distracted, bound and fattened

Chapter 1 - fattened up as her bound toy

As I'm lying in bed, feeling my ball-shaped belly stick high up, I'm reflecting I've had a bit too plentiful of dinner. The big main course was enough at the restaurant, but the dessert sealed it. All this creamy cheesy goodness must be great for the shape. Then there was eating cherries on the rooftop. It's pleasantly full, but not the stuffed to dizziness full I'd like it to be with you.

Right now I want to see your beautiful plump shape rise, then plop on top of me, your own stuffed belly resting nicely on mine. As I start to touch you, you lean your weight forward onto me, dropping your fat boobs right onto my face. I lose all other thoughts at that moment and start devotedly sucking and playing with your nipples with my tongue. Being so into it, I don't even realize how you're softly binding my arms.

When eventually you pull away, your nipples moist and sensitive from the play, I finally notice. You were wondering how I would react, but you know as you see my cock getting rock hard straight away, as I'm imagining a what you want to do to me. You smile and lean your squishy body, still entwined into mine, to the side of the bed, pulling a milkshake with a devious grin.

I start pulling puppy eyes, as I can't wait for you to start making me yours. You lean your heavy body forward, your fat belly spilling to the sides of mine, as you press the wide straw into my mouth. I feel the creamy taste, but all I can associate it with is that's it's fattening me up for you. I eagerly devour it as I feel my belly filling to the brim under yours, half-closing my eyes as I get dizzy with the pleasure of feeling you on top of me and knowing I've been claimed as yours to grow as fat as you want me.

As I start feeling you wetness seep onto me, you adjust for the angle you want to use me from, rub my belly slowly in delight how this will fatten me up even as you use me, and start rocking my fat mounds like a boat, with every curve of your plump body jiggling with each thrust.
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Great first chapter.