ella and luna

chapter 1

“You know it smells like fucking dead rat in here, right?” Ella grumbled through her pinched nose.

*Purrrt! Plort!*

“Huh?” Luna mumbled as she leaned over to slip her hand down into her ass crack to make sure nothing had come out before digging into the plate of chicken nuggets sitting on a plate atop her belly.

“Oh, come on. Are you drunk?” Ella asked as she poked her half-aware girlfriend’s exposed gut.

“Only a *hic!* little bit.” Luna giggled.

Ella had left Luna alone for five days for a business trip, and in that time, her beyond lazy, 500 pound housemate had managed to horribly fuck up their living space. Lines of takeout boxes littered the floor, wrappers from various snacks were strung everywhere, pizza boxes were stacked in piles and Ella couldn’t count how many soda cans she’d tripped over after making it back. There was the lingering smell of Luna’s rancid asshole after she’d clogged the toilet on Ella’s first day gone, but there was another smell too.

“God, can you not smell all this? Seriously? What the hell is that? It’s like someone burned onions over a dead body.” Ella whined.

“Oh, sorry. I was too lazy to get a rag for it, so uhh, yea.” Luna mumbled.


Ella caught sight of the tip of her lover’s dick sticking out of the end of her gym shorts and the sight of the messy tip made her quickly put together what had happened.
“Oh my god. Where did you jerk off?” she asked worriedly.

“I don’t know, everywhere? Come on, you *hic!* know how horny I get.” Luna whined.

Ella could see Luna’s fat balls twitching under her gym shorts. It was true the poor girl couldn’t go a minute without busting a nut, but she still could have cleaned up after herself. After realizing what Luna had done, Ella quickly noticed multiple cum stains all over the couch Luna sat on, as well as a stain of cum dripping from the side of her mouth and a few drops stuck in her light brown hair, but she knew there were likely many more to be found in the house.

“Okay, come on, we seriously need to clean this up. I- Oh come on, don’t start jerking off now!” Ella whined as she heard the familiar sound of her lover’s saliva-covered hands squishing and rubbing the tip of her long shaft.

“W-huh? Sorry, hold on.” Luna mumbled.

“No, come on we need to clean this-” Unfortunately Ella couldn’t finish as she was drowned out by a loud grunt from Luna followed by a generous spurt of cum all over her left leg. She let out a sigh as the white smudge smeared into her favorite jeans, destined to stain them later. “Okay, come on. Get up.” she demanded.

*Prrp! Ploorrrp!*

As Luna finished off the last of her nuggets, she sat her plate aside and leaned forward just a little, before leaning back again, looking down worriedly at her crotch. “Okay, but I’m pretty sure I shit myself a little.” she admitted.

Ella groaned at the absolute deplority of her lover’s slobbish behaviors as she gripped the useless blob’s pudding-bag arms and helped her up onto her feet. While thankfully shit didn’t fall from the rotund glutton’s backside, she could see a generous smudge of brown smearing out from below her gym shorts as well as her shaft, still half-mast from post-nutting. “You know what? I changed my mind. We’re getting you a shower first.” she said sternly.

Unfortunately, the couple’s bathroom had been flooded with swampy shit-water that the clogging culprit hadn’t bothered to clean up, and the toilet was still packed to the brim with the liquid shit, which barely managed to hold itself in the bowl as it occasionally dripped out onto the floor.

Ella looked in stunned disbelief at the state of their bathroom. She looked at her lazy lover, ready to say something, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Instead, she opened the storage closet perpendicular to the bathroom door and pulled out a bucket, mop, and plunger.

“I’m gonna go *hic!* eat lunch while you’re doing that.” Luna mumbled.

“Oh, no you’re not you’re going to help m- and she’s gone.” Ella sighed as Luna had somehow already vanished to the kitchen. “Didn’t she just eat?” she asked herself. The petite redhead didn’t have the effort to go back and try to force Luna into helping her, so she slipped on a pair of blue latex gloves and put the strings of a blue medical mask around her ears before pulling it over her nose. With one last deep breath of tolerable air, she finally made her first step into the swampland that Luna had created.

After nearly two hours of cleaning, first scooping out the overwhelming pile of shit from the toilet to flush it, then flushing up small clumps at a time, then mopping up piles of shit to flush, then washing the walls and floors of any remaining ***s, the bathroom was finally spotless again. Ella wiped her brow and leaned on the sink counter to catch her breath. “G-god, she is a handful.” she muttered to herself.

*Burrrrk! Ploorpkrt!*

Worried by the loud trumpeted fart, Ella made her way into the kitchen to see what mess her lover had already created in the time she’d been cleaning.

“Hey, I’m sorry about the bathroom.” Luna said quietly.

Ella noticed the half-destroyed cheesecake in front of Luna, as well as the copious amount of soft sweet cheese coating the slob’s fingers and cheeks. Despite her earlier annoyance at her lover’s behavior, she couldn’t help but giggle at the sight. “Maybe you should try using a fork.” she teased.

Luna’s cheese-filled cheeks turned pink as Ella wiped a glob of cheese from her nose. Begrudgingly, she licked it off the tip of her finger before waddling over to grab a fork.

Ella smiled as she watched Luna lean over the kitchen counter again, but this time cutting into the cheesecake like a civilized person. She smiled and kissed her lover’s chubby cheek as she chewed. “Good girl.” she whispered.

Luna moaned happily as she felt Ella grip the tip of her cock from behind. The taste of sweet cheesecake in her mouth as well as the feeling of such soft delicate hands on her shaft was an overwhelmingly euphoric combination.

“Just one load and we’re getting you a shower, alright?” Ella whispered.

Luna nodded as she felt her dick stiffen up to full length again. She moaned even louder as Ella pulled her gym shorts and panties down her legs while slowly gesturing her to turn around.

Ella dropped to her knees and gently kissed the tip of her lover’s dick, licking off the overflowing precum from the tip as she watched Luna continue to feed herself bites of the soft fattening cheesecake. As she slipped her lover’s long shaft down her throat, she looked up eagerly to see the poor girl twitch uncontrollably from the euphoric feeling. Unfortunately, with the fifteen inches the young lady was packing, Ella had no hope of sucking it down to the base. Only reaching about halfway down the shaft, she gagged as the tip hit the back of her throat before pulling herself away to continue sucking. The only good thing about not being able to reach that far was the fact that the ***ing Luna’s dick hadn’t reached past that point, so luckily she wouldn’t have to taste it.

“O-oh god. Ella, don’t go too fast. I’ll cum so hard.” Luna moaned.

Ella pulled herself away from Luna’s shaft, leaving a trail of drool behind as she licked her lips. “Well, that’s what I’m after.” she whispered as she continued to slowly stroke the base of her lover’s massive meat rod.

“W-wait, I-mhp! Oh! Oh god Ella!” Luna moaned.

Ella wasn’t hesitating now to please her lover, using both her hands to stroke the base and her soft tongue to pleasure the tip, she slowly brought the speed of her gestures up, and watched as Luna squirmed uncontrollably from the pleasure.

“E-Ella, please. I-I can’t hold it much longer.” Luna whined.

Ella ignored her lover’s pleas and continued her work, feeling the tip in her mouth stiffen up before, finally, she felt something shoot into the back of her throat.

“GHHHNG!” Luna screamed as she felt her load finally shoot out in huge spurts, deep into Ella’s throat.

*Gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp, gulp*

Ella wiped her lips as she swallowed the last of the impressively huge load, licked the remains off of Luna’s shaft before helping her lover pull her pants and panties back up around her waist. Standing up, she leaned over and kissed Luna with her cum-stained lips. “So, how about we go get that shower now, alright?” she whispered.

“O-okay. Y-yea.” Luna said.
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