ellie overdoes it

chapter 1

"Please?" my girlfriend Ellie begged.

"Fine. But the movie starts in 25 minutes, so we gotta move."

I didn't want to stop for take out on the way to the movies, a place that already has food, but my girlfriend wouldn't stop asking. When we first got together a year ago she wasn't fit exactly, but now she's gotten quite chubby. She is now 5'2, and nearing 160 pounds. Even with big boobs and the start of a big belly, she was still dressing in clothes that fit her 20 pounds ago. Yet here I was, making a food stop with her, even though we're going to a restaurant with our friends after this. I waited 10 minutes in the car for her, and she came out with a pretty big bag.

"What's in there?" I asked

"Cheese fries," She smiled back .

"For the whole town?" The bag was pretty big.

"I got the appetizer size," she shrugged. "We can share."

When we got to the theater, Ellie tried to be slick about smuggling in her precious cheese fries but the employee stopped her. They informed us we couldn't bring in outside food- you could eat it outside the theater or throw it out. While I was inclined to throw it out, Ellie couldn't part ways.

"Come on, I'll buy you cheese fries tomorrow, the movie starts in 5- let's go!"

"I'll eat them now. Just wait for me!" She said , opening the cheese fries.

Then my chunky girlfriend starting jamming cheese fries in her mouth. Dipping them in ranch, wolfing down a plate a fries in minutes meant for at least 3 people to eat over the course of a meal. She's become such a glutton, God. Her fat stomach bulged out of her pants and her shirt was too tight. Her breathing became heavier as she made a scene of herself, fisting fries into her mouth. She finished the fries in minutes what she was supposed to eat in hours. I tried to hide the disgust on my face, but I don't think I was succeeding. Rolling my eyes I said,

"Let's just go to the theater now- Jen and Nick are waiting for us. "

"Uh you go-" she said. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom."

Taking my ticket to leave, I sped off not wanting to be around her at the moment. I thought about the movie theater employees and other patrons watching her demolish those fries. I mean, it was gross. She shouldn't do it in public.

I met my friends in the theater just as the movie started. About 10 minutes later, Ellie came rushing in, out of breath, with more food for anyone in the theater. A large popcorn, drink, 6 candies, nachos, chicken tenders and fries.

"We can share!" She exclaimed quietly when she waddled up to the seat. My friends looked at her with a little bit of pity. They were health nuts.

"No one's hungry right now. We're going out to eat later, did you forget?" I whispered.

Ellie's face fell a little. "I didn't forget. It's just a snack! I was treating you guys!"

"Haven't you had enough to eat today?" I snarled.

She was already handfuls of popcorn in to care, she merely rolled her eyes. Throughout the movie, she was burping and farting. I was so embarrassed. I think it made her stressed which made her eat more, but she kept whispering apologies to our friends after completely stinking up the aisle. She left halfway through for 20 minutes for the bathroom too. She just completely overdoes it every time- eating too much until she's disgusting.

We went to the restaurant after the movie and of course she was a pig there too. Plate after plate, refill after refill, she barely engaged in any conversation. It actually got awkward and with little left to say, we all wanted to skip dessert politely and leave. But of course, Ellie had to see the menu and order herself a slice of chocolate cheesecake while the rest of us watched her be a pig.

While going home she could barely walk. Gassy and bloated, she moaned about how much she ate.
"Maybe I should go on a diet. I think I might've overdid it." she whined, as she unbuttoned her jeans in the car. "Ahhhh," she released a sigh of relief as her paunch spilled from her pants.

"Maybe you should. You really ate too much today, honey." I said, trying to be nice.

Her distraction went elsewhere, of course. While I was driving, we passed the Dairy Queen.

"Maybe we could--"

"No." I said.

We got Baskin Robbins down the road instead.
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