eat, girl, eat

Chapter 1

It didn't matter anymore. Her only love walked out the door and her family deserted her after choosing him and food over them in an intervention for her to lose weight. Being a whopping 320 pounds of woman and her figure at 55-69-59, she aimed to be even bigger, even if she was 28. She ran into the kitchen and saw all the food that she made for the holidays. 2 roasted twenty pound turkeys, 3 ten pound hams, giant trays of macaroni and cheese, stuffing, seafood casserole, and candied yams, pots filled with cabbage and mixed vegetables, and an giant accessory of 4 layer cakes, pies, custards, and brownies. Most of the food were either delivered and made Christmas Eve, only to be warmed near the time for Christmas Day dinner, a day where her love and family members were going to join her.

She sighed as she saw her love get in his car, along with his things, and drive away, only to join another woman for dinner. Her stomach was growling fiercely when she finally decided to eat all of her hard work. She grabbed a spoon, fork and knife and proceeded to eat until every single crumb was gone, and starting with the vegetables. She took the pots that were in and started eating from them until there was nothing left but the juices, which she drank and placed near the sink. The giant trays of food were next as she rubbed her belly and belched a good bit. She knew that she wasn't going to finish all the food tonight, but at least she can make a good sized dent when she got done with it. Suddenly, the phone rings and she struggles a little to get to the phone lying on the counter near the fridge. She finally reaches the phone and sees on the Caller ID to see that it was her best friend, Jack.

Jack was a guy that admired her ever since grade school, when they first became friends. Ever since then, they were inseparable yet didn't want to go to the next level for the sake of their friendship, until now. She knew that Jack had plans already to be with his family Christmas, or so she thought.

“I saw Carl pull off,Vikki,” Jack said as she heard a single knock on the door, “and your family isn't here because of the intervention a couple days ago. What I'm trying to say is,I don't have anyone to celebrate the holidays with. I missed my flight due to the blizzard near where my family is,and that was because I had to finish a little business with my job to get the ticket money. Can I come in and be with you? It's kinda lonely talking to your door.”

As Vikki hanged up the phone and waddled towards the door,she was feeling happy that at least someone was going to be with her for the holidays. She opened the door and let Jack in, who was holding a suitcase and a wagon filled with boxes. Vikki was curious about what was inside of them as Jack left the wagon in the kitchen and his suitcase in her bedroom.

“So,I see that you planned for a big dinner with Carl and your family,” Jack said, “I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you. This was really unexpected of them to do this to you.”

“That's okay,Jack. At least you're still my best friend that's here with me,” Vikki said, “Thank you for being here. Sorry about your flight being canceled.”

“That's what friends do,and besides, I'm getting a refund for the plane ticket now. So, how about we start eating this huge dinner of yours?”

“Well,I've already started,and now we have no veggies,” Vikki said, “but everything else is fair game. I'll get some utensils and a pair of chairs,and we can just pig out here in the kitchen?”

“That's a fabulous idea.” Jack said,with a sly grin growing on his face.
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Holly-Marie 14 years
I can't wait for more to come - its so well written - please describe her journey, and her changing body and life in detail as well as how she and he feel
Thanks for writing and sharing it