emily expands

chapter 1

Emily wakes up groggy on a Monday morning. She makes her way to the bathroom. She feels like she's waddling. Sitting on the toilet she notices her belly seems much bigger as it rest on her Chunky thighs. Her ass also seems larger hanging over the seat. She stands and gets in the shower. She realizes her body feels softer and pudgier than she used to be. As she puts on her new panties and bra Eddie had gotten her recently she looks in the mirror. (He's always bring her new clothes.She thinks,"I look awfully plump. Maybe I've been over doing it a bit lately? I'll try to take it easy with the food today. She makes her way down the hallway feeling like she's waddling again. Heading down the stairs with each step she feels her boobs and belly bounce and her hips and ass shake. Half way down the aroma of breakfast hits her. She hurriedly makes her way to the kitchen.Eddie turns and smiles good morning beautiful, he says as he places a plate of 6 pancakes with blueberries and whipped cream next to the 4 egg omlete, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes and toast he prepared for her. He kisses her and she sits down taking a huge bite of pancakes. As she finishes chewing Eddie pours sausage gravy on her eggs and potatoes. She exclaims, Yummy, all my favorites!!" Eddie gives her another kiss and steps back smiling approvingly as she devours her breakfast. They then both head off to work.
Emily has never been thin or toned
She had been around 200 lbs the last 8 years since high school. She was up to 205 when she met Eddie. They were together about 3 months when he asked her to move in. She was elated. She had put on 17lbs since they'd been together. She was concerned and they talked about it. He assured her he found her very sexy and she shouldn't worry about gaining a few lbs. Besides he liked woman with a few extra pounds. She was relieved and they moved in together. (Some how her scale got lost in the move.) They have been living together just over six months and are very happy.
Emily feels stuffed and as she gets to work and finds herself waddling in to her desk at 7:58 am. She begins work, at 9:10 a delivery guy comes with a box of six doughnuts. On the box written in Sharpie it says , Have a Great Day, Sexy!! Enjoy!!! Love, Eddie. Aw, He's the sweetest. She takes a cream long John from the box and takes a bite. She has the box demolished by 10:30.
The girls in the office are going to the diner down the street for lunch. Emily orders a open faced roast beef and mashed potatoes. She mindlessly snacks on treats in the office and is leaves at 4 pm.
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Theswordsman 5 years
This makes me wonder how big she is now