emergency repair

chapter 1

"Oh, come on work! Damn it!"

The shower creaked and groaned as it struggled to push water through the hose, with nothing but droplets coming out of the shower head. Lauren had been trying to get it to work for going on half an hour at this point, to no avail.

She sighed in frustration, “There’s no way this thing’s going to work without taking it apart.” Unscrewing the showerhead from the nozzle, Lauren began getting to work.

It took a fair bit of fiddling to find any sort of obstruction, but eventually she found out that there was a kink in the hose that was preventing the water to come through. The kink was tough, however and there was no way she could straighten it out without two hands. Having previously been holding the nozzle in one hand, she came to the temporary solution of holding the nozzle in between her teeth. Though what Lauren had forgotten during her time of trying to fix the issue…Was that she never turned off the tap.

As soon as she flattened out the kink, a gush of previously pressured water rushed through the hose directly into her mouth. She stumped backwards from how much force there was to it, being unable to do anything other than swallow the water or be at risk of choking. Struggling to try and get the nozzle away, it was almost as though it was suction cupped to her lips with no sign of budging. Lauren began panicking, already her stomach was starting to feel tight and bloated. She was afraid of what would happen if the water flow didn’t stop, the only other way being to turn it off at the tap.

Her jeans grew snug against her belly as it was ballooning outwards, turning into a firm basketball shape. Dozens of gallons had already made its way into her body with no sign of stopping any time soon. That on top of the force was making walking extremely difficult and she could feel her chest rising and falling heavily from being so out of breath.

To ease the stretching pain she was experiencing, Lauren went to undo her jeans…Only to find they had already forced themselves apart. The button had ripped off entirely and the zipper was the full way down to make room for her expanding form. Her t-shirt as well was struggling to contain her as it was beginning to ride up, exposing the flesh underneath.

“I feel like I’m going to burst…!” Lauren thought to herself, growing more and more worried at what might happen if she reaches her bodily limit. She wouldn’t have to wait much longer to know the results as she began to notice that it wasn’t just her stomach that was expanding. Her eyes widened as she realised that her once slim fingers looked more like fat sausages, with her entire arms looking plumper too. Cautiously, she poked one of them to see if it was what she thought…Her stomach had reached its capacity and her body in turn was distributing the liquid by spreading it all over instead.

It was an incredibly strange sensation to feel to say the least, feeling so heavy not with fat, but with water instead. But…It looked like fat? It didn’t take much longer for her thighs to start filling out, as well as her face, breasts and ass. Lauren’s stomach was still the largest thing in this current state, stuck out like a sore thumb and beginning to hang down, brushing against her thighs and swallowing up the waistband of her jeans.

She carefully poked her new found stomach, even the gentlest touch caused it to ripple and slosh around. She had to turn off the water, and quick. That is if she could even pull her weight anymore.

The seams down the side of her jeans tore with each movement, soft flesh bursting through the gaps. Her bra snapped, unable to hold her breasts any longer and her t-shirt was barely hanging in either as it bunched up tightly under her swelling breasts.

Lauren’s stomach had become such an issue now that it was so huge, it was obstructing her already large thunder thighs and forcing her into a waddle. If that wasn’t enough not only was she growing outward, but also sideways. Her figure was practically non-existent at this stage and instead was replaced by a ball like shape, propping up her arms. It wasn’t like she could reach that much anyway from how heavy they were and how large she was.

Even if she could, being able to reach the taps over the amount of blubbering flab was virtually impossible. All Lauren could do was accept her fate. She couldn’t even imagine how much she weighed by this point, but the fact it was forcing her into a sitting position and the floor was creaking underneath her was a pretty good indication.

While she couldn’t see, she knew that she had multiple double chins filling out her neck entirely and they jiggled with each swallow. Her arms and legs were beginning to sink into her torso, making her more and more ball shaped. Lauren was nothing more than a large, sloshing waterbed.

Her swollen nipples had begun leaking water, dampening her t-shirt (or what was left of it), her arms and legs completely absorbed from the elbow and knee upward. Her stomach sounded like a water tank being filled up, glugs and gurgles echoing against the walls of her bathroom.

Eventually, the water gave out before she did. The vast water flow slowly dying down into a trickle, a little too late. She was pressed against all four walls and her head was narrowly escaping the ceiling, all she could think about was how thankful she was that her bathroom was on the bottom floor.
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