dream vacations in foz do iguaçú

chapter 1

I met John in February, in a hostel in Foz do Iguaçu, on a trip I did with one of my best friends in Brazil. It was our third night, we were relaxing in the pool after having spent a wonderful but exhausting day at the falls on the Brazilian side when 3 men showed up.
One of them caught my attention and when I saw it my heart raced and I literally felt like I was gasping for air. The mystery man, who I later found out was called John, was incredibly handsome, totally my type, tall, heavy, light-skinned, and brown-haired. I do not know how fat or how tall he was, I have never been good at estimating that but I think that he was probably around 1.90 mts and 180 kilos, (I was 1.58 and 71 kilos) the contrast was super obvious and that turned me on because I love large men and feel small next to them.

He was in a light blue bathing suit and a cream-colored shirt that although it didn't fit tight, marked the shapes of his body, well-defined love handles, a prominent and round but soft belly that hung a little over his bathing suit and some big male breasts that seemed to defy gravity, they were big because he was big but they were small compared to his body, his legs and arms were wide too.

And not only was his body beautiful but also his face, he had perfect features softened by his cheeks and double chin.

He sat down with his two friends at the bar on stools too small for him and they ordered beers.

My friend noticed him and said, "go talk to him, maybe he also likes you and you two could have a summer love." I said, “yes, of course, as if those things happened, also what could I say? Hi, my name is Isidora, what's your name? Pass, I don't want him to think I'm a fool”. I couldn't think of something not stupid to break the ice and dare to speak to him.

When his friends finished their beer they went into the pool with us but John stayed at the bar having another beer. That was my opportunity to approach and speak to him, his friends introduced themselves in English, they told us their names, one was called Jed and the other I don't remember but they called him Dewey for the character of Malcolm in the middle.
My friend stayed in the pool talking with the guys and I finally got the courage to go to talk to him, I got out of the pool, wrapped myself in the towel, and sat on one of the bar stools next to him. I ordered a caipirinha (because obviously, I was going to drink a caipirinha in Brazil) and when John looked at me I smiled at him, he returned the smile followed by a "hi, I'm John", thank God he spoke first, I replied "hi, I'm Isidora, nice to meet you and sorry for my English, I'm Chilean so I speak Spanish”, he said me “I only speak English but I can talk slowly and repeat the sentences or the words if you don't understand something ". I loved his voice, it was so manly and deep, I also loved that he wanted to talk to me even though my English was not very good. I thought he was so sweet, and I wasn't wrong.

When I saw him more closely I noticed more details of his body, he had fine red stretch marks on his arms (and white ones too) but from the red ones I deduced that he had gained weight in the last time.
His hands were perfect, big, with triangular fingers and sunken knuckles (like fat guys usually have their hands), and as I looked at them I could only think about how his hands would feel running through my body.

We spoke a little more, me in my caveman (or cavewoman) English (because it's difficult for me to conjugate verbs well in all the tenses, but I have a decent vocabulary and when someone speaks to me I understand almost everything) and he in his perfect British English with that accent that melts me, he told me that he was from Bristol, which is near London in England, that he was on vacation with his best friends, that it was his first night in Foz and that as they arrived tired from the flight on the first day they only had visited the city.

When I finished my caipirinha and he was about to finish his second beer, he asked me if I wanted another, that he invited me, I was shocked for a few seconds and then I said to myself "nothing ventured nothing gained" so I started to flirt with him and I said him that we'd better go to the pool and that he could buy me the caipirinha the next day.
He answered that it was obvious that he could invite me the drink tomorrow, but that he didn't feel like going to the pool. I looked at him pleadingly afterward and told him that the water was warm because it was sunny all day. All I got was a "maybe tomorrow."
I got back into the pool trying to look sexy and joined in the conversation with his friends and Cinthy (my friend) while I kept watching John in case he decided to join us but I had no luck. After a while, he walked over to the edge and joined the conversation sitting on one of those lounge chairs to sunbathe.
He and his friends were too friendly (and the British accent really melts me), I love hostels, these are the perfect place to practice languages ​​and make friends from all over the world.

While we were talking in the group, I couldn't stop looking at him and thinking about how sexy he looked sitting in that seat, how beautiful his eyes were and how I wanted to feel his body next to mine.
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Built4com4t 3 months
What happened to this story? Needs more!
Built4com4t 2 years
Excellent introduction...you write like a pro, your english perfect. Looking forward to more.
Sgao 2 years
Great Beginning
Javigm 2 years
Good start