave a sly grin as she said this.
“Uh- I- I guess I do yeah.” You stammered. You weren’t sure how to go about this. You knew you wanted her but you’d only just met. You figured you might as well ask her out to lunch.
“Um. Would you want to go out to dinner sometime?” As you asked this your voice came out a little less confidant than you wanted.
“I wouldn’t be opposed. That’s if you can handle all this.” As Alice replied she began to lift her shirt. She revealed a chubby belly that hung off her body nicely, along with a large said of boobs resting on top. She walked over and grabbed your hand, pressing it against her stomach. You were speechless. This was like a dream come true. You began to massage it a press in to it. It was perfect. Suddenly she pushed your hand away.
“Don’t get too ahead of yourself. You’ve got plenty of time to play with it. Now how about dinner?” She said slipping her shirt back on.
“So it’s a date then?” You asked.
“Sure! Sounds good to me” she replied. “I’ll go change into something a little more comfortable.”
“Do you have a preference on where to eat?” You asked.
“There’s a great burger place down the road. I love to eat there during lunch.” She replied.
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