destructive behaviors

chapter 1

Sally ran down the stairs, slamming the door behind her. She jumped into her Honda and tore out of the driveway. She was furious with her husband Ned. She was angry that she worked so hard to keep her figure and Ned seemed to have little or no interest her sexually. He had to work to get aroused to make love to her and now she could not take it anymore.

Sally drove down the highway out of the city. She was crying, upset and wanting to get even, but how. Then it dawned on her. She would show Ned, by ruining her figure, letting herself go and getting totally FAT. That would fix him. It made her mad that Ned had quite a beer gut on him, though she really liked his belly, she thought she had to stay fit and trim and it was making her crazy.

Sally had driven nearly 100 miles when she spotted a sign for a motel a few miles off the interstate. She exited and drove to a cute little motel. She pulled up and went into the office.

A pleasant, plump, young women looked up from a donut she was eating, and quickly swallowed. “May I help you miss?” she smiled. “Yes,” Sally responded, “ I would like a room for a month, with a kitchenette, if you have any”. The young women smiled, “We do have kitchenettes in all of room actually. How about the room at the end, near the pool?” she asked smiling again. Sally thought that would be perfect. “Yes Please, here is my credit card.”

The front desk girl’s name was Ann. Sally asked, “Is the restaurant next door any good?” Ann giggled, “Yes it is really good, but” “But what,” asked Sally. Ann smiled, “Well the portions are huge, the owner caters to the truckers and they like lots of food, and mostly comfort food, if you know what I mean.” Sally smiled, thinking to herself, perfect! Ann said, “I would be careful if you eat there often, I have gained about twenty pounds in just a couple of months and I only eat one meal a day there!”

Sally took another look at Ann, she did not notice before, but Ann’s jeans were unsnapped and her shirt was riding up on a pretty good little belly.

“I’m not worried Ann, I think the place will be just fine.” Replied Sally. “I need to do some shopping, is there some place to get some clothes and groceries?” “Yes, there is Sally, just down the interstate one exit only about five miles there is a Wal-Mart with everything you need.” Said Ann.

Sally went over the room. I was small but nice and clean with a cute little kitchenette, queen bed, table, chair, television and cable box.

Sally hopped back in her car and drove to Wal-Mart. She picked some bikini panties, bras, a bikini swimsuit, some sweats and t-shirts. She then loaded up on groceries, filling the cart with rich junk food and prepared meals. The clerk who checked her out asked how many people she was feeding, Sally giggled and replied, “Oh just one!” and winked at the overweight clerk.

Sally quickly unloaded her stash and went over to the restaurant. It was called the Bar-X, it was old, but in good repair and clean.

Sally sat in a booth, she looked around, most if not all the patrons were quite heavy if not obese and all of the waitresses were big too. She smiled to herself, this place is perfect.

When Sally left home she was 5’2” and weighted 110 lbs. Sally started looking at the menu, a plump waitress came up, her name tag said Melody on it. She smiled and asked Sally what she would like.

“I am really hungry tonight, Melody what would you recommend?” Sally asked. “Well I would have the lasagna it is huge, but you look like you are watching your figure, you might just want to order a salad here” she replied. “Well I am watching my figure, but in a different way from now on,” giggled Sally.
“I’ll have a double order of lasagna, with a salad and bleu cheese dressing, extra please, a large order of garlic bread and a double chocolate shake, please.”

Melody, giggled too. “Well ok then, by the way the shakes are bottomless, here.”

She walked away to place the order. Sally reached down and unsnapped her low rise jeans and un-zipped them.

Soon Melody was struggling to the table with Sally’s huge meal. She laid it out and smiled, “Enjoy!”

Sally just dug in eating as fast as she could. She new she had to get as much down as fast as she could before she felt to full. She ate all of the first plate, half of the second, all of the garlic bread, had two refills on her shake and all of the salad, with nearly a whole cup of bleu cheese dressing.

Melody came over to clear. She could not help but noticing how bloated Sally was. She asked, “You ok?”

Sally smiled and leaned back rubbing her distended tummy under her shirt. “Yeah, BURRRRP, I’m ok. Excuse me, I haven’t eaten like this in a while, it may take me sometime to get used to it.”

Melody asked “Ann at the motel told me that there was a young women staying there for a month, is that you?” Sally looked up, “yes Melody, that’s me.” “Then are you going to be eating here everyday for a whole month?” asked Melody. Sally giggled, patted her bulging tummy, “Yes Melody, I will be in at least three times a day.” Melody, leaned down close to Sally, “I hope you have some larger clothes, because you will need them very soon if you eat here that often!” Sally giggled, “That’s what I was hoping.” Lifting up her shirt to show off her bloated tummy. Melody giggled, “I wore maternity panties for several weeks I got so fat when I started here!” “Oh Good Idea!” Sally giggled Sally paid the bill and tipped Melody very well and staggered back to her room.

She peeled off the constricting jeans and shirt. She stood in front of the full length mirror in her now tight bra and panties, patting her distended belly. “I’ll fix that Ned, I will be huge and so fat the next time he sees me I will look ten months pregnant with triplets!” she thought.

Sally took off her bra and pulled on a t-shirt and climbed into bed. She slept for four hours waking up around 2:00AM. She used the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror scratching her belly, she thought, “I did not have desert tonight.” She had noticed that the Bar-X was a twenty-four hour restaurant. She giggled pulled on her jeans and some flip-flops and when over to the Bar-X.

Melody was still on duty. She was munching on some pecan pie with a side of ice cream and a shake. She looked up and smiled when she saw Sally walk in.

Sally slid up on a stool next to Melody. “What’s good for desert around here?” she giggled. Melody smiled, “This pecan pie and ice cream are to die for and wash it down with a shake, it is really “filling” if you know what I mean.” Patting her bloated belly. “Oh that sounds wonderful!” replied Sally.

So Melody and Sally sat eating ice cream, milk shakes and pies for over an hour. Both of them were now stuffed. Sally started to pay and Melody, said, “No that was on the house, you should have had desert with your dinner.” “Oh thanks, that’s really great of you Mel” replied Sally. She struggled off the stool, nearly getting a head rush she was so full.

Sally staggered back to her room. Peeled off the now un-comfortably tight jeans and admired her bloated belly in the mirror. “I am going to get so huge and fat here!” she thought rubbing her engorged belly.
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