difficult situation

Chapter 1 - an awkward place to be

She pushed the last slice past her lips and immediately reached for the final bottle of coke. Lifting it high above her head, she could feel her gut stretching far beyond the limit. The bottle seemed endless, every mouthful seemed tougher to swallow than the last, but she was determined to reach the goal her lover had set for her. Jez's gut surged forward as she downed the last mouthful, panting and moaning, she threw the bottle onto the mountain of junk she'd devoured and began lovingly rubbing her belly. It felt so good to be this full, to be so gluttonous and pig like. Jez stretched her arms forward, attempting to reach her belly button, she moaned "oh my god"
Joe whispered down the phone "you struggling babe?"
"I can't reach around my belly"
There was silence on the phone. Jez bit her lip and moaned again "I can't even lift my belly to touch my pussy".
"***ing hell Jez, you must be massive..."
She giggled "mhmm, I'm feeling pretty huge"
"I really wish I was there to help you out"
"I bet you do naughty... are you enjoying yourself?"
Joe's breathing was laboured "Thinking of that massive gut, and just how fat you've gotten. *** im so hard for you right now"
Jez began humping the chair, eager to find some way to pleasure herself "I can't wait to see you again babe, you won't believe how massive I've gotten these last few months"
"Just another week to go, and then we'll be together again"
She smiled "I love you so much"
"I love you too greedy doll"
They pleasured themselves on the phone, moaning and whispering dirty sweet things to each other. Jez was beginning to climax, the weight of her belly slapping down on her woman parts and the motions of her hips driving her crazy. Just as she arched her back to release orgasm, keys were heard turning in the apartment door. "***, shit I've got to go". Joe whispered "Christ is he home, climb into bed babe, he'll be fine if he thinks you're asleep"
Jez tried lifting herself from the seat, only to find her belly was weighing her down, and her ass was completely wedged in the chair. Panic started to rise in her voice "Joe I can't move..."
"Babe, you gotta squeeze, you can do it"
Straining against the weight of her body, she pushed herself up. Breathless, she quickly grabs the table in front of her and pushes down on the chair. With a swift pop, Jez finds herself propelled forward as the chair is launched back across the room, free from her ass. The apartment door opens. Jez stagers towards the single bed, the weight in her belly knocking her off balance. She can hear his footsteps drawing closer towards the door. Jez drops herself down onto the bed as quickly and quietly as possible, pulling a blanket over herself in an attempt to disguise her gut.
He knocked at the door "You awake Jez?". She laid there quietly for a while, wondering what he could possibly want, she almost snarled "What?".
Damen pushed the door open quietly, "I know its late but I was wondering if you..." he dropped the box onto the floor, a rogue slice of pizza escaping as it hits the bottom. "Who the *** is in bed with you?"
Jez rolled over "eh, im alone in here Damen"
He stormed across the room, pulling back the blanket "I know you're hiding someone... Holy shit" Damen's eyes go wide, "what the *** have you done to yourself."
Jez felt her face turn red.
"I thought you had another person under there, but it's just that ***ing gut, Jesus Christ how did you get so ***ing fat?" He stepped back and kicked the pizza box across the room towards her. "here pig, I was going to share, but I bet you'd eat the whole lot" he turned and slammed the door, stomping into the main bedroom "***ing woman supposed to be my wife, not some bloated pig, you disgust me"
Silence. Jez stretched down towards the pizza, lifting the box up, she balances it on top of her gargantuan gut. Joe whispered from the phone "are you okay Jez?" She struggled to respond; Jez had never expected Damen to speak to her like that in the whole time they had been together. She squeaked "Im okay Joe, just going to eat this pizza then go to sleep".
"Im here for you"
She opened the box and took the first slice, already feeling her mouth salivate from the smell. "I can't wait to be with you." She began pushing it into her mouth, filling the sadness with the greasy, cheesy slice. "I want to get fatter for you." She rams another slice past her lips, not even tasting the food, just the insatiable urge to get bigger. "I need to be your pig". A single tear rolls down her chubby cheek, she wants this so bad; to be with her lover, to be fattened up beyond recognition, to be the bloated pig her husband says she is. She continued to mindlessly shovel slice after slice into her face, thinking of the hurt Damen had just caused her, and how bad she wants to escape from him.
Jez reached into the box one last time, no more pizza. She rubbed the sides of her belly, unable to reach the top anymore, attempting to relieve the insane pressure of being so full. She lets a delicate belch escape her lips and whispers "All gone babe"
"good girl" he whispers back.

So let me know what you think guys, I hope its okay and that you're interested to know about some of the characters and stuff. I have descriptions for the characters written and i have a slower build up to the situation these characters find themselves in, its just that the way I write involves me going back and forward a lot, like i'll write the beginning to something, then I'll write an event that happens later on, its mainly spontaneous so that I don't lose that moment of inspiration. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this "teaser" if you will, just want to hear peoples thoughts. All feedback I appreciate very much :)
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Jazzman 7 years
Good. Keep going. You write well and have a good mind for a story line.