diary of teen girl

chapter 1

Dear diary,

I have always been bit chubby and bullied about it since kindergarten. My parents are both really overweight. I live basic life of american 17 years old teen girl. My mom is working in bakery, and my dad is a bus driver. I love my parents very much. I am not very tall, but I am 139 lbs. I can tell you, it's bit too much weight to have at my height and age. I am not extremely overweight yet. I have always had round face, just like my dad. I just happen to love eating, but after eating I hate myself for it, because then I will get bullied more in school. That is why I am trying to lose some weight.
I don't have hot slim body like all the others in my high school. Most evil girls in the world happen to be in my school, Annie and her stupid followers, Jenny and Fanny. They always find me hiding from the corner and bully me. They call me fat pig. They slap my butt and laugh. I don't have other choice than be bullied, I am too afraid of them. They have made my life to be living hell.
I don't know how long I can live like this. I don't want to be bullied. I want friends, but sad ly but true, I don't have them. So I spent most of my time home at computer. Today I found myself watching gaining weight journey videos. I was really jealous from them who was able to do it and didn't have girls like Annie laughting at them. Or maybe they did have? How could I poissibly know that? Maybe they didn't just care? Maybe they was strong enought to not care about others optinios? Wish I was like that...Everything could be so much easier, then I didn't have to be afraid of or worry what will Annie say. That would be day of my dreams. What if I could enjoy eating as much as I want? And eat that much than I want? My parents don't mind it, since they are fat already. Would they be more proud of me them? Would it be what I truly want? Will I be able to not care about others optinios? I have always been that chubby, shy girl in the corner. Am I ready to change it now? Think so. I must try it as soon as possible!
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