emily grows

  By Q976

chapter 1

What the hell was going on?

Nate had never been good at math. At all. And today the subject was kicking the shit out of him more than usual.

It was his senior year, first day of classes. This wasn't going to get any easier.

He looked quizzically at his notes. They copied the board exactly, but that didn't mean he understood a damn thing.

The door swung open and a girl slowly crept into the room. The professor met her glance.

"Got lost." She explained.

Nate stifled a laugh. The professor nodded then turned back to his board.

The girl looked around the room. One open seat. Next to Nate.

Great. Lost girl gets to sit here.

She carefully sat herself down quietly and began taking notes. Nate returned himself to his own for a while. The subject was something about things he couldn't begin to grasp.

Lost girl didn't seem to be struggling though. Her slender hand flitted across the page, marking notes with ease.

She was actually quite beautiful. She wore a summery dress with a small belt around her waist. Nate found it much easier to count the freckles on her shoulder than engage in whatever less fun math was taking place on the board.

After a moment he realized he'd been staring and returned to staring at the board instead.

After the period ended, the girl packed up her notebook and got up. Nick paused. Might as well....

He rounded the hallway and caught up to lost girl.

"How do you get lost on a campus this tiny?"

"Huh?" She looked up.

"There are only like three buildings."

"On campus?"

"Well more like seven, but you get the point."

"I'm new this year" she replied.

"Youuure not a freshman are you? You don't have that look"

She raised an eyebrow. "What look?"

"The freshman look."

She stops. "You mean the look that says 'I still have hope for the world?'"

"That's the one."

She laughed. It was such a pure sound. It caught Nick of guard but he had to know more.

"So you're a transfer then?"

She nods. "Actually, would you mind showing me where the bookstore is?"

"Afraid you're on your own there. I mean I can tell you, but I only have like..." A glance at his watch. "20 till my next class so this is the only time I have for lunch today."

"Oh yeah, no problem. Actually... Could I join you? I'm kinda starving anyway and you're the only person I've really spoken to so far."

"Of course! Oh! Who are you?"


" Nate!"
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FA Guy 6 years
Amazing addition
Jazzman 6 years
One of the Best ,chapters in
Q976 6 years
Bills225, thank you! That means a lot.
FA Guy 6 years
Great to see an awesome new chapter
Soylentlilac 6 years
Still very, very happy with this as it goes.
Jazzman 6 years
This is Terrific. Great writing. Character development. Pacing is perfect!
Q976 6 years
Hahahaha. Oh my. Didn't even realize, was half asleep when I wrote that. I'll make the fix.
ForceofaDragon4 6 years
In chapter 8 about half way through you switched from using past tense to present tense, which sound very awkward. Other than that, great story so far!
Q976 6 years
Soylentlilac, very good point!
Soylentlilac 6 years
Loving it. Once she starts to grow don't do the thing where you skip to "fifty pounds later", the first few can be the most exciting.
Jazzman 6 years
Nice. Still Very Nice!
Fatforfun 6 years
I totally agree with Jazzman. The pace is good, and it's light and fun.
Q976 6 years
Thank you folks, and thanks for the heads up, jazzman. I've been typing on a tiny screen, so I'll go through and correct things soon.
Jazzman 6 years
It's a nice story. It's got a pleasant "feel good " vibe and good pacing. I would warn you that Auto Correct can cause the intended word like "off" to be replaced by a completely different word like "of ".
Nice story!
Derpderpderp 6 years
Great start!