emily: p.o.v - 760 pounds

chapter 1

7TH November 2015


I couldn't ignore the hunger pangs, its what woke me up obviously. It's strange to think that just over a week ago I would've simply ignored the screams of my stomach and forced myself to go back to sleep. But now I'm officially a gainer, devoting my life to nothing but eating and gaining weight!

'Tom' I call out gentle into the darkness of the room

Most gainers would probably just get up themselves and make themselves a snack but I'different to most beginner gainers, the difference being I already weigh 760 pound of pure fat!

'Tooooom' I call again slightly louder

I could perhaps give him a gentle nudge but that means having to move my big fat heavy arms, plus i'd be burning calories unnecessarily, Tom would hate that.


'Huh what is it Ems?' Tom asks groggily

Part of me feels bad for waking him up at this time just because I'm hungry but he can't moan or tell me to wait until breakfast, he's now my feeder, if I want food, he gets me it no matter what.

'I'm hungry' Is all I say, the darkness seemingly making my voice travel. Tom response with silence but I hear him getting out of bed and walking towards the foot of the bed, even though my eyes are beginning to adjust to the darkness I wouldn't be able to see him over my belly anyway.

All of a sudden the light flicks on, for a split second I thought it'd blinded me but it doesn't take long to adjust to the brightness of the light. Toms head appears from over the horizon of my mountainous belly. His naked body was now in full view, i subconsciously bite my lip just staring at his slim lean body and thick flaccid cock.

'What would you like to eat?' He asks me gently, placing his right hand on my stomach.

'I want the biggest greasiest donner kebab available' I tell him with what he calls my 'greedy grin'

'How many?'

'At least three' I say 'but if it takes more then half hour I expect more' I follow up firmly


'Chilli, garlic, BBQ and mayo on all of them' Tom nodded as he began to get dressed

I've always been greedy, that probably explains why I've managed to eat myself up to 760 pound but I've really been out doing myself since I became official, Even the slightest flutter in my belly and I'll demand food, even if I'm not even sure what the flutter in my stomach is, it could just be my body digesting the previous meal but I don't wait long enough to find out, I don't want to risk precious eating time!

'Right, I'm ready, I'll be as quick as I can, go back to sleep Ems, I'll wake you when I get back, Love you'

'Please hurry! Love you to' I reply, with that Tom turned the light off and shut the bedroom door behind him.
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Fluffylove 3 years
Love it. You should have it so almost all of Emily's food is deep fried. Deep fried calzone. Double fried chicken. Deep fried bacon. Deep fried butter etc. And have her only drinking weightgain shake with booze in it. Anytime shes thirsty instead of drink