dragon sin

Chapter 1/?

(I don't know where else to post this...idk if it's even good, but I worked really hard and went wayyy out of my comfort zone... Still in progress and subject to editing. Haven't been this invested in a story since December. Sara = my OC
INVOLVES: Seven Deadly Sins fanfic. Dragon transformation, denying, teasing, safe vore, cuckolding, sex, more sex, implied insemination, fantasy, vent/cloaca, name calling, ~short king~, cumflation, threesome, dominantion, hair pulling, switch, after care and cuddles, poly.)

One last thing, don't ask how this happened...


"Oh no, not you again." Sara sighed impatiently. She had looked up from her herb gathering only to realize her least favorite acquaintance had appeared.

"Well, hello to you too, Sara!"

"Dragon Sin of Wrath: Meliodas…what are you doing here?" Sara huffed.

She was always bumping into the demon, no matter how far in Britannia she traveled to get away from him. They started crossing paths far too often after he happened to rescue her from an attack by hide and seeks. She had the whole situation under control of course, and he had butted into her business.

"What, you aren't happy to see me?"

She scowled at him and went back to picking herbs.

"C'mon, I have something to show you. It's a cool dragon pendant!"

She looked up so fast she felt dizzy. She stared at the dragon necklace he held out and then glared at him. "You found the dragon amulet?!" She gritted her teeth. She had been trying to find it for years!

"Sure did! I'm gonna try it on."

"No, don't you dare!-" she dropped her herbs as she reached out to stop him, but he slipped it on over his neck. "Dammit!"

In a flash of green light, the annoying demon morphed into a dragon, not much bigger than his former slight stature, with white scales and green underbelly.

Standing on his four claws, Meliodas was still shorter than her. She laughed out loud.

"Okay, now that's funny!" She giggled, feeling brave. The amulet was meant to give the wearer the ability to transform into a giant, fierce beast!

"Not very scary, like an overgrown lizard! I bet even I could beat you!" She teased.

"I'd love to see you try!" Meliodas snickered. "After all, you're still snack-sized for me~" the dragon licked his paw like a cat.

"Yeah, right." She turned around to pick up her herbs. "You can leave me alone now that you've gloated about the treasure that's supposed to be mine."

Meliodas circled and looked back up at her. "Wait a minute, Sara, why won't you look at me, huh?~"

"Ugh, leave me alone." Sara clutched her picked herbs and turned away from him again. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

Meliodas stepped into her field of vision again and looked up at her with his head tilted to the side. "Is it because I told you you're snack-sized? Cuz you are!" He smirked and licked his fangs.

"Shoo!" Sara spun around so fast that a few herbs fell and floated on the breeze. She heard the dragon smacking his lips behind her.

"You're already all seasoned up, too! Yummy~"

When his horns came into view again, she turned around once more and immediately tripped over his tail. The herbs in her arms spread across her front as his snout closed in. "Go away!"

"If you want me to leave you alone so badly, then…why are you blushing?" Meliodas gave a big toothed grin before snapping his teeth at her. "Like I said, I could easily scoop you up in my jaws and swallow you down, like a nice…juicy…steak."

Drool seeped from his jaws and he slurped it back up through his teeth. "And I bet you taste delicious!" A well-timed growl issued from his scaly stomach.

"W…would ya let me go already? I'm not blushing, my face is flushed with anger!"

"You can't lie to me, silly. Anger is kind of my thing, remember?"

"It's not a lie and for the last time leave me alone!" She writhed beneath him, crushing the herbs against her clothes in the process.

"Hm….that's a thought, but, I need to take more measurements of you." The dragon curled around her, holding her down.

"What're you sizing me up for anyway?"

"Isn't it obvious? You smell so good…good enough to…eat! Better than Ban's cooking!"

Sara was blushing more now as she wiggled in his scaly grip. "Well I think your eyes are bigger than your stomach. I'm practically bigger than you!"

"Sara, I'm really not kidding you know~ You're going right…in…here~" Meliodas rolled on his side and stroked his belly.

"As if!"

"Okay c'mon little snack, enough playing around, it's time for you to get in my tummy~" He coaxed.

Flustered, Sara's face was burning red. "S-shut up…"

"Tasty treat for me to eat~ Aaaah~" He opened his mouth and lunged.

"No! Bad dragon!" Sara thrust her hands out and into his maw, hooking her thumbs under his lips as she held him back.

Meliodas half lidded his eyes as he looked down at her and licked her fingers with his forked tongue. "That's it, I like a good struggle. You'll make a fine meal."

The more she kicked and thrashed, the more she got caught in his smooth, scaly limbs. Her hands started to slip as saliva oozed from his long teeth. She soon lost her grip and her hands slid into his wet maw.

Instantly, Meliodas gave a swallow that dragged her arms down his throat, before she could make a move to escape. The more she struggled, the more of her petite body slid into his mouth. He wrapped his tail around her and used it as leverage to push her head into his waiting gullet.

Sara kicked her legs and shouted, but the dragon's eyes rolled back as grunts of pleasure echoed up his throat. The strong, springy muscles of his throat, the wet suction that tugged at her fatigued body, it was all far too much, too…pleasurable. She bit her tongue to prevent any lewd noises escaping her throat.

Meliodas, meanwhile, tilted his head back, got up on his haunches, and let gravity do it's thing.

Sara tried to catch herself but her arms were pinned to her sides and her legs kicking the air outside Meliodas' mouth were useless. She held her breath and tensed her body for as long as she could. When couldn't hold it and had to breathe out, she instantly surged down his throat and squeezed into his belly all at once.

Meliodas fell forwards from his new center of gravity and bounced on his tummy. His tail thumped happily as he gave his belly a squeeze.

Inside it was overstimulating; the warm squishy walls beneath her, the booming echo of seven beating hearts, and the way she rocked with every move the dragon made.

His breath hitched before he unleashed a massive belch that rumbled from his full stomach. "Haaaah~" A content smile graced his lips as his belly dragged on the ground. "I win~"

"W-well I bet you can't even move now, so ha!"

"Oh Sara, why would I want to -hic- move when I have a nice full belly to enjoy? Unless you want me to parade you around? So that everyone will see and tease me as I waddle around with my big tummy, and… Hey, why are you breathing so heavy?~"

"Quit teasing me… I'm already in your belly."

"Oh, that's not teasing. This is teasing!" He pressed his paws into his stomach and rubbed at her. She wriggled uncomfortably and he moaned out loud at the sensation.
"Oh, fuck yeah…Squirm some more, little helpless belly pet…" He squeezed his tummy deeper, earning a groan from his prey as she twitched.

"F-fuck you…" she panted.

"More teasing? Okay!" Meliodas rolled onto his belly and humped it, digging his claws into the earth as his toes curled in pleasure. Another burp squeezed out of his throat and he licked his stomach.

"Stop it! This is embarrassing… We're in the middle of the fricking woods!"

"Shhh, you know you love it, you sweet little slut~"

"I hope I give you a big stomach ache…" She sighed. "Fat chance of that happening."

"Ohh, I bet you'd love a big fat dragon tummy to play with, right? You'd keep me well fed all the time, wouldn't you? I'd be your spoiled pet…and when you don't feed me in time, I'll just eat you up instead!"

"Stop reading my damn mind!" She kicked at the wall, but only served to make him moan louder as he humped his tummy.

"Mmm, speaking of - unf - pampering… why don't we head over to the - hfff- Boar Hat?"

"Ab-solutely not." She crossed her arms over her chest (as best she could in limited space) and tensed, intent on holding him down.

Meliodas started to flap his muscular wings, but his belly indeed held him rooted to the spot. He tried again in vain, but the pressure only forced out another belch and his wings were next to useless.

"Ha!" Sara triumphed.

"That's okay, I'll just have to drag my belly pet alllll the way there~" He gave his stomach a rub before he slowly started off in the direction from which he came.

Sara, meanwhile, remained with her arms crossed, grumbling irritably whenever the dragon bumped his tummy.

Along the way, he attracted the attention of many people and critters, but no one dared interrupt a full bellied dragon. He occasionally winked or snapped at passer-by while proudly displaying his laden stomach.

Once he eventually spotted the green "hill" that the inn was perched on, the dragon dragged and heaved his heavy stomach up towards the front doors.
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