dinner for two

chapter 1

Evan and Hannah had been together for over two years now. They had definitely settled into a comfortable routine by this point. Usually when one becomes comfortable in a relationship weight gain also begins. This didn't happen to Evan. There wasn't a single stray pound on his lean athletic frame. Maybe he was still too infatuated to notice, but he always assumed Hannah had stayed the same way. Sure she was on the curvy side so even though she was considered slender those hips and thighs could make you have to look twice just to be sure.

Evan looked closely at his date, he thought it had to be a trick of the light. Something about her had seemed different. Her sharp face was almost rounder than it had been. A little flab of skin was peeking out below her chin. It was obviously the beginning signs of a double chin getting ready to take over her face, but Evan brushed it off. He had to focus on something else during dinner. Then he noticed her breasts they, looked swollen. Not that he minded, but the way they were pushing her bra to capacity couldn't be ignored. He tried to look past it, but then noticed her stomach. It was never toned but he knew it was flat. Then why was it suddenly rounded like she was hiding a pillow in her shirt.

Evan had to come to terms that he never noticed Hannah gain weight. It wasn't a severe gain, 30 lbs in two years is practically normal in today's society. He loved her so much it didn't bother him, but then why was he so fixated on it and now of all times. They were out to dinner. He knew he should be listening to her and making conversation, but every bite of bread seemed to make her stomach grow larger. Now that he's noticed it he couldn't take his eyes off it.

Her entree was a large lasagna that she devoured like mad. She didn't seem that hungry yet she continued to eat like there was no tomorrow. There was no signs of stopping as the lasagna slowly disappeared her belly continued to grow. She looked pregnant, at least eight months out. Evan couldn't believe what one meal was doing to her. Her stomach had grown to capacity and at any moment it looked as it was going to pop. How could her dress pants contain them, her blouse was pushing it's limit as it was. Bits of flesh began to peak through with every bite. Then it happened a sharp pop broke through the silence that had begun once the dinner arrived.

Of course it wasn't actually her stomach that popped. This was a sharp ping of a pop, the very distinct sound of a button. Evan hadn't seen the actual button fly off her dress pants, but he did see the aftermath. Her swollen stomach hanging out of her shirt and between the fly of her pants. Poor Hannah was so embarrassed. Evan could see her turning red and she looked like she was about to cry. Evan did the only thing he could for this situation. He called for a waiter.

"Excuse me." Evan said calmly. "My date and I are ready for dessert, what is the largest one you have available.
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