dream ii

Chapter 1 - Just another dream

I looked in the mirror and seen that I was being fattened before my eyes. I couldn't believe it as I seen my perfect body becoming rapidly ruined with fat with each passing moment! My breasts were starting to grow bigger and starting to sag under their new weight. My round bubble butt started swelling faster with fat and some cellulite began to form across it. My thighs, once defined by muscle tone and tone, were turning flabby. It was no longer just vanity that made me feel fat now; it became a physical fact that I could not deny. I was quickly becoming...a fat girl!

My eyes widened at the transformation I saw in the mirror. The whole picture shifted from me into what a full blown, unhealthy slut would look like. To top things off, my stomach started growing even wider! As if it wasn't enough already to be so big up front, I also noticed that my tummy had swollen so much that it was pushing out against the belly-button ring! No wonder I felt so uncomfortable all of the sudden. I knew then that something drastic needed to happen for my future self, or as I fondly called her: Fatty McSlut! I suddenly pulled down my panties, released my big juicy boobs, stood up and stepped on the scale to find out how much larger I had become since ten minutes ago when the weight gain spell was cast on me. "Oh fuck!" I screamed when I heard the new weight reading. I stared at the scale dumbfounded as it read 156 pounds. That's right; I've gained 40 pounds in just ten minutes and my tits are still expanding! Not only is my ass huge, but now I've gone full on chubby. There was no way this was normal for me. There must have been some kind of witchcraft going on here and it wasn't stopping! Just then, my cell phone rang. As soon as I picked it up, the witch smiled triumphantly. "Congratulations little fatty," she cooed. "You're officially a fat girl and you are going to keep gaining weight faster and faster! Enjoy being a *** you dumb slut!"

With those words, she hung up the phone and the weight gain continued! I felt her magic over my body increase even stronger as I felt myself becoming fatter much faster than before. With every second that passed, the curse was getting worse and worse. Now, my boobs went up another couple cup sizes as they became heavier with more fat and bloated stomach wouldn't stop growing as it became chubbier and fatter! "Fuuuuck!" I cried out when one last wave of pain erupted through my chest. As I looked down, I couldn't help but notice my massive jugs hanging down below. When did my tits start to look more like udders than breasts? And why do I have such big fucking nipples?! Then again, this might just be a side effect of being a horny fat slob who loves being treated like a total whore. But why does having big tits make me so horny? They are becoming so fat and saggy with my fat nipples pointing towards the floor now. What a pathetic body. I had to use my hand to hold them back to try to hide their massive size. This didn't really work as they would slowly start sagging lower and lower and sliding to either side of my fat belly! But I don't care, I'm a fat bitch, so what if my boobs go downhill? At least my thighs are getting fatter, and my ass looks hot as hell with the fatter it gets! But wait, it gets better! With every passing second, my hips expanded wider than ever as they filled with soft lard, leaving nothing to doubt as to where they belonged in my thick waistline. As my huge thighs swelled with more fat, they pushed my knees apart. All my major parts seemed to be gushing out a constant flow of fat with absolutely no way of control! Was I beginning to enjoy this and want even more? It sure seemed so, because while my body was literally filling out and filling up with ungodly amounts of fatty flesh, I got increasingly hornier. In fact, I had to sit down because I thought I was going to orgasm from all the excitement building inside me! God, it feels so good having all this excess fat covering my formerly perfect body as I was becoming a ruined fat slut! As time went on, I kept getting fatter and rounder. I also began to develop a massive gut. As well as being chubby everywhere else, I was developing an abundance of sweet fat around my middle as well, spilling out from between my legs and almost forming a low-grade beach ball beneath my thighs. My hands began to hang uselessly by my sides as my arms were becoming so weak and fat, they were hard to move. My massive udders were completely sagging down towards the ground, devoid of any remaining youthful perkiness. My mind turned to pure lust as I watched my body becoming more ruined with fat as I stared in the mirror, stretchmarks riddling my fat and saggy body. I kept saying, "Oh yes, this is SO wrong." It doesn't matter that this was all the result of some evil witch trying to make me an obese blob, after everything, I just wanted to become the fattest woman in the world. Fucking for sure!

The whole transformation didn't stop there. Soon, my facial features changed drastically as well. My jawline faded more as my face developed even more fat as my cheeks bloated out, my lips became thicker as well as my face looked more and more unrecognizable from its former beauty. Soon, I started having trouble breathing through my mouth due to all the extra fat surrounding my throat, making it impossible to open it fully. I couldn't believe that these were the changes that resulted from being so easily influenced. Maybe I am actually enjoying this. Yes, yes I am, I told myself. I think I may love being this fat bitch! How will I even tell Brad this though? Can he even handle seeing his loving wife become a fat cow? After staring at my reflection for about five minutes, I looked down at the mirror again and noticed something I'd never expected to see in my entire life. While the transformations went crazy, I also began noticing that my breasts had become so fat and saggy they looked like udders! Yes, I swear, it was true! While I never realized it until now, they grew an innumerable number of cup sizes as well as they rivaled my huge belly that had rested between them, pushing my breasts to either side of me to rest pooling over my massive hips and thighs. There was no way that these were normal looking, human-sized breasts anymore. Those disgusting, bulbous sacks of lard sat heavily atop my newly bloated immobile thighs with nipples that were bigger than my fat thumbs. So, the complete and utter transformation finally came to an end. By the end of the day, I was absolutely unrecognizable as a mass of lard with so many folds and rolls it was hard to distinguish what anyone was looking at without taking a few minutes to understand the blob that I had become. I had indeed become more of an adipose ridden blob than anything that would be considered a person. I felt fulfilled inside as I could feel myself continue to grow at a slower pace, my mind lost in ecstasy of a lingering pleasure that wracked my mind and body with the knowledge of what had happened to me and what was continuing to happen to me. I heard the door open to the room and my husband's voice.

"I see the witch came through on her end of things... I may have to go back to tip her tomorrow..." he said as I could barely understand the words anymore as his hands explored my body. I faded into bliss as he filled me more into eternity with love and lust...

Hope you enjoyed the dream I had. I know it was kind of short but remembering everything at times from a dream can be difficult. Anyways hope you all have a great day!
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