doctor's orders

Chapter 1 - 2 february

Mercy’s Log

Notes of Dr. Angela Ziegler

2 February

This is a post-engagement report of injuries sustained during our engagement with Omnics on 2 February, and treatments administered to members of Overwatch following our victory. I’m happy to report that no serious injuries were sustained, though some patients will require extended treatment and recovery periods.

Winston sustained right facial laceration measuring 4 inches in length. A total of 16 sutures were required. Patient discharged.

Mei Ling-Zhou sustained moderate stress fracture to radius in left arm. An orthopedic cast was set, estimating 4-6 week recovery time. Patient discharged. I have scheduled bi-weekly follow up appointments to monitor her status.

Finally, Hana Song (CODENAME D.VA) sustained multiple injuries to chest cavity due to the partial collapse of the MEKA cockpit. Fractures observed in the left T9 and T10 ribs, as well as moderate pneumothorax to the left lung. Much of the left upper back incurred a large area of abrasion, and there were multiple lacerations which required sutures. Severe bruising observed throughout the patient’s torso. Bandaging and compression wraps were applied, and analgesics were administered to relieve pain. She will be monitored overnight, and discharged tomorrow if her status is deemed satisfactory.

A small note, I found it almost amusing when treating D.Va – she absolutely refused to accept the severity of her wounds. You should have heard the stubborn things she told me; “I’m fine, it’s just a little bruising is all!” and “Is MEKA okay? If she can fight, I can fight!”

I’ll admit I laughed, which only made D.Va’s pouting worse. She clearly didn’t realize how hurt she really was. I saw her wince quite a bit, but she didn’t want to let the pain stop her.

Of course, she wasn’t happy with my prognosis.

“You’ll need 4 weeks of bed rest, and it will be 2-3 months before you can safely pilot your mech again.”

“What? No way I’m waiting that long! I’ll be ready to fight again in a few days, you’ll see!”

Naturally, she was quite unhappy to be stuck in the hospital overnight. I understand.
The rest of the team stopped by to wish her well. They brought her Steam Deck, which cheered her up quite a bit. She was still playing it late in the night when my shift ended. By the look of her smile, she was winning.

I will report tomorrow with her status as she continues her recovery.

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TogoSage 3 months
Congrats, very nice
Tilli27 3 months
Will the new chapters ever come out? I have been checking this story sporadically now and then in the hope for an update
ES-Draws 3 months
So sorry to leave you hanging! I wrote seven more chapters, but since I never got around to finishing the story, I didn't want to post. I will post what I have today and try to finish the rest asap!
Syntactical 11 months
Hoping for an update soon, especially since OW2 came out!
ES-Draws 10 months
Apologies for the long delay! I'm still working on this and have several more chapters done. Look for more soon!
Lucky_ 1 year
Love this!
Syntactical 1 year
Love Overwatch and so many of the girls. Mei's thickness is a fav, so it's really interesting seeing D.Va being the one to gain. Can't wait to see her grow even bigger, hope Mercy gains a little too!
Buttercreamboy 1 year
Characterization is spot-on and so sweet, too. Like someone else said, not a lot of cute F/F fluff out there.
JustARat 1 year
Yess glad to see some content like this with some overwatch girls! And my 2 favorites as well, so far the writing is quite nice and you got their characters down, can't wait for more!
ES-Draws 1 year
Thanks! Be on the lookout, I'll try to update daily!