chapter 1 - diana

Diana was a college sophomore with a major in history. She was 21, 5' 5" (165 cm) and always slightly chubby. Her usual weight used to be 150 lbs (68 kg), but not eating properly since she left home, and having to deal with the stresses of this coming-of-age experience, she quickly put on the freshman 15.

Thanks to her parents, she had a condo, and partly thanks to this she gained a few friends, with whom she would often hang out and relax there. They were usually having a few drinks and smoking weed, which always gave her the munchies, and considerably more so than her friends, thanks to her inherent nature. She was always a big eater. After they had some especially good stuff, she always ate so much, that it'd make her sick. She craved greasy junk food and always felt hungry even after eating herself so full, she had to unbutton her pants.

She began to feel more and more unconfortable in her skin each time they were hanging out in the mall, watching some movies, shopping,... Her friends started teasing her, and telling her she should at least go to a gym or something, because her weight was getting out of hand. She even had to buy herself some new clothes, because she was growing out of even her biggest pants. They'd always get some fast food at a McDonalds, but she'd only eat a salad and a Coke Zero. Little did she know that thanks to the dressing and the serving size, the salad was more fattening than the burgers.

After some time she started noticing that her belly pushed tighter and tighter against the table when they were sitting in a small booth at the restaurant. Her fat rolls parted in a way that the table has pushed more than an inch between two of them. It was getting harder to stuff herself inside, but she could't choose the chairs, because they were too small and she was embarrassed to sit on them as her wide behind would bulge from the sides. Besides, they were too flimsy anyway.

Winter, and the end of her third semester came quickly. She was more nervous than ever as her exams were nearing and she only became more concerned, when her parents called her about thanksgiving. The last time they saw her, they were not too happy about the weight she put on, but since then, she has passed 200 lbs. She tried to loose weight, but all she could achieve was not to gain more.

Her flight home was uncomfortable, as she could barely squeeze herself in that tiny airplane seat. She felt the handrails pushing into her sides and her thighs would fill all the room, even in front of her. There wasn't any food served on the plane and she was becoming increasingly hungry.

She took a cab home, and had an ever worsening case of the jitters as they were rolling on the road where she used to play growing up. Her parents knew she's put on some weight, but still. They were a bit shocked to see her. She didn't eat much at the dinner table, even though she was extremely hungry by then. After her small meal, and some health talk from her parents, and family, she went into her old room to lay down. The room looked exactly like when she left. She sat on the bed, which was creaking under her weight. The hunger didn't let her rest, but thankfully she remembered where she used to stash some sweets from her parents. She found a chocolate bar and she devoured it, barely chewing the pieces. This gave her some comfort, but it was hardly enough. She searched through her luggage, but saw that she forgot to bring any nightwear, so she took off her clothes and tried to put on her old pajamas. She was struggling to put her pants on, even though they were stretchy. The top didn't fit her either, and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she could see her belly was not covered entirely, and the rest of her pajamas wrapped around her so tightly, that they looked like they were tho split at the seams. She took them off, to be more confortable, and lay in her bed naked, with only a thin sheet covering her voluptuous body. The blanket curved like beautiful, smooth hills over her bulging curves. She simply couldn't fall asleep as the ever increasing hunger crept up on her.

It was late in the night, everybody was sleeping. Diana couldn't take it anymore. She sat up on her bed as the blanket would slide on her velvet skin to her belly, revealing her ample bosom. She got out of her bed and cracked the door open. Nobody was up so she sneaked down to the kitchen. The smell of the dinner was still lingering in the air as she opened the fridge. The emptiness in her stomach was so excrutiating that the sight of the immense amout of delicious food would make her drool a bit. She wouldn't care about the saliva, she wouldn't care about waking her parents, she wouldn't care about anything, she was so fixed on the thought of finally satisfying her hunger. She didn't prepare her food, but started eating it right out of the fridge. First came the apple spice cake. She took a great amount of the cream cheese icing and licked it all off of her hands. The sensation made her ecstatic, almost crazed. So much so that she ripped off a giant piece of the cake and stuffed it all in her mouth. She could barely chew, but after a few seconds of battling it, the chunk went right down her throat, into her belly. She didn't even notice the passage of time and the whole cake was gone. But this was barely the end as she was hungry for such a long time, more than ever before, that after eating the cake it still persisted. Her eyes were browsing the fridge, until they stopped on the colossal roasted turkey, and the sour cream mashed potatoes. She instantly started stuffing herself, eating with her hands. Her face and her wide, chunky forearms were all greasy, covered in mashed potatoes and small remaining pieces of the icing. The light of the fridge shone on her fat lips as she was munching, barely stopping enough to breathe. The mashed potatoes were helping the turkey go down, but still, she needed something to drink, so she took the cranberry sauce and gulped it down until there was none left. Her belly was expanding, she could feel her stomach stiffening. She was full minutes ago, but she couldn't stop. She finished the whole fridge, and finally felt full. More full than ever before.

She became so relaxed, that she just lay in front of the fridge, looking up at it, feeling all the food inside her. It was a whole new level of satisfaction. She felt sexually aroused by the experince, as she reached around her swollen gut, down between her legs, and started pleasuring herself. She was so euphoric, as she was exciting herself that her masive orgasm came quickly. It was more intense than ever, and after she slipped into a food coma, as she fell asleep, her massive body lying on the floor, the dim light glistening on her grease covered body, you could know she has changed. She was not afraid anymore, she became who she was always meant to be. She was a foodie, a big beautiful woman, a perfect woman.
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